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Minstrel Kith

References: NH:GF 46
Theme: Performers

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: Perfect Pitch

Minstrels gain +2 on Expression rolls. When Harvesting Glamour from an audience, minstrels gain an additional point of Glamour on a successful Expression roll.

Active Blessing: Bardic Blessing

Minstrels may spend a Glamour once per scene to draw an audience's brighter feelings to surface by making a successful Wits + Expression + Wyrd roll. Select one--and only ever one at a time--of the following effects to bestow upon the listener(s) for the remainder of the scene:
  • Inspired: Regain a willpower on one roll with 3+ success
  • Steadfast: Turn one failed roll into a single success
  • Determined: Reroll a single mundane roll
Effects fade if not used by the end of the scene.

High Wyrd Blessing

The Minstrel may use her Active Blessing Wyrd/2 times per scene instead of once.

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