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Wyrm Hole

Alexander, Saulot

22 May, 2019

Alexander goes in search of a light-mole.



It's early in the morning. The type of early where the sun isn't really out, birds are incessantly chirping, and the morning dew still hangs from the leaves. Ezi said what he needs only comes out during this time. A bright-mole he called it. Getting to the location was easy enough. Two gates that lead to the mountain from the west and east, although the trip is a long one despite the relative lack of difficulty. Due to his own extreme, Wyrd nature many of the beasts and fauna are more than happy to give Alexander his peace a he walks the trod further and further up.

Alezander is out in all his glory, as it were, clad only in a pair of utilitarian shorts, his Big Belt of Brawn and the scaly bracers attached to each wrist. He made the journey simply enough, and infact sings as he meanders up the path, it's really lousy singing too, in this case Metallica's Whiskey in The Jar. Swinging his head and great mossy beard back forth in beat to the imaginary tune.

It takes Alexander some time to find his quarry. However, it spots him before he can get anything close to a hold of it. The thing is much further up and a bit off the trod. It is as Eziyishumi described. A glowing, yellow light hidden among the underbrush. It isn't there for too long. He can hear the telltale sounds of earth being moved around before there's silence and that light is gone.

"Hey! Get back here!" Alexander roars after the light as it vanishes, offended by the nerve of the creature for fleeting. Snorting he begins to pick up speed, from a lazy saunter to running up the mountainside with a grunt. Taking the most direct and short route neccecary to get to where he saw it.

One quick step, then another and Alexander launches himself into a giant leap up the mountainside, over thorns and rocks to land where the light was last seen. Snorting as he does, looking around squinting for any signs or tracks of the thing.

That lean unsettles a bit of earth, and frightens off many of the surrounding creatures. He was already a weird, Wyrd halfing, but now he's brought his big self over to them. Alexander can easily spot where the light mole dug through the earth. The hole is relatively large for most small animals, but nowhere near big enough for the gargantuan to fit through.

That lean unsettles a bit of earth, and frightens off many of the surrounding creatures. He was already a weird, Wyrd halfing, but now he's brought his big self over to them. Alexander can easily spot where the light mole dug through the earth. The hole is relatively large for most small animals, but nowhere near big enough for the gargantuan to fit through.

Another annoyed grunt from Alexander "Stop hiding you little creature." kneeling down next to the hole he does the very first thing that comes to mind, fearless with these things atleast and promptly tries to slide his thick arm down into the hole as deep as he can reach to see if he can grabb ahold of anything.

Alex's arm goes deep. Way deep. He ends up pushing aside much of the dirt that makes up the wall of the hole. Some of it going further down the hole, and some of it simply forced out and upward as he expands the hole. However, there's no fur where he grabs. Simply the roots of tubers and the odd squish of some form of grub. Beyond such he comes up with air, but he can feel an odd wet heat coming from inside. It's almost like something is steaming down there.

If violence at first doesn't succeed, try harder. Alexander simply pulls his arm upward, once as deep as his arm goes as if to bring the whole little tunel down and to try and start digging down, his stony fingers easily breaking dirt but not being able to hold much more than your average if oversized man. "Come out, come out wherever you are." he snorts, annoyed.

He digs away a massive clump of dirt. Between his natural strength and the size of those mitts he calls hands he makes some decent progress. After about five minutes he can get something of view inside the hole. It goes down. Way, way down. It does have an end, at least, and he can see the faint glow of the light-mole down there. It looks up at him, those beaming eyes showing him how far down the hedge beast is. The hole is at least a solid thirty meters down if not a bit more. The beast doesn't wait for Alexander to dig more, and instead turns its digging at an angle before disapeparing out of sight.

Grunting "Stop!" with little effect Alexander oncemore considers the challenge ahead, and takes the most direct route. With the hole down being open he prompts to stand atop of the weakened patch of earth and starts jumping to stomp down around it, supposedly with the "goal" of falling right through.

