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May Court 2017

Reginald Pook, Zillah, Miranda, Alonso, Byron, Paige, Rorschach, Augusta, November, Gisa, Ashe, Max, Dielle, Aaron, Omari, Ian, AJ, Beatrice, Alex, Amber

22 May, 2017

It's another lovely Court session!



Though Summer approaches, Stoneheart remains cool. It's always cool, in this part of the hedge. But the fire in the hearth burns bright and strong, and keeps the Freehold warm, just as it was meant to do. Tonight's theme, it would seem, is rainbows. The tables - seven of them - have been decorated in the appropriate color, with tables clothes, and chair covers, and even flower centerpieces, all made to match the color.

There is, of course, food and drinks. A few tables set up to hold various pastries and snacks. There's beer on ice, and also pitchers, seven of them, one each color of the rainbow. Whatever's inside, it's obviously got a bit of booze in it.

Beatrice makes her appearance, looking around the room twice when she sees what decorations have been chosen. She then glances under her chair before sitting, as though expecting a pot of gold or a tiny man to be there.

On time is five minutes early. The golem subscribes to this, apparently. She shows up a little ahead of time, gets herself a beer, and settles down at the orange table. The shin on her forehead shimmers softly, her eyeflames shifting slowly back and forth as she watches the arrivals. Gisa is idly curious or waiting for someone or both.

Paige arrived early because, hey, she brings beer. Usually just beer, in fact, and today was no exception. With beer already available, the cooler has just been set by the tables before she found herself a seat. After grabbing one for herself, of course. And she didn't come alone, bringing a human with her. Gasp! So she's speaking quietly to Alex, murmuring, "So just relax. It'll all be all good. Promise."

"Relax. Right. Okay. This is- um... Different," Alexi s whispering bback to Paige, her eyes wide as she looks all around. She reachesu p and runs her fingers through her wild honey-brown curls, pushing them away from her face. They stand up over her head as much as behind it, making such a gesture only serve to frizz them up further. She moves into place beside Paige, nodding when spoken to an dfidgeting only slightly.

AJ steps in, pauses for a moment, then angles over to snatch up a beer. She flashes a smile to Paige, and wiggles fingers at the harpy, then continues on to choose a table. She chooses the orange table. Why? Well, probably because AJ is orange. At least, her tail is, her hair is, and her hair, though 'red' is really more an orange than a red. Not to mention, she happens to be wearing a fox hoodie. Zip up, with a hood. A hood that has ears attached. Granted AJ already has fox ears, it all seems a little redundant. Regardless, she seems rather pleased to find her orange self at the orange table. "Hey, Gisa," she says, as she sits.

Bloodied and bruised he may be, the Beast that is Omari never turns down a chance for a party of one sort or another. He's flanked at his side by a wintry wolf that's occasional fed food from Omari's own plate while the Changeling takes sips at his beer. He's in a black t-shirt, jeans, and white high tops along with a few bandanges over his arms. Despite the shirt being an attempt to hide it, the bandages on his torso push it just a bit forward at various points.

Fashionably late is for other events; for this, Amber is prompt, even a bit early. Her dark suit accented with a pale yellow tie today in honor of the season, she scans the tables thoughtfully. Still new in town, still getting her feet wet, as it were. So she starts by heading to the refreshments, pouring herself a glass of bright green something-or-other before considering just where to properly sit.

Dielle has shown up a few minutes early, and fetched herself some non-alcoholic drink and a plateful of food. She settles in at Gisa's table, and says, "Hey, Gisa. AJ. Good to see ya both!" She's wearing jeans and a t-shirt that is black with a chibi Deadpool riding a unicorn. She's also got a brown cowboy hat and brown, loved cowboy boots.

Augusta looks up from where she is seated at the red table and looks around briefly. Her fiery eyes land on Paige and she offers the fellow Summer a polite bow of her head as he considers the others in the room.

Byron is at least on time, just not very early. With a particular Autumn shadowmonster on his shoulder, the big dark gargoyle pauses to sweep his gaze around the room, finally spying an unclaimed table. With a curious glance up at Ashe, he guestures and starts that way, "At least it's not pea green. Right?" With little wings fluttering when he kneels down and gives his fellow Autumn a chance to hop off, he takes a moment, then eases his butt into a chair beside hers.

Paige waves to AJ before grinning at Alex, offering the ensorcelled a beer. "Just breathe," she suggests, before giving Augusta a wave as well. When she spots Byron, one more wave is given before she looks to Alex then drops her voice to continue speaking.

Somewhere in a bank of vague shadows, Alonso is holding up a wall with his shoulder. He leans there casually, arms folded up before himself, most of his face doubly shaded by the absurdly large brimmed hat he insists on wearing. People determined to find him can spot him easiest by the electric sparks that shoot across his eyes on occasion.

Ashe is contentedly up on Byron's shoulder. Because they are weird. She's dressed in her usual all black and her face and features are surrounded in shadows. The Autumn gives a smile to the Gargoyle when he mentions pea green, "Sadly I've not mastered the trick of spinning head and projectile vomit." she muses. When he kneels down, she hops off and settles into a seat by her other half. She then nods to those that she knows before she settles in to listen to the proceedings.

Alex nods, listening intently to everything she is told. the girl isn't speaking any longer, just reaching for the beer and taking a big gulp. For now she stays as close to Paige as she might, occasionally waving at people as they great her or Paige greets them.

"Shalom, AJ, Dielle. I, too, have worn a shirt of ironic reference." Gisa taps her beer bottle against her chest indicatively, a thump thump of ceramic on glass dulled by her t-shirt, which has the word ROCK and a Star of David on it. Rock Star. Ha. Ha. Golem Humor (tm). She spots Alonso and her forehead creases up a little; the golem makes a vague 'come here' gesture with one hand.

The Orange table was not orange for long. It started going burnt orange, then a sort of unexciting grey. On a good note AJ started going grey to match teh table as the Roach came and sat down at the table next to his apprentice, the foxy lady, and the golem that feeds. There was a upnod to his Captain, Byron, to let him know where he was. Unlike many other a meeting he looked a bit somber. The antennae hung low and the hood was pulled up as the chatter around the room became a thing.

