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Eighties Karaoke

"I figured if I fucking Rickrolled you assholes you'd set me on fire."


Zillah, Poppy, Carter, Widget, Itsuki, Haruki, Damion, Michelle, Duncan

17 February, 2019

A motley crew sings and struts their stuff!



It's Eighties Karaoke night at Alchemy, and the yellow-hued stage is currently set up with microphones and a low-sitting monitor screen to provide the singers with lyrics, should they require them. A signup list hangs from a hook on a table the side of the stage, already boasting multiple names and requests, while a control board occupies the back portion of the surface manned by a sound tech. The working staff is dressed in their usual uniform of black jeans and black Alchemy shirts bearing the colorized logo, but there are various nods to the eighties by way of neon jewelry, makeup, and in one case, at least several cans of hairspray.

As for Poppy, the siren is less recognizable at first by virtue of the fact that she's wearing a rather convincing, full dark wig with a shaggy explosion of hair on top, longer on the bottom, dark violet eyeshadow, and blush highlighting the contours of her cheeks a la Joan Jett circa the featured decade. She's wearing a sleeveless, black leather top, a silver studded belt, black leather pants, and boots with a low heel rather than her usual stilettos. At the moment, she's seated at that table to the side of the stage, chatting cheerfully with a foursome of heavily hairsprayed and made up women all wearing different styles of black lace tops, two with pants, the other two with miniskirts; she keeps an intermittent eye on the door, however, making note of new arrivals.

Haruki's dressed up as a Cat like from the musical Cats, with huge hair - that's probably a wig - and lots of makeup. But he's sitting and worrying since Itsuki's not here and he keeps looking over at the door.

Michelle walks in, wearing a blonde wig that is OUTRAGEOUS a la Cyndi Lauper. Her clothes match the singer too, which is to say, they kinda don't match each other and are wildly bright. Miniskirt, off-the-shoulder tee, leg warmers, stiletto heels... really it's more a mishmash of generic "80s fashion" with a Cyndi wig. Shrug.

Carter still has his cane, but other than that, the Devil is almost unrecognizable. He's entirely foregone his usual expensive suit in favor of black... well, everything. Black pants, black shirt, black leather jacket, black hat. It's the hat that really gives away what the outfit is: an homage to Lemmy Kilmister, complete with fake - but quite convincing - mutton chops and 'stache.

He limps his way in, casts his gaze around at the assembled crowd, and offers a nod to Michelle. Haruki, too, gets a brief acknowledgement. Then Carter limps off towards a corner table and lowers himself onto the seat, obviously glad not to have to stand any longer.

Duncan works the door in his usual uniform -- black combat boots, faded blue jeans, black t-shirt with the golden 'Alchemy' logo. His gray-black hair is swept upwards and then back in something like a mid-80s quiff hairstyle. Some of the more elaborately dressed patrons to come in also happen to be fellow Lost, so the storm-elemental flashes each a big, amused grin and an encouraging thumbs up.

When a woman like Zillah goes to 80s karaoke, she /GOES/ to 80s karaoke. Her dark hair has been teased up, at least a can of AquaNet deployed to get all of that volume. She's thickened her eyeliner, complete with a flourish under her right eye that might bring to mind everyone's favorite member of The Endless. She wears a short, sleeveless dress of black, paired with fishnet gloves and thigh-highs, a belt hanging uselessly on her hips. The shadows seem to reach out for her, like loyal longtime friends, adding another layer of darkness to the club. There's a curve of smile, and a lift of hand in greeting, to the hostess of the night.

Widget follows in behind Carter, offering a different sort of outfit. Widget is an eye-searing corona of neon colors. From her mesh top, to the tank top under it, to the hotpants, the tights, the ankle warmers, the headbands, the shoes, the mesh gloves, the many belts and wristbands, even the large bow canted on her head, it's /all/ a different and unpleasant shade of brightness.

Widget is /ready/.

Haruki flashes a smile over at Carter and waves. It takes him a few moments but he's then pulling an Ace of Spades out of thin air to gesture with. And there's ZIllah who he's also waving at. And Widget. And is Itsy... no he's back to frowning.

