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Passerine. Red. Birds.
Ordained. Ecclesiastical. Clergy.
North. East. South. West. Directions.
Temperance. Fortitude. Prudence. Justice. Virtues.
Lust. Gluttony. Greed. Sloth. Wrath. Envy. Pride. Sins.


Unhedged. Long-time local. Maybe you knew her as Lizzy.
Unspoken. She doesn't talk. Sometimes, she doesn't even listen.
Unsettling. Madness is just a shift in perspective, a catalyst. Watch!
Unashamed. Comfortable with her contentment and its expression.
Unidentified. She doesn't answer to Lizzy. Cardinal will do just fine.


Born August 4, 1994. Taken August 3, 2010. 6 years. Lost.
Agent of chaos. Harbinger of madness. Enabler. Trickster.
Skinny. 20-something. Casual. Brown-eyed. Redhead.
Unreliable. Dodgy. Inconsistent. Untrustworthy.
Charitable. Giving. Bounteous. Kind. Generous.
Wannabe wolf. Arcadian-made Moon. Lunatic.
Maker of all the flavors. Experimenter.
Wizened. Moonborn. Changeling.
Rebirth. Change. Desire. Spring.


Gabe. A mountain, not a cage. A whole world. Worthwhile work.
Carter. More fire than brimstone. A principled gentleman.
Zillah. Prettiest slip of shadow. Understands my voice.
Ian. The very best adventure. Undoubtedly, why the moon shines.
Rorschach. Makes me think. Somber, caring, complex. Compelling.
AJ. Pain and complication and commonality. Repercussions.
Monster. Strange. Delicious. Not as scary as me.


Are you calling me bird?
Come on and wake you up.
Inscrutable. Just plain magical.
But you will always get what you want.
Whether you're looking for corruption or a savior.
I'll take you up. I'll turn you on. I'll take your apathy.
I can tear your walls down with the beating of my heart.
I throw you into the water and see if you can swim to shore.
Running out of fun. I wanna go get some. Get a life for the living.
She lives in the place in the sides of our lives where nothing is ever put straight.

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