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Alexander Strong
Court summer.png
Might makes right.

  • Great Violence: An Ogre sworn to the Court of Summer Alexander Strong is a name which has been associated with great violence and great will for many years now. His wrath is a fearsome thing to behold and his Mantle blazes with the fury of his chosen season. Only through willful violence can you break the shackles the Gentry have set upon us all.
  • Challenge: A warlock sworn to the concept of Might itself Alexander forever seeks a further challenge to test his mettle against. Be it beast, Lost, man or Gentry. He dwelves into the places most dangerous, he charges where the battle is thickest. Might expects no less.
  • Stories: There is a tale to tell for every wonder, a story for every hero, a past for every beast. Alexander would hear them all. He always carries with him a great big book bound in briarwolf leather, the title written in gilded ink in a language unknown to both man and fae, in this he records the tale of any and all he can meet for purposes unknown.

  • (2019.05.22)
Wyrm Hole
  • (2019.11.08)
BANNED from the Manse
  • (2019.12.27)
Giants & Bluebirds
  • (2019.12.31)
Alleyway Rescue Oopsie
  • (2020.02.24)
Tea and Job Offerings