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Benjamin S. Carver
Artist. Thaumaturge. Occultist. Serial Hedonist. Positively Criminal.


“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.” - Oscar Wilde

Carver - The family name may ring bells in certain circles. They are mostly old money relegated to England, but a few have crossed the pond to work stateside. The Carver name shows up associated with a great deal of philanthropy, especially for causes involving the most disadvantaged demographics in the western world - mentally ill, severely disabled, and poverty stricken youth.
Skin Deep- Scarvy-poo has been working in the body mod industry for just over two and a half decades. After his apprenticeship, he worked out of a private studio, in whatever locale he happened to be in. It didn't stop him from making a name for himself among other artists and those who follow various blogs and print publications dedicated to the subject for impeccable and visceral artwork, and boundary-pushing mod work bordering on surgical.
Music - Scarver's music career was relatively short-lived, spanning a handful of years in the early 90s. The band, named Scarver Faire, originated out of his time in New Orleans drifted between hard rock and metal with a reputation for scandelous guerilla shows, macabre subject matter, tendency to weave in languages other than English, and a haunting, percussion-heavy sound. They turned down a number of record deals before abruptly breaking up for no clear reason. Scarver still occasionally releases the odd solo track to the net through various free streaming mediums under alternate names, but the vocal stylings are unmistakable.
Spirits - They've met.
Witness Me! - Noteable Observable Stats: Presence 5, SL 2 (Dangerous), SV 2 (Smooth as Liquid Mercury), Fame 2: (Musician), Fame 2 (Body-Mod Artist)
Green - They're really more like guidelines, lovie.
Vinnie - Keep up; there's always More.
Gula - Gula, my rotten pride and joy, wormy apple of my eye...stop leaving fucking maggots in the bed.

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Initial Witch + Bitch
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Culture Clash