"Hey, Dielle!" AJ says, smiling brightly. She's happy to be here, for whatever reason. Could be the beer, which she seems to be enjoying. She turns to look at Gisa, and actually eye her shirt. There's a giggle. "Rock star. Of David. I love it," she declares. And then things start to fade, as a bug's mantle so rudely invades the warm breezes and sweet summer flowers of her own. She turns to narrow her eyes at Rorschach. "Hmph," she says. Then she leans over, quickly, and plants a kiss on Rory's cheek. "Hey."

Max had probably shown up with one Changeling who departed her side to go join their courtiers or friends once they arrived. Making her way further inside, the enchanted mortal scans the room for familiar faces. She's dressed in her usual casual attire, because she doesn't own anything fancy. A simple hoodie, denim shorts, and sneakers, with her messenger bag hanging across her shoulders, her hair worn down in loose curls. The various people of the area are considered before she makes her way toward the pair of Autumns. "Hey Byron, hey Ashe. You look comfy up there," she notes with a faint chuckle and a gentle smile, peering up at her curiously.

Paige watches Rorschach for a moment, brow furrowed in concern, but if he glances her way she offers him a smile and wiggling of her fingers. Then she turns back to Alex, patting the girl comfortingly on the shoulder.

Beatrice locks her gaze on Omari, frowning at the man. Why isn't immediately clear. After a few moments she shakes her head and goes back to minding her own business.

Ian steps in through the many-wooden door.

Miranda steps in through the many-wooden door.

Ashe was seated now, but looks to Max when she heads over and there's a smile from the Shadowsoul to her fellow Custodian, "Hiya, Max." she states as she looks to her. "And it is a comfy roost up there." she tells the young woman. "Did you want to sit with us?" she asks her.

Rorschach waas yoinked from his revelry with a glaring smooch from Aj. It actually pulled his scarred lips into a faint skeleton grin like the grim reaper's kid slacking off. He signed an apology to her and held a hand presumably out to see hers a moment.

Byron chuckles softly at Ashe, "Not a skill I would be racing to learn." he cranes his head around to look, and nods a slow bit of hello to the other Harvestmen as they make their way in to their own groups. With that curiosity appeased, he settles back a bit and keeps his conversation quiet to his table. At Max' approach, the gargoyle offers a small grin, only adding after Ashe responds, "Indeed. plenty of room, have a seat?"

GAME: Beatrice spends 1 Willpower

Ian enters for court and looks around to those gathered, his attention eventually falling to the table where Rorschach and AJ are sitting. He steps over toward them and then inquires, "Would you mind if I join you?" to those seated before taking a seat if they don't seem to mind.

Alonso reluctantly pushes off from the wall and falls into step as Gisa beckons him over towards she and the others. He pulls his hat down a little lower as he steps out of the shadows into the light, making his way through the gauntlet of seating to draw near to the ironic T-Shirt crowd. "Good evening, everyone. Gisa is no doubt going to insist that I be sociable as well as visible."

Augusta remains quiet at her table, watching the people she doesn't know yet, listening to the conversations she can hear, but otherwise just observing.

"I can only imagine how comfy being on someone might be," Max states, smirking. At the invitation, she can't help but smile a bit brightly. There isn't any hesitation before she takes a seat. "Thanks. I thought I might have to sit by myself somewhere," she admits with a faint chuckle as she eases into her seat, making herself comfortable. The messenger bag is slid from her shoulders and tucked away by her feet.

Manners are manners, and when one is breaking rules of timeliness for the sake of fashion, it is only polite to dress in such a way as to harmonise with one's environment. Or reshape one's entire body. Details.

In November's case, it is the latter.

Ice, crystal, what's the difference, right? Both are solid. Both can fracture in so many planes and striations. Both are utterly unnatural to see in fluid, graceful motion, curving as flesh curves, pliant, too perfect to be quite real. Fairests. Can't live with them, and their bodies don't easily fit under the sink.

The Ancient's colours, this evening, are all internal, gem-toned, streaks of crystalline formations ever-growing, changing, shifting through transparencies and splitting planes within her gently luminescent flesh. All Courts are, of course, represented in her internal couture, and the leather of her punky garb bares plenty to be seen. Pausing by the entrance when she slips through, the androgyne's head turns as though scanning the attendees, though the blank shapes of her eyes never appear to move, expression one of patient interest and intellect. Upon seeing that Pook's seat is empty, she smiles subtly, self-satisfied, and slinks her way farther into the room. No seats for her yet, no. Anyone within range of the Dawn's Mantle will, of course, be afflicted with the delight of change whether or not they're so inclined.

Rorschach took AJ's hand with a wry grin and used her hand to whap at one of his antennae gently. he'd give her the appeasement of that now for squelching the colour at teh table. On the upshot anything that was red survived at least. That was... weird but when was Moon Court not weird?

Soon as the most of everyone is seated, music picks up, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. There's no actual speakers, of course, only the music. It starts with a piano slowly playing out, before a violin joins in. The piano and violin continue, and as they do, the Freehold Council starts to pour out. One member of each court, minus Spring. While a few seem to enjoy the playful music, a few look rather unenthused. But they put up with it, because it was clearly Pook's choice.

The song soon changes, and drums and guitar and a horn join in. "She comes in colors ev'rywhere..." and soon, anyone who didn't already recognize the song, will soon know they're listening to She's A Rainbow by the Rolling Stones.

Soon as the council is seated, Reginald Pook, the Spring Monarch, makes his way out. The Queen is dressed tonight in a pastel blue suit, with a faint green shirt beneath it. It is only his tie - a pastel rainbow of diagonal bars - that fits the rainbow theme. Pook makes his way out, to the center of the front table. He pauses there. "Welcome, my beloved Freehold! Please... if you do not already have a drink, or a snack, help yourselves... And please, everyone sit, once they're ready," he says. He'll wait a few moments, then take his own seat. "Now then, let us get to business! ... First, I'd like to hear from the Custodian-Elect. How goes handling the Soundless?"