Michelle walks behind Widget. Eyesearing queens, the two of them. She settles in at the table with Carter and says softly, "Hey, long time no see!" before smiling at Widget. "How have you both been?" Poppy would get a wave and a hug on the way by but she wouldn't pester the hostess tonight otherwise.

Poppy finishes chatting with the foursome, who immediately head over to the bar to order drinks. She grins at Haruki's homage to Cats, then waves brightly at the Cyndi Lauper's sister, returning the hug; that grin sharpens at the Lemmy tribute. Zillah's lifted hand is met with a the same in kind, the siren's expression briefly thoughtful, then she doesn't /quite/ laugh at the sheer LAYERS of Widget's current costume.

Widget hugs Michelle, the aesthetic chain reaction of the colors meeting blinding most onlookers. Widget is gonna try and hug /everyone/, shifting from foot-to-foot in excitement. When that's handled, she walks over the signup board and scribbles down her name and selection. Right! What now?

Alcohol! That's a plan!

Carter lifts his free hand in greeting when Zillah enters, smiling in quiet approval at her choice of costume. Haruki's little magic trick gets a genuine, albeit brief, little grin. For those paying attention, the Devil may seem slightly more animated tonight than he usually is. He's not the walking nuclear reactor that Widget is by any stretch, but still. There's more energy than usual visible in him.

He catches Widget on her way past his table, and murmurs something about getting drinks for the both of them. Then his eyes drift to the signup sheet, and his expression goes briefly thoughtful - but he doesn't get up to sign himself onto the list. He just hooks his cane over the edge of the table and settles back into his seat.

Michelle is about to go sign up when her cell phone vibrates--she left it on that setting. She looks at it, frowns, and gives a reluctant wave as she heads out of the club and into the night.

Haruki's up on his feet and heading over to Carter. "You want your name on the sheet?" he asks. "Though You'd be such a hard act to follow. Or precede and no one's going to remember anything but You win some you lose some, the ace of spades, ace of spades." Haruki has previously spoken to the bartender about ensuring Widget doesn't get any alcohol, he's actually said put her drinks on his tab so uh... see how that goes. And then he'll hug Widget, and cover her in some glitter, because Haruki is all glittery even though he's a Cat.

Zillah meanders her way over towards Poppy, leaning in to whisper something into the siren's ear. When she pulls back, there's a wide grin on her lips. A brief wink, and then she's slithering her way towards the bar. Drinks, they need to be ordered before anything else, of course. But not before she sees the Lemmy lookalike, and her grin widens by inches. A tip of her imaginary hat towards him, a waggle of fingers for Haruki.

Poppy picks up the list from the table, expression turning amused at something scrawled there, for whatever reason. As Zillah leans in, she tilts her head at that murmur, arching an eyebrow as she listens. Then she grins sharply at the other woman, murmuring something in reply before she gives the room a once-over, clearly gauging the state of those arrived.

Glitter can only help this situation! The gremlin accept sit with a smile, standing close to the stage and unsure what to other than wait to get drunk and see if there are any snacks to eat. She was going to need the energy! Widget had been practicing, too! At any opportunity. Without consideration to bystanders. Hopefully it'd come into use tonight!

Carter gives an approving smile as Haruki quotes Motorhead at him, but shakes his head all the same. "No," he says. "Unless someone directly approaches me and asks that I perform, I think I'll sit out the proceedings tonight. I came here to listen, not to steal anyone else's thunder. It's enough for me to simply enjoy the performances."

"I'd ask you," Haruki says. "Do you have fun singing? Do you enjoy it? Because if you do, then you should go up there on stage and go all out. And if you have fun just sitting and watching that's good too." He then gives Widget a thumbs up and says "you're going to do awesome!" as if she needs him to tell her that.

The blue-haired man behind the bar wearing a multitude of glow-bracelets has gotten Haruki's instructions, although did inform the magician that should Widget want to buy her own drinks, he wasn't going to cut her off without direct word from the management. When the gremlin approaches, he offers the tab sans disclaimers regarding intoxicants or lack thereof, at least, although the drink made for Carter is certainly full of the usual alcohol.

Widget looks genuinely betrayed at being cut-off, but still smiles at Haruki. He was just trying to help, surely! Which is why Widget puts down some grubby bills of her own to try some glittery 80's cocktails. And some alcohol free ones, because she wasn't going to pass up on getting comped for anything.

