Poppy Devereux

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Poppy Devereux
On Game As: Poppy
Played By: Taylor Momsen
Concept: Siren Rock Singer
Date of Birth: March 25, 1980
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Occupation: Singer/Bartender
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Pride

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Succubus Swimmerskin Nix
Court: Autumn
Entitlement: Your Dad
Keeper: Her Dark Queendom of the Untold Depths

“No siren did ever so charm the ear of the listener as the listening ear has charmed the soul of the siren.”
– Henry Taylor


      Poppy is not a local, but been around town for over a year, she’s working at a mortal bar half the time as one of their acts, and half the time as the assistant manager. Some might be familiar with her name; she’s cut a few albums under a small record label, although what fame she has is minor - another heavily eyelinered female rocker. But really, what else is a cranky siren to do when given a choice of how to make a living?

      Originally from the Massachusetts coast, Poppy seems perfectly happy with her move to Fort Brunsett, apparently finding enough entertainments to keep her occupied. Of course, being an Autumn courtier, one has to wonder exactly /what/ those entertainments are.

RP Hooks

  • I Love Rock N' Roll - Known for her flexible vocals, Poppy has made a small name for herself locally; maybe you've seen her perform, or maybe you've even shared a gig
  • Pick Your Poison - She's been spotted working at least some of the time as a bartender at Alchemy, a themed bar in the entertainment district; has she fixed you a drink or listened to your troubles?
  • I'm Not Even Supposed to Be Here Today - Having helped with the initial setup of the bar, Poppy is currently working as the assistant manager at Alchemy. Have you met her making a delivery or are you looking for work?
  • Night Life - Poppy enjoys a good night out dancing and drinking; perhaps she's run into you at Club Violet or somewhere else.
  • ASL - Although Poppy seems to be hearing, she also appears to have a relatively decent grasp on ASL; dialect points to her having learned it in New England.
  • Shoe Fetish - Girl likes herself some stilettos, of all kinds and shapes. Like 'em or hate 'em, it's something to comment on!
  • Geek - Comic books, Sci-fi, Fantasy, gaming, girl takes her Halloween Costumes seriously...seems someone is one of Those People.
  • Autumn - Sea-witch. Despite her predilection for music and partying, she's still an Autumn, and everything that entails.
  • Custodian - New recruit, if perhaps a bit overdue in some opinions. Looking for something?
  • Watcher - Apparently a girl also likes her some hats to go with her shoes, as she's also recently agreed to join the ranks of the Watchers. How /have/ your dreams been, lately?


How Do You Do:

  • Almaden - Christ, son, you're like a professional goddamn drinker.
  • Carter - The Devil is always in the fucking details; I've noticed those details seem to be a moving fucking target.
  • C.B. - Terminally grumpy, argumentative as fuck; can still be nicer than he appears.
  • Dross - Quiet. Artistic. Creepy as hell. Definitely like this one.
  • Duncan - Where do I even fucking start? Feels like I've known you forever. Not quite what I expected, but somehow it works.
  • Edmond - I seriously don't fucking know, dude. But props for being clever.
  • Franklyn - Drama-licious. Sometimes I wonder if you're trying to be a goddamn walking snack on purpose.
  • Haruki - Pretty fucking adorable; that said, I'm pretty sure you're more complicated than you seem.
  • Itsuki - Also pretty fucking adorable. It's always the quiet ones.
  • Jake - I think I've gotten revenge for your lack of WD-40. Also, I suspect you know more than you fucking let on.
  • Jenny - Chill as fuck.
  • Kelsey - Best fucking snark. So about that full-on fucking Court Tea...
  • Nathania - Unasked for kindness, but not unthinking. Likely more interesting conversations to come; not just another doll.
  • November - Pretty. Careful. Calculating. I have a feeling I really wouldn't like your more serious fucking jokes. On the other hand, probably a decent DM.
  • Shanta - Interesting situation you've gotten your ass into. I'm always down to talk.
  • Steph - Well, you're going to be fucking interesting. I like you.
  • Thea - Cute. Decent fucking performer, too.
  • Tom - Bad kitty. Bad, bad kitty. Jesus Christ. You really are what the cat dragged in.
  • Widget - JFC, They did a number on you.
  • Zillah - Best tea snek. About the only fucking Moon I'd take as Crown.

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish:

  • Aaron - A little night music, to the tune of the fucking Haunted Mansion.
  • Aiden - Fun asshole. There's definitely a story there. What did you find that was so interesting elsewhere?
  • Allen - Can't tell if he's more nervous or shy; either way, dude needs a fidget spinner like whoa before he breaks something by accident. Hope you found what you were looking for.
  • Amber - Lots of promise; there's a lady who straight up knows what she wants. Miss you, lady.
  • Ashe - Smart lady; seems to know how everything ticks. It's been hard to keep shit going without you around.
  • Byron - Solid dude. Literally. Less of a meat shield and more of a brick wall.
  • Michelle - Diamonds make the best goddamn friends. Hope your new job is going well.
  • Teagan - Never thought that Harbinger was a *literal* fucking designation. Goddamn. Good luck, wherever you are.
  • Uschi - Witch. Hope you're terrorizing the masses.


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Faith and the Muse - Annwyn, Beneath the Waves

Sink into dream; these enchanted depths
The realm of muted wisdom
Slowly descend; trust ignites the darkness
And bliss is this drowning moment

Dorothy - Wicked Ones

This night ain't for the faint of heart
For the faint of heart, for the faint of heart
This night ain't for the faint of heart
'Cause the faint of heart gonna fall apart

Boom! Bap! Pow! - Suit

You're so cute I wanna wear you like a suit
I think you'd look pretty good on me
You're so cute I wanna wear you like a suit
I think you'd look pretty good on me

K.Flay - Blood in the Cut

I need noise
I need the buzz of a sub,
Need the crack of a whip,
Need some blood in the cut

Full Playlist for Poppy


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