Amber ends up making her way toward the remaining empty table, her mantle causing a carpet of green moss to spread out beneath it as she settles -- at least when it doesn't retreat when pushed up against certain other mantles that move to and fro. She seems more than happy to people-watch, sipping her drink as she watches people gather around other tables, eyes flickering back to watch new arrivals as they come in with various shades of interest.

Dielle looks over at the Pook as he enters, then hangs out and listens, carefully.

Gisa murmurs quietly to her tablemates, and then her eyeflames roll up around the top of the sockets in which they dance at Alonso's words. She absently reaches to take his hand and tug him down to sit at the table with errybody else in their little knot of people.

Augusta stands when the court enters, bowing her crowned head to Pook when he arrives. She then sits back down at the red table, where she is by herself. She is aware that she is off-putting to many Lost and that they keep her distance from her. And she appears alright with this. She listens quietly to Pook and then turns her fiery eyes to look at Ashe.

Paige watches as the council comes out and inclines her head respectfully to Meridith when she's spotted. Pook is listened to, before he addresses Ashe and she glances in that direction.

Ashe looks from Byron and Max when her name is called by the Queen and she stands up from her seat. "Your Majesty." she states with a bow of her frame. Then she straightens up, "We have still been looking into the Soundless and looking for a way to learn more about them. AJ has a lead for us to act on and we will be doing so in the next few days." she tells Queen Pook.

Miranda is standing in the chambers, clad in a gown of the very rains themselves. The announcement of the Queen causes her to curtsy in respect to the queen, moving to find herself a seat just as soon as the regent has taken their seat.

Gisa is sort of trying to catch Ashe's eye in what she probably thinks is a Very Subtle Way. HEY BOSS HEY HEY BOSS UH HEY

Rorschach dropped King of Diamonds.

Aaron slips in quietly as to not interrupt the meeting. It's clear on Aaron's face that large gatherings of people are not his favorite social setting. His hands tucked in pockets of his long coat. He gives a respectful nod of respect to the Spring Queen; then gives another nod to his superior, Custodian-Elect (ie. Ashe), before finding a seat.

Ashe gives a look over towards Gisa and there's a moment the shadows clear as she looks to the Golem, 'What's up?' she mouths.

Rorschach dropped Queen of Diamonds.

Zillah quietly, subtly, beats feet towards the once-orange table. Those are the people the little shadow knows, and that's where she'll be.

Miranda crosses over towards the orange table as well, or, at least once orange table, her rain dress rippling as she walks and she moves to slide into one of the empty seats, producing a playing card from her clutch purse which she slides across towards Rorschach with a little smile.

She's used to signing at people, which is why Gisa's initial response is sign language. I have some research, kinda new stuff. It occurs to the golem a moment later that maybe Ashe doesn't speak that? So there's sort of a vague me too, gotta talk to you pantomime that follows. Who knows how valuable THAT is, goylomim aren't exactly renowned performers or communicators.

Pook listens as Ashe speaks. A plan! A lead! The Queen looks to AJ to confirm the story, then back to Ashe, and he gives a nod. "Thank you, Ashe, and now-..." And then he catches sight of the very subtle golem. His eyes find Gisa. "Gisa... have you something to add?" Because whether or not Pook knows ASL, he's going to make her share with the class.

AJ flashes Pook, and then Ashe, a big, bright, pointy-teeth-filled smile when her name is mentioned. That would be her confirmation, it seems. But then she, too, looks aside, to Gisa.

Ashe gives a nod to Gisa and a signed ok to the Golem. She knew enough to get by. She then looks back to Queen Pook and bows again, "Thank you, your Majesty." she states. She motions Gisa to stand up if she's got new stuff to add as well. She then takes her seat for the moment. Listening to everyone.

November approves. Belatedly. That is, when the music comes on, the very rainbowy Ancient's smile broadens, gratified by the acknowledgement of -her- presence. She dips her head to Pook, polite, in acknowledgement of -his-. She doesn't sit at a table, however, instead choosing to plop down on the floor in appropriately boneless grace. Appropriately for a human, anyhow. A living crystal, not so much. She rests her back against the doorframe of the exit, content, and watches the 'show'.

The golem doesn't actually say 'uhhhhh' out loud, but her expression kind of says it. She was not really expecting to be called on in front of the Whole Class OKAY. Clearing her throat, Gisa leans forward slightly. "Ahum. At our last -- the Custodian -- meeting, Custodian-Elect Whelan brought up murders that she thought were connected -- possibly, potentially -- with the Soundless. There was an incident with red skies recently, and my research shows that there were red skies in the 1960s around the time of murders in 'mysterious circumstances,' as if murders happen in any other circumstances." Because one must report the facts but that just doesn't make sense to the Logical Rock. "I am trying to make a match between those murders and the red skies and the recurrance of the red skies, that was all. It is just -- new -- since the Custodians met last. And incomplete as yet."

Pook listens attentively as Gisa lays out her research. There's a few nods along the way, because someone knows how to be an active listener! When Gisa concludes, Pook dips his head respectfully. "Thank you, Gisa," he says. Then his attention shifts to Ashe. "Ashe, I am sure you are already aware, as Gisa just said. But please do make sure you work with the other groups. Not that I imagine you have any trouble speaking with the Harvestmen..." He lets that that thought trail off, a whimsical sort of smile crossing his lips. "Thank you, Custodian-Elect. Thank you, Custodian," he says. "Now then, we'll move on to the courts! Autumn, the floor is yours."

Having slumped back in her chair at her table when she was done talking, mumbling something to the others sitting with her, the shin on Gisa's forehead flared brighter orange, then yellow to almost white, as she's addressed by the seasonal crownholder. She nods her head awkwardly back at Pook.

