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A Vizier's Favour

Augusta, Logan

5 May, 2017

Logan encounters Augusta at the Summit and is blessed with a Lady's favour.


The Summit at H07

The summit of Singing Sky is awash in wind as usual. The sun setting as the bright stars begin to peak out. As darkness begins to fall, there is one outcropping of rock, a small cliff from which light comes. A tall woman in a long robe with flowing train made of golden scales stands on the cliff watching the sun set. That last glow of day is reflected in her as sunlight drips from her like mist and here and there on the gold scales, pale flames dance along her robe. Surrounding her, patches of dark green summer grass and bright yellow flowers have sprung up in the crevices of the rock, each flower also bearing a little of the sunlight that seems to wash over the woman. As the winds whip one way and then another around her, her Wyrd almost seems to fight back, subduing it and reshaping the wind into soft gusts of warm, summer air.

Now, Logan often treads an interesting balance between human and Changeling. There are times when his human, and indeed humanistic side, very much win out. But he still feels the call to go out into the Hedge sometimes, especially to places where the land is far and high, and to look out over marvelous vistas no unenchanted human can lay eyes upon. And that's why he is here today, clad in his Hedgespun garments, smiling as he climbs into the light. He pauses when he sees you there, so tall and regal on the outcropping. You're a sight to behold, for certain, and while he does not stare or start in fright the way some might, he does take you in with an inquisitive stare.

Something the Wyrd tells the old sorceress that there is another present and she slowly, calmly turns, the dragon scale robe wrapping around her. As she faces Logan, he can see her eyes are shining with sunlight, inhuman with no irises or pupils, just light. Her hands have long golden claws. There is a real Gentrified look to her, which can be dangerous this deep into the Hedge. She regards the young man for a moment before saying, "You have nothing to fear from me ..." Yeah right. Her voice is richly toned and deep and she speaks in a very regal, almost arrogant manner. She gestures for you to approach, "What is your name?"

Danger, yes. Definitely. It turns out that certain Changelings are big fans of that. And it is very possible that you are lying when you say he has nothing to fear...but, amazingly, Logan looks quite unafraid anyway. He steps closer to you, head held high, golden hair blazing back; his light might not be as overwhelming as your own, but when it is not whipped through with shadow it is quite bright. "My name is Logan," he says, his voice clear and musical and boyish. "What's yours?"

"Vizier Augusta" The woman says, turning more fully to you and even taking one step closer. She offers a smile, it appears a genuine one and kindly. "You are a member of the local Freehold, Logan?" It is hard to read her expression when the eyes are so inhuman, but the face registers as inquisitive.

Logan puts his hand on his heart and offers a slight bow. It's not in deference of your position or stature, per se, as much as a courtly sort of gesture that somehow suits the setting. He smiles back, dimples and all. "A pleasure." Straightening again, he stands before you with a relaxed and easy posture. "I am, yes. I have recently joined. But I don't remember seeing you at court, Vizier Augusta, and I would /definitely/ have remembered you. I take it you're not pledged?"

Augusta gives the barest shake of her head, "No. I have not had an audience with Queen Pook yet and pledged myself. It is something that must be done soon though." Something in her tone suggests a danger if she doesn't. And for a Vizier, its a real and immediate one. "But it will be done soon. I was born here a long time ago. I am returning now to be with my family again." Her tone has softened, some of the steely edge to it falling away. There is something about the young man which has warmed her. Perhaps it is that she spent so long under her Keeper playing the Fair Maiden to be rescued by the Fair Prince. That she also played the Dragon in those stories makes her story a bit more complex.

Indeed, Logan would make a wonderful rescuing Prince, and perhaps there is also something to be said for the way he approached you, and continues to approach, with no visible fear. If anything, there is a deep and hungry interest in his eyes, like he wants to know more about you. "If you need assistance in making an introduction, I would be happy to help," he says. His smile widens. "I think it's great you've come to be with your family. Have they missed you in all that time?" He doesn't know how long, just that you said it was long ago.

It isn't really a look of sadness, just finality when Augusta says, "The family I knew died a long time ago. But my great-grandchildren are alive as well as their children and children's children. They are the Millers of Tamarack Falls." So she has great-great-great-grandchildren. She is old. Very old. "To be escorted on your arm, Logan would be quite an esteem. And are you just Logan, or do you bear a noble title?" Titles. Always a tricky question as they are things of the Kindly Ones, but she has indicated that she is a Vizier, an order very well known amongst the Lost.

Logan listens with rapt attention, nodding at just the right moments. His smile brightens a tad when you say the bit about being escorted on his arm. "As I'm new to the Freehold, I don't yet bear a title. But I hope to. I have in the past. For now, I'm just a humble Aspirant." Of the Dawn Court, as it were. "I'm afraid I've never joined an Entitlement, either. So right now, I'm a bit low on titles of any sort." He can't help but laugh, aware of how this sort of thing seems to another Lost, especially one like Augusta.

The older Lost laughs a little when Logan speaks. And the Summer in her comes out even more. It is a beautiful, pleasure-filled laugh. The mien responds with pale blue flames traipsing down the scales of her robe. "Well Sir Logan ...." hey look, a title, "... when you escort me into the Freehold, you shall bear my favour." Augusta reaches to her arm and begins to pull at some gold cloth there, but rather than a hankerchief, it is one of the golden scales that she holds. She holds it out the young man.

Logan looks equally delighted. His light beams brighter, tendrils of shadow whipping at it, turning it back in on itself, then back out again into light. He takes another step forward and, once more, offers you a low bow as he moves to take the handkerchief. "It would be an honor, Vizier Augusta." Perhaps it takes a certain kind of nerve to offer to bring someone like you into court when he has no real title or influence, but that's how much confidence he has. Like his light, it comes off him in waves.

As Logan is close enough to touch her and take the golden scale cloth, her Wyrd wraps around his. The sunlight that seems to always be shining from behind her heightens his and the warmth. That deep, almost tingling heat of a burning summer day surrounds him. If there is anything that explains her Vizier Wyrd more though it is the wisps of golden illuminated mist that falls from her. It is pure Fae magic and it is intoxicating. As he takes the the token of her favour, she bends down and kisses him on the forehead. Her Weisse Frau blessing envelops Logan, encasing him in a mystical armour. "My Prince ... when I am summoned before the Queen, I will call for you to fulfill this favour." She then steps back, her Wyrd retreating from him.

Yes, Logan is intoxicated for a moment, wrapped up in the power you are exuding. His eyes glow an even brighter blue with the acknowledgement for a moment before he closes them, very briefly. When he opens them again, he says, "This, I shall do." And then he smiles, and it's like the sun coming out. As luminous and confident in himself that he will fulfill this wish. More 'casually,' such as it is, he says, "Perhaps it truly is time I had a more proper Title. Though I would take any you bestow upon me." Because, why not?

Stepping back to the precipice of the summit, her golden-scaled train following behind her leaving behind grass and yellow star like flowers, Augusta turns her head to look at Logan, "Perhaps it is time, Sir Logan ..." he bears her favour, so for at least her, he has that title, "... Farewell and take care. I have protected you from harm until you return to safety. Bear it well." She then spreads her arms and in a flurry of gold, her body turns into a pillar of flame for a moment. After the bright flash, a large golden eagle takes off from the precipe and flies into the valley below.

Logan watches the eagle fly, the grin on his face spreading. He raises one hand in farewell to her. "Goodbye, Vizier Augusta. Until next time." Next time? Oh, yes. Whether it is court or before that, he somehow knows they will meet again. Some things are just all the clearer in the Hedge.