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☽ Zillah ☾
Name: Zillah Logan
Birthdate: 11 May 1975
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Virtue: Confident
Vice: Hedonistic

Sphere: Changeling
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Shadowsoul/Aetheric/Coldscale
Court: Moon
Entitlement: The Lost Pantheon
Keeper: The Noemata
Court crown winter.png




"It's astonishing how much trouble one can get oneself into, if one works at it. And astonishing how much trouble one can get oneself out of, if one assumes that everything will, somehow or other, work out for the best."

      The Life Before: New York City, 1995. Daughter of working class parents, second youngest of four children. She was always a quiet girl, though she ran with an interesting crowd. The one that watched, that listened, that was so easy to not notice if she wasn't there. In fact, her friends didn't even realize that she wandered off with a mohawked stranger and a promise of a high that would blow her mind in Central Park that night...

      The Seventy-Eight Steps: Querant on the steps of the great pyramid. Made to watch, to learn her own lessons as those taken by her Keeper learned theirs, over and over again. Perfecting their journeys. She was not more than a shadow of a woman, a whisper on the wind, caught between the steps of the journey. She watched. She observed. Learning, fearing, and yearning for a story of her own.

      A Shadow of a Girl: Zillah remembers barely a thing from her life before the Noemata took her. A memory triggered by the image of the Brooklyn Bridge took her there, but nothing further was sparked. Well, unless you count her whirlwind romance with one Jon Grimes, horrorpunk singer extraordinaire and Moon Court pusher. Like all good things, it didn't last, and Zillah found herself in need of someplace new. As such, she's found herself here. Still searching for something, some hint of what she once was.

      The Goddess of Lost and Forgotten Things, Our Lady of Velvets, Patron Saint of Girls Who Wander By Mistake: Two years in Fate's Harvest will change a girl. She's found and lost love. Gained a whole lot of Wyrd, and become so much more than what she once was. Having given up the quest to find her own lost memories, while striving to help others find what they've lost, she's become a member of the Lost Pantheon, preferring the title of Daemon over Ancient. She's served for a season as the Freehold's Queen, and now sits as the Moon Councilor.


"Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit."

Firmaments and Figments

The Moon Court: The Wayward Road. The Black Rock. The Court of Night. Zillah is the Moon Councilor of Fate's Harvest, and the face of her Court. Queen of winter 2018, she's a familiar face and an easy contact for members within the Court and throughout the local Lost community.

Glimmerdark: A small shop, right beside Homepage Books. Zillah is known as a skilled jeweler, making everything within her shop with her own two hands.

Goddess: No, really. Want to worship?

I Wanna Do Bad Things To/With You: As a member of the Wayward Road, Zillah revels in the monster that she's become. Drugs, excess, theft, a bit of murder - there's very little that isn't on the plate of potential for the Serpent. Even if her preferred victim is a bit specific.

Hexes and Connections

Before All Else

The Lunes

  • Rorschach - All things fade. Some just disappear.
  • Rocco - Once motely-mate. Spectacular timing. Stop laughing, damnit.

The Others

  • Cardinal - “Pretty bird. She can run with us, anytime.”
  • Kip - “Do you see now? I think you do. Embrace what you are.”
  • Poppy - “Sharper than any blade, than the heels she wears.”
  • Rainbow - “Ever-changing, ever the same. Good company to keep.”
  • Vin - “...did you really know the person I once was?”
  • Damion - “Dragon. Warmth in friendship.”

Auditory Illusions

BONES UK - Creature
Call me dirt or call me diamonds
Call me crass or call me cruel
Call me daddy, call me baby
Call me friend or call me fool

Call me creep or call me creature
Call me anytime you need
Cause my blood is made of whiskey
So you can come get drunk on me

Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown
You should see me in a crown
I'm gonna run this nothing town
Watch me make 'em bow
One by one by, one
One by one by
You should see me in a crown
Your silence is my favorite sound
Watch me make 'em bow
One by one by, one

Mirrored Glimpses


  • (2017.03.13)
The Wedding Crashers
  • (2017.03.16)
Invasion of Cyclone
  • (2017.03.17)
What is a Snowprechaun?
  • (2017.03.19)
Beers for Silence
  • (2017.03.28)
Sometimes to the Best of Us
  • (2017.04.30)
Coffee At Cafe
  • (2017.05.02)
May Parlor Poetry Reading
  • (2017.05.22)
May Court 2017
  • (2017.05.24)
Red Skies Redux
  • (2017.06.06)
Sunshine and Unhappiness
  • (2017.06.29)
3 Little Piggies Go To Market
  • (2017.09.25)
First Court of Autumn
  • (2017.11.03)
PrP:Thudlump Goes Home
  • (2017.11.06)
Night of the Black Hunt
  • (2018.12.21)
Korochun Night
  • (2018.12.21)
The Crowning of the Moon
  • (2019.01.08)
Meeting the Watcher-Elect
  • (2019.01.09)
Tragedy & Disgust - The Ball
  • (2019.01.14)
Plotting the Break-Up
  • (2019.01.29)
A Small Favor - Scene 1
  • (2019.02.07)
Welcoming Brody
  • (2019.02.12)
Keeper of Lost Things
  • (2019.02.17)
Eighties Karaoke
  • (2019.03.06)
Lolly joins the freehold!
  • (2019.03.18)
Zillah's Last Court of Spring 2019
  • (2019.10.02)
Baby Saviours of Rainbowside
  • (2019.11.01)
New Connections
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Love Advice from the Devil & Serpent
  • (2019.12.14)
Gallery Grand Opening
  • (2020.01.03)
First Court of Moonter 2020
  • (2020.03.27)
The Devil and the Serpent
  • (2020.05.04)
Strip Kitten
  • (2021.12.21)
Winter Crowning 2021
  • (2017.03.22)
First Jam of Spring

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