Ashe gets a sweet moment of reprieve. Then she hears Queen Pook call for Autumn and there's a smile to those at her table as she stands up again. Another graceful bow given to the Queen, "Autumn has recovered pages from a former Courtier of the Court and is working to piece the journal back together as it holds clues to a hedge beast he was tracking. So that is our main goal for the moment. Otherwise we have a court meeting scheduled for this upcoming week and working on some ideas for the upcoming months." she reports.

Never skip leg day.

November, already statue-still, begins to smile when Gisa reports red skies. The smile grows, widening slowly, into a crystalline grin the instant before a peal of fey laughter ripples forth, wild, free, delighted and, this being November, quite utterly unselfconscious. She is still smiling as the groups begin their litany of progress and reports, sly, the cat who wised up and bought a pet shop full of canaries next to an ice creamery.

Pook is listening to Ashe, right up until November is laughing. He turns to squint at the woman, and stare for a moment, before his eyes are back on Ashe. "Thank you, again, Ashe," he says. There's a pause, then a glance about. "I do not see any Winter... though that does not always mean anything. Does anyone wish to speak for Winter? Or have a message on their behalf?"

Ashe gives a bow again, "Always, your Majesty." she states as she steps back and then finds her seat. She then looks around to see if any Winters fall out of the woodwork...stonework...

Beatrice continues to sit and listen. Her left eyebrow goes up at the mention of the murders from Gisa, a sign she is at least paying attention.

"Well. If there is a Winter Courtier here, kudos," Pook says, before clearing his throat. He makes a little gesture. "I'll speak with Charlie O," he says, before giving a look down the table. One might easily mistake the Queen's tone as dread. Surely, it cannot be that. Surely, Charlie O cannot invoke such a mood in the Emerald Queen! Pook looks back to the gathering. "Spring. Would a Spring Courtier like to speak?"

Amber glances around the gathering, then turns and lifts her glass. "I can, your majesty, unless there are others of the court who've been about longer who'd prefer to speak up instead? Not that I have terribly much to report." Her eyes drift around again, flames dancing in them with open curiosity.

"It does not seem there are others. Please, go ahead. And for the sake of all that might not know you, dear, do please give your name," Pook says, with a gesture towards Amber.

Amber inclines her head, then rises to her feet, leaving her drink again on the table. "Thank you, your majesty. Amber Watson, of the Hallowed Garden." Well, that likely explains the green-tinged fingers, at least. "The Spring Court, to my knowledge, has been generally...quiet. While I was lucky enough to meet some few of the court soon after my arrival, there has been little word since of any great concerns effecting us all. I was actually hoping that coming here might turn that situation around, though if not, there is at least a planned retreat next weekend that might quench that curiosity." She grins then, teeth bright white against the rest of her skin. "In fact, if there is anything your majesty is in need of that seems to be going...unattended? I would be honor bound to offer assistance, if it's within my power. While I'm hoping to volunteer my services for the WAyfarers, if I can make contact with those properly in charge, I feel that's not quite enough offered in turn to balance the hospitality extended my way. I'm here to be part of the community; I want a place to contribute." She bows her head then deeply, and only then reclaims her seat.

"Thank you, Amber," Pook says, with a dip of his head. "I'll hope your retreat goes well. And as for you, personally, perhaps you can speak to November about joining the Waykeepers?" he asks, before gesturing to the November in question. That one, the one sitting right on the floor instead of a chair. "I will happily send word with other things that I might need one," he says, before inclining his head. "Now, then, Summer?" he asks, and then fixes his eyes on Paige, fully expecting the feathery one to deliver the report.

Augusta's attention moves from Pook to Paige to hear her report on their Court. She pulls out of a bag near her a cloth wrapped on a hoop and starts to work on needlepoint.

Paige is indeed the Summer who gets to their feet and smiles at Pook. "Summer has largely been quiet. Which hey, is a good thing since it means no large martial threats. We have been meeting, and working on, er, bonding." She grins. "As only Summers can. But it does mean that there's not really anything to report right now, Your Majesty," she says before inclining her head to him.

Amber glances briefly between Pook and November, noting where the latter is before inclining her head deeply. She doesn't interrupt any more than that, instead turning to listen to who's up next to report.

November lifts one crystalline hand when she is indicated by the Queen, twinkling the fingers as though an all-too-Faerie deity could easily be missed. For someone so still, she is all but vibrating with suppressed merriment. Still.

Dielle stands up where she is, then remembers to put down the carrot she's holding. "Dielle Henner, Dawn Court," she says from where she is, in a very Southern accent. "Other than a very nice Shabbos dinner that Gisa hosted, where we chatted about the state of things, it's been /real/ quiet. For which we are all grateful. Gisa's been researching things, which she's already mentioned, so that's kind of the extent of things, really." She shrugs a bit, then sits down, done. So much for a report.

Dielle stands back up and says, rather acidly, "And I've just been informed by Alonso that he has an idea to scout the hedge using Dream to uncover some Soundless hollows, if there are any." She looks at Alonso and says, "Anything else, while I'm still standin'? Or do you wanna wait until I sit again?"

"Thank you, Paige," Pook says, with a warm smile, and a dip of his head. "I do hope your... bonding... ends well," he says. A stray look is cast over towards Omari, before Pook looks back to the group. "Now, if-..." And before he can introduce dawn, Dielle is speaking. Pook laughs, honest and open, and nods a few times. "Thank you, Dielle!" he declares. "Thank you-" And then Dielle continues. Pook's brows go up, and he, too, looks to Alonso. "Thank you... Alonso, was there anything else? Or can she sit again?"

Alonso cracks a slow grin at the acid. It split what had been a very much resigned grimace. He pokes the brim of his hat back and ticks his gaze up her way, "No, that about covers it, Dielle. That sounded very official. Thank you." Alonso then calls up towards the Big Table, "She can sit whenever she likes, regardless of anything I may or may not have to add." Which is like an answer to the question put to him, but not. He gives the crown a nod that implies he has nothing further to add, then sinks back into his chair again.

Gisa's eyeflames glitter with amusement at the interaction between the trio in question. She leans back a little bit in her chair, and then she shakes her head slightly in possibly amusement at Alonso's words.