Once Zillah gets a drink in hand, she's wandering away from the bar. Not before giving Widget a little bump from behind, then carrying on towards Carter's table. "Hello, Haruki," she offers with that curving smile, before she's beside the Devil, leaning in to take a peek at those mutton chops. "Now that's commitment to a look," is chuckled, before she sinks into a seat of her own.

The bartender looks amused at Widget's calculations, providing an alcohol-free cocktail, complete with glow-cube and neon colored straw, as well as two layered shot glasses with dark brown, cream, and amber - nothing on fire, however. Apparently he has a sense of self-preservation.

"Of course I enjoy performing," Carter says mildly, in answer to Haruki's question. "But that isn't why I'm here. This is karaoke. It is for /every/ performer's enjoyment, not just my own. I am content to listen." Then Zillah is approaching, and the Devil grins up at her. "The man was a legend," he says. "I'd not insult his memory by doing anything less than committing completely."

"Hello Zillah," Haruki smiles, and then he gets distracted and he's wandering off, in search of his brother probably.

Widget just knows that Carter's face looks fuzzy and she wants to touch it. And maybe scoot closer to Zillah. Little closer. Little closer. Liiiitt- Okayhere'syourdrinksCarterbye.


To the stage, Widget downing her non-alcoholic drink and one of her shots. Oooh. Tasty. She circles back to get a tray of 'em, hauling to the plastic plate onto the stage with her. This can only go well! Widget does manage to find the microphone, standing there. Uh. "What now?"

Once the initial surge of arrivals and 'getting settled' seems to have died down, Poppy picks up the signup list in one hand and a microphone in the other, giving the list another amused look; that moment of distraction apparently costs her as the gremlin bolts onto stage. Smirking, she strides after Widget, plucking the microphone out of the stand with the ease of long practice before shifting her attention to the audience, "Hey, everyone! Good to see all of your cheerful asses tonight! For those who don't know me, I'm Poppy Devereux, but for tonight, I'm your fucking Joan Jett. We've got a pretty kickass list of songs and some goddamn enthusiastic people to entertain you all tonight. Just a few ground rules: Keep at least your fucking underwear on, try not to spill shit on the stage, don't boo anybody who has the balls to get the fuck up here, tip your waitstaff and the goddamn bartenders, and don't be a complete dick." A cheerful smile. "Past that, I'm not going to waste any more time. Let's all welcome Widget! She'll be singing Guns N' Roses', "Sweet Child o' Mine." With a flourish, Poppy gestures to the neon figure next to her, then offers her the microphone before returning to the table at the side of the stage, slouching into the chair and turning her attention to the brightly dressed gremlin.

Zillah grins to Carter, and that only widens when she sees Widget oh so sneakily scooting closer. There's a flash of fangs, and then a warm laugh as the little gremlin flees away. "If you do decide to sing tonight, Mister Logan, I'd be delighted. As long as it's not before me." Dark fingers reach out, and she touches one of those mutton chops, before that touch falls away. She turns towards the stage when Poppy starts to talk, because who can resist that fantastic voice? There's a sharp, shrill whistle that comes, fingers in mouth, as Widget is announced as the first karaoke volunteer.

They are indeed convincing mutton chops. Even when touched, they feel just about real. Carter hasn't skimped on his costume, it seems. He gives Zillah a grin, then shrugs and says, "Perhaps at the end, then. Once everyone else has finished. I hardly want to scare any of the other potential performers away."

Then Poppy and Widget are up on the stage. Carter doesn't whistle like Zillah, but he does laugh quietly and give Widget a brief, two-fingered wave as encouragement.

Duncan is still manning the door, but he too turns his attention to the stage as the first act comes on. He joins in with applause for the emcee and for Widget, her neon-themed wardrobe, and the choice of Guns N' Roses.

Widget beams, looking so happy to be up there it's almost annoying. The whistles and waves just make her smile wider, the rusty thing fidgeting lightly before the music starts up. She sways to get herself into it and starts to sing, it being....pretty good! Nothing supernatural, not even all that great on a human level, but it's quite passable!