The stomping does more than just unsettle the dirt around him. He quakes the earth around him with enough force that the ground around him shakes. He scares away the few remaining beasts that stood, watched, or were minding their own business. The ground does give way, but the fall isn't a painless one. The weakened earth around the hole gives away as he rushes down. In turn, however, dirt is rushing down over head. The tunnel he makes under his heavy weight along with the work done by the light-mole leads him down. Once he hits that bottom he's not done falling yet, either. The light-mole's been digging around here for god knows how long, and he's just breaking through tunnel after tunnel.

Perhaps he was too .. enthusiastic, Alexander falls and hits the earth hard, then he falls again, and almost as if by instinct the glamour rushes around him and his skin hardens even further, not that it doesn't hurt, mind you. Crashing down further and further.

Alexander's falling eventually comes to an. A wet, squishy end. He heard something of a squeak. He an feel that wetness below him. Looking down reveals faintly glowing, golden blood. Around him, he can see he's in something of a cavern not connected to anything he might outwardly know. Looking up reveals that the way he came is largely closed, and that dirt still falls bit by bit.

It's with another grunt, Alexander seems to have many of those today, that he rises. Rolling his shoulders with a poping sound, as he rises there is another gush of glamour and a light starts to stream from him, for now keeping it just enough to be able to see clearly. Brushing dirt off himself as he inspects the blood, and then looks around to see if there is a trail to follow.

That squeak and later squish came from what he fell on. It seems the Ogre fell upon the light mole. So small was it and so large was Alexander that it didn't stand much of a chance - akin to stepping on an insect. The cavern he's in is rather warm, and it feels as if it's a Florida summer inside here. Hot, humid, and wetness hanging in the air. From where he stands he can see several tunnels leading out of this massive hole in the earth. From what he can see of the tracks left by the light-mole, it was going through the second largest of the seven exits. Another dozen or so paw prints also look as if several things went back and forth through the largest exit.

Another grunt, this time annoyed as Alexander reaches down to pick up the lightmole, atleast he can return with its corpse. After a brief inspection of the tracks he turns to meander down towards the largest exit. Still dusting himself off wiht his free hand.

The light-mole hangs limply in the grip of the knight-magus. Its blood glows as it flows on his hand, shinining just a bit brighter than the wreath of brilliance birthed from glamour. Along that large tunnel he can make out scratch marks or the like against the edges of the wall. Very oddly and unusually, the tunnel he moves through is large enough for his already large frame to pass through easily. Further along he can see what looks like an odd, almost triangular rock with a rough exterior and dark teal hue.

Still dragging the glowing bloody carcass with him, Alexander hums to himself as he brings his own light with him approaching the strange rock. Skulking down the large tunnel to try and well, touch the thing for a start even as glowing eyes continue to scan his surroundings.

As he moves along he can see what look like ore sticking from the rocks. The closer he gets and the more he moves along he can see that several of the stones jutting from the cave wall aren't much different than what he saw of that large rock. Further along still he can hear the rumbling of the earth. Bit of the ceiling come crumbling down, but only as small bits of debris. That echoing comes from down the tunnel, but then it sounds like it's moving left of him now.

Tilting his head Alexander follows the sound, squinting down the tunnel before he reaches out to try and dig out a chunk of ore from the rock, see a thing, take a thing, as it were. Keeping an eye on the rumblings however.

Taking hold of it is a strange sensation. It's warm while the rest of the tunnel and these entire set of caverns are largely cold. This feels organic and natural. Oddest of all is that the thing is dripping wet.

Alexander isn't too far from reaching the end of the tunnel. He can just barely make out that the tunnel widens out. Without entering he can see the makings of another large cavern, and can hear the faint sounds of water splashing. However, he can hear a different set of rumbling along with what still moves around to his left.