Dielle can't help it, she cracks a huge grin and sits her happy ass back down again. There's a loud crunch as she bites into that next carrot.

"Your graciousness and benevolence are noted, Alonso. Thank you," declares Queen Pook. "Do let me know if you find anything. And do keep the Harvestmen and Custodians informed," he says. Then he looks around. "Dusk? Have we anyone that wishes to speak for Dusk?"

"Well, it doesn't seem like we've a Dusk to report. Katie, you'll submit a report to me?" Pook asks, glancing down the line to the Dusk Councillor. Katie Jone gives a stiff nod. Pook looks back over to the crowd. "Now... Moon court! Who speaks for Moon court?"

At the question of who was speaking for Moon court the irradiated Roach stood up and stood up on his chair because Tom wasn't here to sully the furniture. He looked to Zillah and signed something to her, apparently doing the "speaking" and letting her translate the Moon Court's report for him as he was a thousand and eighty percent not-vocal.

The Bug Man (tm) started signing with his free hand in a formal manner. He paused and his eyes got a tad larger and quickly pocketed that list making a gesture like forget about that. wrong list! and pulled out the correct one. He began again:

The bug started signing, paused, then nodded, yeah this is the right list. He held up a finger like numero uno folks. It was to Paige he looked apologetically and signed some more looking really guilty as hell and culminated that segment in his antennae bending into a heart shape. Someone or something was digging their way out of trouble on that one. If it was himself remained to be seen.

2- This got more animated and he looked To the Queen himself directly with a gesture to Gisa, Ashe, and then himself again. Serious tone caught the Roach, his antennae twitched when he spoke clearly into this part. Unless you spoke ALS, be grateful for the interpreter, although the facial expressions could no be beat, and had mandibles... that's so disturbing.

3- Three fingers held up. He pointed to Zillah and pulled his scarred lips into a grin. Speaking of her he drew the letter 'Z' in the air to make things easier. And he looked happy as hell. Possibly also stoned off his ass were that even possible. hard to tell. It did result in him flashing the backs of his two playing cards before pocketing them again.

He looked to her and gave her a wink. Apparently he didn't take the self-deprecating humor for anything but in stride. He hopped off the chair and gave her a not-even-remotely-brief kiss that might make every Sun even more disappointed in him than they were already hardwired to be, and a grandmother somewhere fanning herself. Heavens! Where was Enid when this happened? Finally, he dropped back into his seat. Your scout and Harvestman, bugs and big people. That was one of the people out there keeping the hedge clean of weirdos.

A second after Rorschach rises to his feet, Zillah is following suit. She'll be your Bug Translator for the night, ladies and gents! There's a flash of a grin, and then she's offering words, as the bug throws signs. "Ladies and gentleman of the jury I can explain-" she begins, and pauses as he does, chuckling softly as he switches lists, amusement dancing in her black and blue eyes. "Ahem. "To the freehold the Moon Court Reports-... yeah this is the right list. Okay few things, 1- Civic Shit: We promise to stop putting mousetraps around the scavenger hunt items in hopes of trapping clever people to ask them for change... I think that is mostly Tom's. That might be mine. Anyways... " It's clear, as she translates, that she's literally being the voice for Ror, not changing any of his words.

"2- For Sneaky shit: We're investigating portents that have been coming in dreams that seem that they might be linked to either the Soundless or the aforementioned 1963 event. I'd be especially interested in lending a dream trap to anyone that is proficient at being oracular that may be targeted by Incubi who might be able to give information. I, personally, wish to follow up on that having received one of those dreams. We're feeding the Custodians and Waykeepers everything we get.

Pause, breath. "3- Social shit: Zillah," And she gestures to herself, here, "has decided to join us in the Freehold. Welcome Zillah. This is Zillah speaking for me if you're sitting in the back, I don't throw my voice so it goes up in octave or...even has an octave. Ummm and I proposed to her and she's agreed to make a poor life choice and marry a Roach making me the luckiest person in this room, winning poker hand or no. She's also opening a shop, Glimmerdark. It's right next to Homepage. Come say hi."

And then, Zillah's being kissed. This is completely fantastic in her opinion, judging by the fact that she gives everyone a thumbs up in the process, before dropping back down to her seat.

The Queen watches no Zillah, but Rorschach. It would seem Pook can understand the bug, or at least is feigning it very well. Considering the range of emotions that cross his features, it's rather likely he's understanding. Or maybe just reacting to the signing. "Oh... my. Well... There's... alright," Pook murmurs out, as he tries to process all that. "Well! I'll leave 1 to Paige to deal with. And 3, welcome, and congratulations, I suppose. As for two, I'd advise you speak with the Watchers but as you are one... just make sure Boyd knows of this. If you can catch him," he says, with a small nod. Then a breath. "Thank you, Moon Court. You... do not leave me unsatisfied," Pook decides. Another breath, and he continues. "Is there a Sun Courtier?"

Paige blinks and straightens when she sees Rorschach signing about the mousetraps, and despite it not being her time to speak, she lets out a, "Hey!" that everyone hears. She gives Rorschach a stern look (that's mostly feigned) before she starts signing to the bug.

Dielle manages to be quiet and fascinated through most of the report. It's pretty. At the last one, she sticks her fingers in her mouth and wolf-whistles for the engagement. With any luck, she doesn't blow carrot chunks all over the table or her tablemates.

Max continues watching the proceedings quietly, occasionally whispering softly to those at her table. At the announcement of the engagement though, she offers a small applause of congratulations.

Augusta remains quietly alone at her table, carefully doing her needlepoint with her long, golden claws. Her fiery eyes go to each speaker in turn as she takes in the reports.

"Well, Helah, looks like you and I get to have tea. I do love the way you flirt," Pook says, looking down the line to a brunette that looks, in a word, unamused. "Now! On to our next order of business... Introductions! Is there anyone here tonight that would like to introduce themselves to the freehold? If so, please stand up, state your name, tell us something about yourself, tell us what you have to offer the Freehold, and... tell us... Well. Your favorite color, of course!"