So the neon mishmash of colors sings her heart out, burning with determination and what looks to be pride. Styles are easy to pick up, looted from people who are much more skilled than her. Devils and sirens and dryads, oh my.

Poppy winks at Zillah cheerfully, then grins brightly at Widget's enthusiasm, watching attentively for about half the song before finally checking the list in hand. The siren then glances back towards the Siouxie Sioux lookalike, tilting her head stageward, expression inquisitive.

In through the door comes Damion. Hearing his gremlin singing on the stage, he smiles her way before moving to take a seat. Probably near Haruki. And likely Itsuki, once he comes in too. Then he settles in to listen to the rest of the song by the rusty girl.

Zillah catches that glance from Poppy, and lifts her glass in salute and answer. "Looks like I'm up next, handsome," she murmurs to the Lemmy lookalike beside of her. She tosses her drink back, because singing is thirsty work. Oozing up from her chair, she places a hand briefly on Carter's shoulder before she's slinking her way up towards the stage, to wait in the wings.

Widget finishes her song without any major tragedies, huffing a bit to catch her breath. Kinda sweaty. Little nervous. Throat sorta hurt. /Awesome/.

Handing the mic off, the gremlin pads off-stage to drink some more shots and make rounds to her friends, hopping and pointing in a silent display of 'Did you see?! I was singing! Up there! See?!" So proud of herself, Widget sets up next to or on anyone who will have her, beginning to drink heavily. Flickering eyes slide onto the stage, rusty cheeks turning a tad pink. Zillah? Oh. That'd be...neat.

"I'm looking forward to it," Carter says, inclining his head towards the Moon Queen as she slinks her way out of the booth and up towards the stage. Then his gaze slides back towards Widget, and a faintly amused little smile plays across his features as he watches her performance. When it ends, he joins the rest of the audience in applauding, and when she makes her way back into the crowd, he motions for her to take the seat opposite him.

"Well done, Miss Widget," he says. "Well done indeed."

When Widget hands off the microphone, Poppy heads back onto stage, lifting it to her lips. "Thanks, Widget!" Turning her attention back to the audience, she says brightly, "Let's give her another round of applause!" The audience obligingly cheers; once the sound is dying down, she resumes with, "Next, we have Zillah, who will be bringing you Depeche Mode's 'Behind the Wheel.' Feel free to keep the beat - with your hands, not your fucking mouths; you know the goddamn drill." A sharp smile, then the siren hands off the microphone before returning to her post on the side of the stage.

Damion kisses the little gremlin when she reaches him, gathering her up into her usual place in his lap. "Nice song, Wij. Interesting outfit you're wearing." He rubs her head, careful not to disrupt her bow. Then he turns his attention to the stage where the Shadow Snake is about to sing and listens to her in turn.

Itsuki arrives late, huffing and panting a little bit, having sprinted in his black and white, trim Magician's tux. The normally more lapine twin has taken a feline turn, wearing makeup and cat ears, black haif puffed up, going for something in between Robert Smith and the Magical Mr. Mistoffelees.

There's a wink to Widget at the gremlin exits the stage, and a wicked grin to Poppy as she takes the mic from the siren. When the beat kicks in on the music, she's all serpentine hips and groves, black eyes closing for a moment while the music swells.

Make no mistake - Zillah is not a singer. But there's enough oomph to make up for it in part, a dark roll to her voice that suits the song. A breathiness that stops just short of being lewd as she gives out those lyrics. That stage is darker when she's on it, of course, and she plays with it, not at all coy looks given out towards the crowd. She keeps the mic in the stand when she sings, sways.

Widget beams at Carter, going to join him when the gremlin is scooped up. Settling into this new position with remarkable grace for someone picked up like a small animal, Widget stares at the stage. Oh. Uh. Wow. The gremlin doesn't notice Zillah's skill, as intended.

Poppy grins back at Zillah as the other woman slinks onto the stage, then grabs her glass of water from on the table, carefully set away from the soundboard, and taking a sip as she watches and listens. Her gaze flickers briefly over the audience from time to time, gauging both the crowd and likely out of habit of looking for any trouble. But the door seems relatively quiet at the moment, and the people seem content to watch the show.