Fingers gripping the organic thing, Alexander hums to himself, before making the forever wise decision of simply yanking on it to try and yank it out with a grunt. His eyes fixating on the sound to his left, as if expecting something to emerhe out of the wall any moment now.

With the thing in his hand Alexander snorts, and begins to walk further down the tunnel towards the larger chamber, a suspisious look to the left however, as if expecting some great maw to emerge any moment and eat him up, atleast judging by his expression.

No such maw comes from the walls. The movement further on eventually dies down, atlhough he can still hear the soft susurrus of water in there. It's hard to make out compeltely, though. It doesn't quite sound like something or someone moving in the water, but it also isn't a source or conduit of running water.

Lond strides take Alexander deeper than, heedless of any danger towards the source of the watery sounds. Glowing blood dripping down from his hand as he skulks deeper, and then a glance skywards, or well, ceilingwards in this case.

Alexander may have a long stride, but short of growing higher he can't walk over what impedes him now. It's moving up and down. Slowly. Steadily. Whatever it isn't completely be seen. One end goes through the cave wall, and the other end is doing the same in the opposite direction. There is potentially room enough for him to try squeezing over whatever it is, or simply destroying it through his own might.

What he can just barely catch on the ceiling are scuttling screatures no larger than a field mice. However,there's dozens of them. They almost immediately scurry when his beaming, bright presence is made apparent. It'd be difficult to say if they're more afraid of him or the light.

There is a pause where Alexander just stares at the thing, a frown coming onto his face before he sets his jaw, trying to tuck the shard of ore into his belt, and rather crudly well, tries to tie the carcass around one of his wrists to free up his arms, lacking pockets is a curse in and of it self. Then taking a good few long strides back, before turning and letting out a loud shout as he runs towards the moving barrier, setting his shoulder to crash right into it.

Once Alexander starts movign there's little that'll stop the massive Ogre. When he gets that good pace going with his own might whatever that was doesn't stand much of a chance. However, whatever this thing is does survive the rushing Oger at it. Whatever this thing is is clearly hurt as a low, gurgling moan escapes it. The thing still remains, despite the pain caused by Alexander.

A grunt from Alexander, one in his large repetoire, and he dusts his arm off. "Move bitch get out da way, get out da way.." he murmured to himself as he well, goes back to position one, long strides before turning and preparing another charge. Afterall, if it fails, charge harder.

Alexander's charge render whatever he hits a bit more supple. The second blow shakes some of the scales loose from the thing with several heavy thuds. When they hit the ground it's clear that this thing left what the Ogre found embedded in the stone and the much larger piece further back.

In return for the attack the creature only just barely moves. It may have moved an inch. Maybe. It's hard to say with it going from one end of the cave to the next.

Another grunt, this time disappointed. Alexander tries to new tactics, as he climbs up onto the thing, or tries to and squeeze onto it's .. back? Fingers digging in and heaving as he shifts his massive form. "Big fucker aren't you."

Alexander'll have to be patient. It doesn't move initially. It was recently just punch in it's side. Top? Bottom? No telling right now. Eventually it stirs again, slowly but surely. Slow being the operative word for the first few seconds.

It starts moving again, although it's difficult to tell exactly where. It drags the Summer along for the ride. If it weren't for the fact that the ride is an extremely slow one it might've been pleasant. It does begin to pick up pace. As it moves further along with greater speeds the amount of debris coming headlong at Alexander increases further and further. Thankfully his body's proteted enough to absorb the blows and he's enough wherewithal to keep his mouth shut and his head down.

It is a disorienting thing and Alexander holds on as well as he can, head lowered as to avoid getting too many stone shards stabbing him in the eye. It is a confusing place, but as the pace picks up again he tries to get a sense of if the thing is going up or down, and maintaining a sense of which way that is.

He's going down. Much much further down. This lasts for five or ten minutes. It's becoming difficult to tell. Then it starts surging upward. This becomes the difficult part of the ride. It's moving too fast now to get a feel of exactly which way it's going. It does equalize after a while, seemingly going straight for an indetereminate amount of time before going back up again.