Gisa finishes her first beer and gets up to get a second one, returning just before Rorschach starts speaking. She watches him -- not Zillah -- since, as evidenced before, she can understand what he's saying. When the buggo points at her, she looks slikely uncomfortable for a moment, but then it's apparent that he's not going to single her out again. The golem bites off the cap from her second beer with a brief shimmering of diamond teeth, settles back. Then Pook is calling for intros, and she pats Alonso's knee again. Hup hup, o little socialist.

Augusta's face looks up at Pooks and she nods her head to him to be called upon, when he is ready, to introduce herself. Her needlepoint is set on the table in front of her as she waits.

Amber stands and leaves Yellow Table. (3)

Beatrice grunts at the call for introductions, eyes sweeping the room to see who takes the offer to speak.

"Augusta?" Queen Pook says, as she eyes the woman. He makes a little gesture. "Go ahead, please."

Standing, Augusta bows her crowned head first to the Queen and then offers a curtsey to the gathered court before speaking. "My name is Augusta Greyfell ... I was born a Miller here in Tamarack Falls over a century ago and have returned. I am a Crimson Knight of the Summer Court and a member of the Office of the Vizieral Counsel. I extend my service, as is my duty, to all who belong in the Freehold and the Crown in particular." Blue flames flicker down the golden-scale armor as she speaks. Best to get this introduction in before she has another run-in with one of the Lost in the Hedge who mistake her for something else. "On matters of lore, history and particular the Gentry and the magic of the Hedge, all are welcome to seek me out. Thank you, your Majesty." In her very formal, almost Victorian way, she gives a curtsey and a bow of her head to those gathered again before sitting down.

Zillah looks up, blinking. She doesn't say anything, but the 'wait, do I need to introduce myself again?' is clearly on her face. Now that she's not sucking face with the Roach anymore.

Alonso looks Gisa's way at the suggestion he follow the tongue kissing declaration of nuptials that was Rorschach and Zillah's news. Reluctantly, he rises up to his feet and removes his obnoxiously brimmed hat. It reveals the scarf he wears wrapped about his hair. "I am Alonso of Dawn. A prospective 'custodian'." One can hear the fingerquotes. "I am a jack of all trades and master of none, being a Pilgrim of the Longest Road. My proficiencies lie within the hedge. Swordsmanship, marksmanship, and so on. Being a darkling, I am naturally gifted at stealth. Survival, horsemanship, falconry. Shorthand dictation. Wall framing. Pipe sweating. Labor organizing. Political subversion. And the formation of people's governments, should any of that interest any of you." He tips his hat to all and sundry, then returns to his seat.

Paige gets to her feet. "Not introducing /myself/ of course, but my companion, Alex," she says, motioning to the woman with her. "She's newly ensorcelled. To me, obviously. She works at my bar and is pretty handy to have around, but I can't say I know her favorite color. But since I ensorcelled her she is under my protection. Which I know is a given, but..." She trails off and grins before sitting back down.

Once Paige and Alex have returned to their seat, Miranda rises from hers and steps forward once acknowledged, clad in a gown made of the very spring rains. She offers a curtsey to the Queen, "Your Majesty." She greets, before turning to address the room, "Hello, I am Miranda Desrosiers, Courtier of Spring and Baroness of the Lesser ones. I've met some of you, many more I've never had the pleasure. I fancy myself a courtesan, should you have any desires that need filled, of the flesh or otherwise do not hesitate to come find me, and should you have trouble with the local hobs, or just need a guide through the hedge do not hesitate to come and find me. I shall also be opening a bawdy house soon, catering to members of the freehold, and I shall invite you all to come and visit once it's open. And my favorite color is ocean blue."

"Also he doesn't follow directions well," deadpans the golem who employs Alonso, in what is probably supposed to only carry to her table. gj gisa a+

Rorschach watched and grinned up to MIranda and Alonso speaking at theit table, though pointing out the bit of a favourite colour and looking to Zillah singing before looking like he melted in hsi chair. Someone buy that boy some bones for his birthday yeesh. Bugs are oogie. This is apparently a staple feature.

Pook looks from person to person as they're introduced. He nods along, to Augusta, though her introduction leaves him frowning. Then Alonso is up, and Pook's expression lifts... then the frown is back. Finally, Paige speaks, and he can gives a nod, hold his smile, and say, "Thank you, Paige." He looks back over, to Alonso. "Your color?" he asks, quite seriously. Then he looks to Augusta. It's not repeated, but the request stands.

Augusta arches a brow at the Queen, but dutifully stands again before speaking, "My apologies, your Majesty. Gold ... obviously." She smiles. Its not something she does much, but the Wyrd responds and golden fire starts at her crown and falls, flickering, down her robes. She bows her head and takes a seat again.

Waiting until the others are finished, the once-standing Moonite rises again. "Zillah Grimes," she offers. "Member of the Moon Court, with no entitlement to speak of, or affiliations as of yet considering my just joining. I'm good at...making things. A little bit of sneaking, a little bit of reading people. And my favorite color is, well, a very deep black." Unsurprising, given the fact that color washes out to black and shades of grey, with her and the roach about.

Alonso's expression goes from relaxed to serious, just like that. He looks aside at Gisa for a trio of beats, then back to the monarch. In a serious of motions to mechanical and deliberate to be anything but demonstratively mechanical and deliberate, he rises back to his feet and once more removes the hat from his head. "Why, red and black, of course. Or must I choose only the one color to love, at your direction?" He waits, hat over his chest.

"Obviously," Pook answers Augusta, smirking all the while. He watches her until Zillah stands, then his eyes are on the newly inducted Freeholder. "Who has time for a shallow black?" Pook asks, smirking at her for a moment. Then Alonso is back up, and Pook looks to the man. He stares, for a long moment. "Perhaps, Alonso, you might find companionship amongst the Moon Court," he offers up. Then sends a sweet smile towards the man. It lasts a moment before Pook makes a gesture. "Any further business before we move on to the May Game?"

Moving a sleepy Alex.

