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(Mien) Kira ??????? of Spring

  • "Passion is Energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what Excites you.": A lover of chaos, she is raucously vivacious friend if impertinent. Also makes her feel close to the Moon Court sometimes.

  • "Reckless, undisciplined, and aggressive.. This is a Rebellion.. I Rebel." She is loyal eager to help but not one for overt authority.

  • Changeling: Spring Fairest, Flowering, Woodblood, and Pailwraith.. She is a Norse/Tolkien/40K -ish Elf effectively.

  • Baroness of the Lesser Ones(And Hob kin): She deals with hobs a lot, socializing/persuading or intimidating/face-shooting as needed.

  • Freehold: Oathed in but otherwise bran sparkling new, trying to meet people, get involved, work on making a good name for herself.

  • Dred Commander Sol and The Frey: She loved through a decade of various wars, remembering contradictory 'Elvish" selves. A big blur.

  • Kira The Fetch: Reconciled, friends, ending as Secret Twins. Similar persona if a bit darker passion/desires. Charity/Lust. Dancer and Thief. Publicly noted that the Fetch is /hers/ and an attack on it is an attack on her. Looking at you Sun Court!

Kira of Spring's Contacts

Motley Group ************
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LingLings General ****************
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Kira Stats
Sphere: Changeling
Current Tier: Tier3 Spent
Seeming Mantle: Fairest, Spring 3
Kiths : Flowering, Woodblood, Palewraith
Entitlement : Baroness ot Lesser Ones
Motley : None, Looking
Keeper : Dread Commander Sof
HT, Build: 5'7 Slender-Curvy
Hair&Eyes: Varied Flower colors, Forest Green
Current Job: Path Finder
(Born Mask)Kira Honeydew Fry.
  • Live Rock Performer: Lead singer/guitarist, she combines a musical Alto voice, ravishing beauty, and sheer stage presence for truly Enchanting Performances.

AmenMayhemViciousMz HydeLove BitesI am the FireApocalypticI Get OffI Miss the MiseryFreak Like MeDo Not DisturbUncomfortable

  • Fry Family:

  • Miller Family: Jessica Miller was abducted when the two vacationed in Burlington. Somehow Kira rescued a traumatized Jess from a serial killer and brought her home.

  • Hobbies:

  • Hangouts:

Kira Fry's Contacts

Fry Family ***************
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Others ****************
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Kira Fry's Stats
Full Name: Kira Honeydew Fry
P&DoB: Local, 2000
Ethnicity: Russian/Mutt
HT, Build: 5'7 Slender-Curvy
Hair&Eyes: Honey Blonde, Forest Green
Current Job: Singer-Musician
Education: Class of 2007
(Disguise) Thorn
  • Persona:

  •  :

Thorn's Contacts

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Thorn's Stats
Full Name: Lita Thorn
HT, Build:
Current Job:
Criminal Record: None. Ha! So there!
Virtue Vice:
Theme Songs
Wreak Havoc

The Hated Enemy

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