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Summer Court

The Summer Court

The Crimson Court, The Iron Spear, The Court of Wrath

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“Summer has set in with its usual severity.”
– Samuel Taylor Coleridge



Influence Titles

The titles below indicate a summer courtier's level of influence and responsibility within the Iron Spear. The mantle level listed with each title is the minimum requirement. Meeting the mantle requirement does not automatically bestow a title. See Influence for a detailed look at the system.

Influence 5 - Prerequisite: Mantle •••••

  • Wroth General Calescence - (LoS pp.54-55) - Sometimes equal in power and authority to the Crown himself, the General is THE military leader of the Court. There is only one General. He is a strategist, prized for mind over body.

Influence 4 - Prerequisite: Mantle ••••

  • Red Victor - (LoS p.54, HRed Mantle to 4) - Champion of the Court! Shown off at every contest, with accolades dangerous and difficult to acquire, an adoring fan base, etc. etc. A potent symbol of Summer supremacy and strength, and in Faerie, symbols do have power: if the Victor dies, the entire Court suffers -1 to all rolls for a number of weeks equal to the numbre of years the Red Victor held that title.
  • Iron Adjutant - (LoS p.54) - The right-hand man of the local ruler, who helps to handle a lot of the day-to-day administration. The Seneschal is the Monarch's proxy when the monarch cannot physically be there.

Influence 3 - Prerequisite: Mantle •••

  • Crimson Knight - (LoS p.53, HRed Mantle to 3) Soldier/knight. Not front-line. Hold back to fight skilled enemies with better weapons.

Influence 2 - Prerequisite: Mantle ••

  • Mud Grunt - (LoS p.53, no Mantle prereq.) - Front-line foot soldier. Supplies his own weapons/armour.

Influence 1 - Prerequisite: Mantle •

  • Mule Squire - (LoS p.53, no Mantle prereq.) - You get the shit work, and aren't expected to advance. You're a nobody.

Freehold Positions

These positions are bestowed upon summer courtiers who directly serve the Fate's Harvest freehold.

  • Constable of Calefaction - (LoS p.53, Mantle ••) - Sheriff, investigator, peace-keeper among Summer Courtiers of the Freehold (and more, if they can get away with it). Combat, investigative and diplomatic skills are required.
  • Sun's Tongue - (LoS p.53, Mantle •••) - Diplomat, plenipotentiary, only true social role in the Court. They negotiate terms with other Courts, and it is often a thankless role, but a necessary one. No combat skills required.
  • Hunter of the Longest Day - (LoS p.54, Mantle ••••) - An esteemed bounty hunter/proud knight, used as an elite tracker/hunter who goes after those enemies not keen on a straight fight. They often handle Loyalists, known fetches and pernicious hobgoblins, and always take a trophy of their kills for display (and proof that they ARE killed). Freeholds tend to have a number of these Hunters.
  • Arrayer of Distant Thunder - (LoS p.54, Mantle •••) - The Arrayer is in charge of keeping tabs on who, among the other Courts, could be drafted for combat if the Freehold ever had to go to battle, along with where the more reclusive Summers are, so they can drum them up for war.

Other Court Roles

Generally internal, these positions represent other responsibilities to which summer courtiers might be assigned by the court's leadership.


Name Influence Position
IconDefault.jpg Meredith Ryan ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Summer Councilor
IconDefault.jpg Adithan Varma Mule Squire
Court summer.png Alexander Twilit Page
Calliope12.jpg Calliope 'Clio' Kraus Mule Squire
Cris03.png Christine Waters Mule Squire
DamionKing1.png Damion King Mule Squire
DuncanMorrow01.jpg Duncan Morrow Mule Squire
Jaspericon.jpg Jasper Lekay Alexander Mule Squire
Sophia Caruso.png Sophia Caruso Mule Squire
Tasia-icon.jpg Anastasia Alexander Mule Squire
Thea.jpg Mathea Goodwin Mule Squire
IconDefault.jpg Martin "Marty" Bergman None Outsider
SamanthaWhitakerIcon.jpg Samantha "Sam" Whitaker None Outsider

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