"I have," Alonso assures the crown. Seeing that Reginald is moving on with matters, Alonso returns his hat atop his head and drops back down into his seat again.

The Vizier returns to her needlepoint alone at her table, not involved in the game, but she stays to watch how it turns out anyway. Augusta's attention is mainly now on her needlework, using the long golden claws to pierce the cloth and bring the thread through.

"Well, no news is good news, truly," Pook says, with a warm smile. "And so, we'll move on to the May Game!... Which, I will admit, I am just a touch disappointed that you all did not love it as much as I did. But, no matter. We do have a winner..." He says. Then he makes a little gestures. "Rorschach! Our beloved bug has sent word of his hand to me, and it beats the next highest. Rorschach, my dear, if you'll come here... I've your prize."

Dielle opens her mouth, then closes it. She glances from Pook to Rorschach to Zillah and then quickly takes a big gulp of her drink. It hides her expression very well.

Rorschach gave ZIllah's hand a squeeze and gestured something to Miranda clearly being in her back pocket on this one for trading him the card he needed. he left the table and with his exit half the colour came back; the shadows of his fellow Moon couriter still doing some damage to that poor colour pallet. Remarkably he was still wearing pants, but then again this wasn't Tom. Now curious bug was curious and the twitch of an antenna conveyed as much.

Dielle puts her drink down and mimes shooting an arrow at Alonso.

Soon as Rorscach approaches, Pook leans down to grab up a small gift. Yes, it's an actual box, wrapped in pristine white paper with a rainbow ribbon. It's a few inches by a few inches by a few inches. Pook stands up, leans over, and hands it over to Rorschach. There's a bright smile. "Congratulations, Rorschach," he says. "And you have one favor from me. Ask and you shall receive," he says. Then he stands upright again. "Well, I believe that concludes our business! Thank you all. You are all so very wonderful and beautiful, and it is my honor to serve as your Queen," he says, before giving a bow.

GAME: Gisa spends 1 Willpower

Alonso clutches his chest and slides out of his seat like a limp noodle, puddling on the floor as only a darkling in a cape can manage.

Miranda offers a light applause as Rory is called forth as the winner of the game, offering a little smile at the bug.

Zillah applauds, because that is what one does when their fiancee has won a game that they had no idea was even going on. Yay, prize! Her gaze shifts, watching Alonso and Dielle, giving a small chuckle.

Max gives a congratulatory applause to Rory once more. Then she gives a smile to the Queen, because the enchanted mortal is definitely a big fan of his.

GAME: Gisa spends 1 Glamour

Ian offers a quiet bit of applause from where he has lingered throughout the meeting, watching and taking in the proceedings, congratulating Rorschach in his win of the game.

Byron chuckles and actually applauds Rorshach for a few moments, muttering something to his table as he slowly sits up. Rolling his shoulders, setting the tiny wings fluttering for a moment then settling back down.

Paige lets out a whistle and claps for Rorschach, grinning at him despite her reaction to the mousetraps earlier. She doesn't seem to be one to hold a grudge.

Dielle takes a few minutes to applaud for Rorshach, having fulfilled a request from the table. She looks happy.

Rorschach smiled watching the rainbow ribbon and looked almost heartbroken as it faded to a desaturated state, except for he red stripe in it. Awww sad day. At least the red stays put. He looked at Miranda and signed something to her about something. And because it was his natural inclination he held the little box to his ear and gave it a wiggle. Just a tiny shake. To see if it chirped, rattled, rang, or ticked. He did gesture a genuine 'thank you' to Queen Pook, because it was possible to show respect. He turned back to a dead Alonso on teh ground and a triumphant Unicorn and gave a shocked face, shocked I tell you as well as he could. He signed <<Dielle, we only had one of those. Where are you going to buy her a new one at?>> Apprentices, man. Can't take em anywhere. He turned and walked back signing to ZIllah << I hope there's not ice in here>> Turning to Ian now able to see him he sent a gesture to him, looked round and hell invited him over ot the table.

While everyone else is paying attention to other things, Gisa seems to be mostly watching the Queen. Her attention focuses on Pook, and her Mantle flares subtly, the smell of petrichor and a struck match rolling out around her. The golem's lips press together, and the shin on her forehead goes yellow -- white -- blue. Then she leans to offer Alonso a hand up from the floor. He might not want to take it. It's currently quite hot.

Pook gives another bow, then turns to look, left and right, at his councillors. "One more to go," he tells them all, with a bright smile. Then he turns, and makes his way out. Pook has Queen things to do!

Beatrice gets up, shaking her head to herself as she makes her way out.

Beatrice heads out through the many-patterned door, leaving the hearth hall.

Alonso is far too floppy to be helped up at first, but once he cottons to the temperature change in the Golem, he does pop up from the floor quite spryly. "Shall we be on our way?" He doesn't bother dusting himself off, the fact that his backside is now all covered in floor grit is of little consequence to him. "It was satisfying to see you all again, at the least. But I think I should be heading back. Have to open the shop in the morning."

Not that colours mysteriously changing could possibly have anything to do with someone who had some worthwhile conversations with Colour and shall remain nameless (and yet oh so rainbowy), but both Zillah and Rorschach gain a celebratory spray of arterial red shortly after the bug accepts the Queen's prize. In Zillah's case, her deep black velvet dress becomes the vivid sanguine of a well-oxygenated heart. In Rorschach's case, his black leather pants join the blood party.

"Congratulations, again," AJ says, to Zillah. "And good job, Rorschach!" she calls out. AJ will then avoid the antics of Alonso, and rise up, and head for the door.

Ashe's head tilts at something and then the woman reaches out to twine her fingers with Byron. There's a murmur to the rest of her table companions before she rises and then gives a nod of departure to those that she knows.

AJ heads out through the many-patterned door, leaving the hearth hall.

With the conclusion of the meeting, Ian quietly withdraws from where he had been standing, and makes his way out once more.

Ian heads out through the many-patterned door, leaving the hearth hall.