Coughing a few mouthfuls of crushed stone and dirt here and there, Alexander grunts and after getting a notion of the pattern he grits his teeth, and while the creature is going upwards he makes a fist to try and smash down into it, a little pain to encourage it, hopefully, maybe. Like kicking the side of a horse surely.

That thunderous blow does more than drive the beast forward. It cracks the scale he hit hard enough that it shattered under the strike. A loud, odd bellowing follows in response as it takes off just a little bit faster. It's slithering and scraping now going at a maddening pace. From the way it's moving now it won't be much longer before it gets to the surface.

Alexander lets out a WHOOP as it works! Well, he tries to and soon gets his mouth stuffed with pebbles and rocks which he struggled to spit out while holding on for dear life, grunting as his hard hide is hammered with rocks and dirt. Excitement growing as they go higher and higher.

It takes the ogre on a trip for far too long. It isn't a day, but it's long enough that even the athletic Ogre may be feeling a bit of fatigue. However, he can smell. ALmost feel it. Fresh air. Mostly fresh air. A cascade and geyser of dirt, mud, and rocks are falling from the sky and near the point of where the creature broke through. It's not impossible to make it out, but damned hard.

It's sometime in the evening now, and the sun's slowly going past the horizon. What's worse is that Alexander's no longer on or in or near the mountain. He's somewhere compeltely different. Flat, earthy, and covered in trees as far as he can currently see.

The beast it self isn't too concerned with going topside. The thing is simlar to a snake. A massive, long, extremely tough snake. Nearest to its head are a relatively tiny set of limbs, smaller digits, and at the end of those digits are claws as big as Alexander's head.

As soon as Alexander feels air around himself, he lets go to leap off the giant snake. Grunting, arms aching even for him as he stretches, spitting out a pebble before turning to face the giant beast. Coughing he sizes it up, rolling his shoulders, almost waiting to see if the thing is gonna continue on its way or turn on him.

The sooner he leaps down, the better and easier it is on him. The thing doesn't notice Alexander immediately. It's too preoccupied by what it believes to be still on it's back. It slams itself into the ground in a sonorous display, and then starts rolling around. First, away from Alexander, and then that massive thing is rolling right towards the Ogre.

The giant stone snake comes for the Ogre, but little does it know, Alexander is coming for it. The massive man starts running towards it, not the usual reaction of prey and with a grunt, and then leaps many many feet up into the air with a loud roar. Once there the Ogre grows too, where he once was a big man, he is now a literal giant as if walked out of legends and storybooks, as befits the match of such a beast as is beneath him. The roar grows louder, to echo around them as he slams down into the snake, elbow first, he would have made John Cena proud.

It already got hit thrice by Alexander, but doesn't quite know the source. It does when that oversized Ogre comes crashing down and it definitely hurts inside. It writhes and wriggles when that elbow hits its side. It thrashes about about, swinging that tail flush with the now massive Alexander's side. It may have tickled.

Alexander grunts, looking briefly at where the giant serpent's tail struck at him. "THAT's ALL YOU GOT?!" he shouts at it snorting, still on the ground with it he halfway crawls up along its long body. Just enough to grabb its neck with one hand and pulling the other back for a mighty punch, his fist at this point a large boulder it smashes into the gargantuan beast's snout as he roars, his fist coming out on the other end covered in gore and blood.

The thing was massive, even bigger than Alexander. It was righting itself up to go for an attack in earnest. Before it ever got a chance it got punched. The blow was might and loud enough that it shook the trees around them. It falls limply on Alexander's fist, hanging their heavily until he moves it off.

Alexander stands there for a moment, a moment of triumph! Pulling his hand back through its head he lets the giant beast fall to the ground and the giant roars up at the heavens, the moon and the stars themselves in challenge in the wake of it. Beating his chest with a bloody fist.