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Ian Brennan

Ian Brennan was born in Brennan Gardens, a commune that had once started out as a family farm when his family first came to the area in the late 1800s. His parents were the leaders of the commune, what had become somewhat of a happy hippie collective that tipped over into a sort of nature-worshipping, people-helping, free-loving cult over the years. His folks were killed in a boating accident off the coast, leaving him the somewhat reluctant heir to the commune and all that was in it. He has several relatives in the area, cousins, siblings, possibly aunts and uncles as well.

Ian had a great love for plants and gardening from the time that he was a child. He started out working in the commune gardens and then he went to school for Botany and graduated with his bachelor's degree. He interned for a time at a nearby Conservatory for a summer. It was there that he was taken.

He was gone barely long enough for anyone to notice that he had gone missing, but for him, the time was far longer, and when he returned, he was something different entirely from the light-hearted and quiet hopeful young man that he had been before. He became a member of the Fate's Harvest Freehold several years ago and joined The Order of the Hallowed Garden, the Brennan Gardens becoming the Garden that he tends as well as those who live there, his protected.

For a time, he took up the position of Greenies Grand Master and held meetings, worked on restoring the Freehold Garden, and helped organize the others. He has since retired as Greenies Grand Master, and instead has spent more time focused on his own Garden.

RP Hooks
  • Unintentional Hippie Cult Leader (Fame 2) - He'd never intended to take after his parents, but when he returned from that Summer away, something changed. Suddenly Ian took a much more focal role at Brennan Gardens, and has since become its leader.
  • Brennan Gardens - A commune of sorts nestled in the idyllic Vermont hillsides surrounded by forest and farm land. Want to join?
  • Botanist (Fame 2) - Well known for his work with plants of all types. He has created some interesting hybrids, worked to improve the quality of the produce grown within the Gardens, and provides other interested growers with seeds from time to time.
  • Local Boy - He grew up in the area. Want to play a friend, a family member, someone who lives/works in the Gardens?
  • Order of the Hallowed Garden - Those who share the spirit of Brennan Gardens, their tenets of protecting others, freedom, and charity, will find that they benefit from the atmosphere of the Gardens. Those aligned against that spirit will feel very uneasy within its borders.
  • AJ - Sharp, so many teeth in that smile, little thorns.
  • Cardinal - Moonlight and fluttering wings, bright bird in the garden of a tangled heart and mind.
  • Eden - Satisfy the cravings, that hunger a pitted knot, longing for something sweet, something rich, something to quiet the thunder inside
  • Haruki - I am an orphan man, but ain't we all? And I can make myself disappear, I am an orphan man, but ain't we all?, And I know somewhere worse than here, I was called amazing, and I make folks believe, with nothing in my pockets, and nothing up my sleeve
  • Hazel - The snowdrops hear the whispers in the winter's snow, the spring is a cacophony when the garden grows
  • Oberon - When it's said and done the time we have is borrowed, you better make sure you're headed the right way, I'll take the dirt road -- it's all I know, I'll been walking it for years, it's gone where I need to go, oh it ain't easy, it ain't supposed to be, so I'll take my time and life won't pass me by
  • Rorschach - Earthworms are good for the soil, they let the nutrients in. Appreciate those things that squirm into the dark places of the earth.
  • Tom - I've heard some corny birds who tried to sing, but a cat's the only cat Who knows how to swing
  • Zillah - And if I ever lose my mouth, all my teeth, north and south, oh if I ever lose my mouth, I won't have to talk no more. Moonshadow, moonshadow.
Former Contacts
  • Brittany - But all you ever say is catch me if you can, Feel like a butterfly, Searching in the summer sky
  • Sophia - Come in, variegated shell ginger, datura, lonicera, red velvet costus, xanadu philodendron, snow queen hibiscus
  • Tai - Cherry blossom, sweet and kind.

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Full Name: Ian Brennan
Played By: Reeve Carney
Appears As: Ian
Date of Birth: January 7, 1994
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Unintentional Hippie Cult Leader
Virtue: Hopeful
Vice: Cruel
Template: Changeling
Keeper: The Floriographer
Court: Spring Court
Seeming: Fairest
Kiths: Flowering
Entitlement: The Order of the Hallowed Garden
Freehold Fate's Harvest
Faction Retired Greenie
Motley: None Yet

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah (Reeve Carney)

Your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya
She tied you to a kitchen chair
She broke your throne, and she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the hallelujah

Kari Jobe - The Garden

I can see the ivy
Growing through the wall
Cause You will stop at nothing
To heal my broken soul

Now I see redemption
Growing in the trees
The death and resurrection
In every single seed

Bono w/ Reeve Carney - Rise Above 1

And you said rise above
Open your eyes up
And you said rise above

In a time of treason
Is there time for trust
Where there's no them
Only us
Is there time for reason?
Has your heart had enough
Is it time to let go
And rise above?

And you said rise above
Open your eyes to love
And you said rise above

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