November is content to continue leaning against the doorframe, blithely and openly observing every person who walks past.

"Thanks," Zillah beams towards AJ. "Good to meet you." And anything else she might have to say is stopped when the looks down, and that bright, vivid red has taken over her dress. Red. So red. "Is anyone else seeing this, or did I lick the wrong part of the bug?"

Dielle opens her mouth and closes it. Then she remember something Jon's been showing her, (a tv show,) and says, "Helloooooooo, Nurse!"

Paige gets to her feet, nudging the quiet, probably overwhelmed, Alex. She heads over to Zillah and co, smiling at the woman. "I've told Rorschach, but wanted to give you my congratulations, too. You should come by Cyclone soon! Have a free drink to celebrate," she offers.

That crimson, dark red; the only colour that seems to penetrate teh bug's moon mantle... or is that the crust of the moon? ROrschach never studied astronomy and couldn't tell you. He paused and agve November a s faint, but knowing grin. He looked at ZIlla's hand pointed November out for that. <<Wait there's a wrong part??>> He paused and coudln't sort that one out so continued <<No that happened. Her. There. She's the one I told you about in teh graveyard.>> Hot damn it did seem to suit him though. To Paige he grinned and gestured -paige, ZIllah. Zillah, Paige.-

Byron watches the Queen make his way out, then slowly turns to look at the rest of his table and takes in a deep breath. He lumbers back to his feet and stretches his shoulders, straightening up to his full height before searching the area. Amusement touches his face at Zillah's comment, but he regrains from commenting, looking for the Augusta instead.

Augusta looks up as Byron approaches, arching a brow at the gargoyle like Lost. Her mien flickers around him as he approaches, blue flames licking at his feet. As he comes into range of her, he can feel the furnace like heat that surrounds her. She waits though for him to speak.

"I think Byron has some business to attend to. Do we want to meet at the Chronicle tomorrow? I'll make dinner." Ashe tells Aaron and Max with a smile. She then gives the Gargoyles hand a squeeze before she smiles to him and lets him go do his thing.

Byron bends down to steal a kiss from the shadowmonster at his table, nodding in agreement with her explanation, "Be back in a bit." With that said, he does step away from the table to approach Augusta, lowering his voice as he steps in closer to her heat and proximity, "If you have a moment to talk? Her Majesty requested we have a conversation. We can have it here or somewhere with less of an audience, if you like?"

Zillah's eyes gleam with amusement, and she looks towards November. "Ahh." Fingerwaggle. The particular shade of red -did- look good on her, at least. "So much for being the stealthy shadow this week." She doesn't seem to mind, not in the least, but she does give November the universal 'I'm watching you' signal. Right before beaming at Paige. "Thanks, and I'll definitely do so soon." Who's the happiest shadow? She is!

Paige grins at Rorschach. "I've met her before. Like...twice, but still, it counts!" She glances to Byron and Augusta, watching them for a moment before returning her attention to the bug and his fiancee. "And good! I'm there...well, a lot, so anytime you drop by I'll probably be there or nearby. But I should get Alex out of the Hedge. Think she's a little overwhelmed right now, but I'll talk to you guys later!" And it's a cheerful harpy who heads off to rescue the ensorcelled.

"Yes, we shall be on our way," agrees the golem, whose shin goes back down from blue to white to yellow and all the way back to its normal orange, the colors shifting back as quickly as they flared up in the first place. The heat lingers, though, radiating out from her skin. One might be forgiven for mistaking the Fireheart Dawn for a Summer, perhaps, at least at the moment. "Mazel tov twice over, Rorschach, and once to you, Zillah." She offers a small wave across the way to Ashe and Aaron, and then steps away from Alonso for a second to note to Augusta, "If you would be kind enough to meet with me later, I would like to talk about my current research with you. I can be found often at Tamarack Falls Jewish Books --" Then she finds herself overlapping with Byron, though, so the golem clears her throat -- a sound like pebbles rolling down a tin roof -- and steps back. "Excuse me. I did not mean to interrupt." She steps back, trundling back toward Alonso and rubbing her hand across her forehead with a little squeak squeak sound of ceramic on ceramic.

Setting her needlepoint down, the Vizier offers Byron and smile and nod, a clawed hand gesturing to a chair next to her at the red table. "I am more than happy to speak, sir. If the Queen wishes it, I am bound to comply."

Setting her needlepoint down, the Vizier offers Byron and smile and nod, a clawed hand gesturing to a chair next to her at the red table. "I am more than happy to speak, sir. If the Queen wishes it, I am bound to comply." To the golem, she nods in response when she passes, "I will see you out, for sure. Thank you." before she looks back to Byron.

Kind creature that she is, when Rorschach points her out, November obligingly dismisses her altered form -- spires of crystal and stone become a hoary crown and delicately frost-traced, glassy, transparent flesh of equally inhuman ice. And colour. No longer contained solely within her frame, the kaleidoscopic swirl spreads to everything within a foot of her skin, an ever-shifting, full-body halo of lightless hues. Floaty hair leaves short-lived stains on the doorframe, too, as she slinks back up to her feet and, for the bug and Zillah's sake, floods herself with reds, reds, reds: scarlets, sanguines, cerise and strawberry, crimson, cinnabar, vermilion, ruby, russet and more. Then? Nothing. Blank canvas, transparent, water-clear. She laughs again, quietly this time, and steps out of the room into the great cavern beyond, at least -one- source of hind-brain EEK Too Fae! awareness gradually fading as she walks away.

Max makes her way out with Aaron, waving to Byron and Bat-Ashe on the way out.

Rorschach looked from November to ZIllah giving her the 'oh we're talking' look. He swiveled his head to Gisa and Dielle looking to see if their attention was coming back at all to catch <<THat's the woman that was able to change the sky.>> he looked to Zillah knowing she knew and really now? Now that he's made peace with his colour shifting the corner of his mouth turned ina grin <<You want someone to decorate for the wedding?>>

Dielle stands up, at that point, and toasts everyone with her cup of water. She finishes it, and puts it down before walking out, as well, whistling.