Augusta Greyfell

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On Game As: Augusta
Played By: Vanessa Redgrave
Concept: Old Sorceress
Date of Birth: Long Time Ago
Apparent Age: 70s
Occupation: Librarian
Virtue: Vigilant
Vice: Arrogant

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Draconic Antiquarian Weisse Frau
Court: Summer
Entitlement: The Office of the Vizieral Counsel
Keeper: The Librarian

Augusta Miller Greyfell
The Dragon of the Golden Hill
Seeming-fairest.pngEntitlement office the vizieral counsel.pngCourt summer.png



Augusta is probably the oldest living member of the Miller family and a matriarch, though she leaves the running of things to Abel, supposedly her grandson. She does live at the Miller Estate though and works at the local public library that her family built long ago. She's pleasant enough, in that aristocratic, Miller kind of way and has all of the family's prejudices. She lived away, some say in Ithaca, NY for a long time and has returned to Tamarack Falls now that she is a widow.


Lady Augusta is the Vizier to the Summer Court. She is rather old for a Lost, though no one is quite sure how old. While she is now Summer and has been for almost fifty years, supposedly she was once a devoted member of the Winter Court. She is also known as a rather high-Wyrd Changeling, teetering on dangerously so. Hobs treat her as Gentry at the Markets and her mantle comes off her in waves. While she isn't one to be trifled with, amongst the Lost, she is known to be kind and generous with her time ... and her wisdom. Many go to the old sorceress for advice, aid and lore.

RP Hooks

  • Miller - Augusta is a Miller, and lives up to their reputation. The family calls her either Gran or Auntie. Its believed that she is Abel's grandmother.
  • Summer - Mantle ●●●●● : Known as Lady Augusta, Vizier to the Summer Court, Wielder of The Sun's Needle. She has been part of the Summer Court for many decades.
  • Fame: Wielder of The Sun's Needle - Augusta is the current bearer of an ancient Summer Court relic known as The Sun's Needle. A rapier made of gold that has the power to command soldiers and burn enemies.
  • Custodian - She is one. A great source of occult lore, especially on the Gentry.
  • Wyrd & Gentrified - Wyrd ●●●●●●●● + Gentrified Bearing = Within the Hedge, much responds to her as if she were a True Fae, including Hobs. She dangerously walks the razor's edge.
  • Vizier - She is a Vizier. Supposedly joined many decades ago in tragic circumstances. Powerful in Contracts, but like all Viziers, the potential for madness is there.
  • Winter - She was Winter once, almost fifty years ago, in Ithaca, NY. Supposedly she was quite devoted, then she became a Vizier and went Summer. The details are hard to ping down.


  • Kip - They haven't met yet, but they did share time in Arcadia with the Keeper known as The Librarian. Their meeting should be interesting.
  • Grandson - Its hard to tell and the Millers are cagey about it, but it seems that she is Abel's grandmother, recently returned from living elsewhere.
  • Emily Watson - Ms. Watson (NPC) runs the local public library. Augusta is also a librarian there. They DO NOT get a long, but its hard to argue with Augusta working there as her family built the place.


Augusta's Fae Mien

Greyfell6.png Greyfell7.jpg Greyfell11.jpg

Augusta's Mask


Before Augusta was Lost



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