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Fairest Seeming

References: CtL 112, WM 35
Affinity Contracts: Reflection (ER 34), Separation (WM 40), Vainglory (CtL 146)

Seeming Blessings

All: No Untrained Penalty for Social skills
All: Spend Glamour to increase Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion dice pools
Wyrd 7: Glamour adds +2 to base blessing dice pools
Wyrd 8: Gain a free specialty in Persuasion or Socialize
Wyrd 9: Gain a free dot in one of the following merits: Allies, Contacts, Fame, Retainer, Staff or Striking Looks - HR
Wyrd 10: /8 on all Social rolls

Seeming Curses

All: -1 on rolls to avoid Clarity loss
Wyrd 7: -2 to rolls to resist giving in to an existing derangement
Wyrd 8: Automatically acquire a derangement on clarity loss
Wyrd 9: -3 to all Stealth rolls
Wyrd 10: Never roll more than 1 die for degeneration rolls


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