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Alchemy - glass of fire and water.jpg
Location: Alchemy - FB04
Hiring: Yes
Owner: [[Jake]]

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Offering a variety of alchemically-themed drinks and a décor to match, Alchemy is a bar themed after its namesake. Located in the entertainment district, it strives to provide a slightly more low-key area for socializing and drinking than the surrounding clubs, while still allowing for entertainment by way of different shows, ranging from musical acts to magic tricks.

The Bar

Much as its name suggests, this bar's décor is consistent with the four primary alchemical elements: air, earth, fire, and water. The area surrounding the front of the bar glows in shades of blue while the legs of the barstools are of a silvery metal that reflects the light, fashioned to look like waves. The bar itself is solid lucite, cleverly lit from within to appear to consist of rippling liquid. Behind the bar are well-stocked shelves of familiar bottles, the lighting over the shelves changing to flickering oranges and reds; a thin line of gas flame burns at the base of the shelves, arranged such that it can be easily reached over by the bartender without risk of burn. Above, the posted menu lists specials that are all named after the planetary metals, symbols written clearly next to each drink.

Opposite the entrance is a pale yellow-hued stage, surrounding plaster shaped into the suggestion of cirrus and cumulous clouds; when not occupied by any sort of performance, a clever projection of the day or nighttime sky illuminates the wall. The remainder of the room is filled with small tables and chairs in bronzes and greens, cast in the shapes of vines and branches. If one looks up in this area, the ceiling is painted in a mural resembling a forest.


Alchemy is open to all manner of shows, at long as they can fit on a relatively simple stage, and hosts musical acts of multiple genres, dancers, sleight-of-hand and magic performers, as well as the odd stand-up comedian or two, and even one contortionist. Jake has the reputation of being open to helping newer performers get a foot in the proverbial door, although there's a certain level of quality demanded to be able to actually have stage time. While not seen on stage as much as when Alchemy first opened, Poppy is still a regular performer and seems to have a small number of dedicated fans.


Interested in work? Contact Jake (ICly) or Poppy (IC/OOCly). Available positions include bartender, waitstaff, cook, bouncer, and performer, although the last is typically not a regular position.


Typically 5PM to 2AM, although the bar can be hired out for private events with sufficient advance notice.

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Jake (NPC)

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Asst. Mgr./Bartender

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Rosa (NPC)

Many thanks to Dross's player for the fantastic logo!


  • (2017.11.10)
Busted Door
  • (2017.12.30)
New Year's Eve Jazz 2017
  • (2018.07.06)
A Night at Alchemy
  • (2019.02.17)
Eighties Karaoke
  • (2019.11.01)
Somebody's In Trouble