Carter watches Zillah in silence, soaking in the performance. There's a sly, crooked grin on his features as he watches her move, and the fingers on his left hand drum out the rhythm of the song on the tabletop. He isn't so helpless about it as Widget, but he obviously enjoys it as much as she does all the same.

"Tonight, drive anywhere. Do what you want. You're behind the wheel. I'm in the hands of Fate. Tonight, you're behind the wheel..." The song fades out, and Zillah's voice with it. That grin grows, dark lips almost Cheshire, before she's slinking back off the stage. Giving the mic back to Poppy, with a little bump of hip. A blown kiss towards the duo of dragon and gremlin, but it's Carter's booth that she slithers back into.

Damion chuckles softly as he listens to the song by the shadow and notes the reaction of the gremlin in his lap. He murmurs down to her, "Pretty good huh?" And then Zillah is exiting the stage, and he responds to the kiss with a wink. Idly scritching the tummy of the little latina girl through her mesh tops.

Haruki finally emerges from wherever he was off searching for Itsuki, and he's smiling and accusatory and saying "where were you?" And did he miss Widget's performance. Oops? He didn't mean to. And Zillahs. And oh there's Damion. "Damion! You going to sing?"

Widget watches Zillah go over to Carter, eyes narrowing in thought. Fidget. Wiggle. Fidget. Hn.

Widget leans her head back to apologetically smile up at Damion before metaphorically rolling up her sleeves and hopping off to pester Zillah. As a friend. Clearly. She's just really happy for the snek that she needs to come over. And stuff. Honest. Alcohol made every decision easier!

Carter's crooked grin grows just that little bit wider as Zillah returns to his booth, and he lifts his glass towards her in toast before knocking back a good measure of it and setting it aside. "Very well done," he says. "I quite enjoyed that. Oh, hello again, Miss Widget." He glances over towards the approaching gremlin, one eyebrow faintly raised at the expression on her face. "Come to join us, have you?"

Damion kisses Widgets forehead and pats her before she goes. Then he waves to Haruki. "Hey hon. Not yet." He motions him and the other Nakamura over to sit with him.

The siren winks at Zillah as the mic is turned back over, returning the hip-bump with a sly smile before she heads back out to center stage. "Another round of applause for Zillah! Next up, we have Dave singing Warrant's "Cherry Pie!" with Amy dancing. Yeah, I know, that shit's technically nineteen-ninety, but they're pretty fucking excited about this and I'm not telling them no. You can bribe my ass for the same consideration." Poppy smirks, then sways off the stage, handing the microphone over to a grinning man in an explosive blonde wig and a black headband, no shirt, a black jacket and jeans. An equally blonde girl, denim short-shorts and low-cut red halter top hugging her generous curves, bounces onto the stage after him, carrying a plate holding a slice of the song's namesake and grinning brightly. Apparently there has been Preparation.

"Thank you, Fort Brunsett!" Dave yells - thankfully, not quite into the microphone - pumping one arm into the air. Amy takes her place slightly behind him and off to one side, standing hipshot and holding up the cherry pie with a sultry smile as the intro to the song begins to play. Dave claps his way through the intro, then begins to sing; his voice isn't the best, but what he lacks in talent he makes up for in sheer gusto, hopping about the stage and belting out the words. "She's my cherry pie,/cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise/tastes so good, make a grown man cry/sweet cherry pie!" The red-haltered woman, for her part, is enthusiastically working that piece of pie and those short-shorts for all they're worth.

Poppy, for her part, has settled back into her seat the side of the stage along where the clipboard is posted. Her expression turns thoughtful, then she looks towards the table where Carter is settled, perhaps trying to see if she can catch the Devil's eye.

Itsuki is wandering over towards where Damion is, spotting his other half and waving with an apologetic grimace. "Um. Sorry. I was just. Uh." He looks around at the crowd with chagrin, not quite wanting to say 'having a social anxiety attack.' "Um. where are we in line?"

Haruki didn't put their name down on the sheet yet, but he goes off to do that now on account of Itsuki finally being here. And he'll add Damion's too if Damion isn't on the list. "We're going to have so much fun!" he smiles at Itsuki. "I put us down a few times so we can do all the songs!" because sure that'll help the anxiety.

Zillah's drink is empty, so once Carter is finished with his sip, she's stealing his glass to take a small bit from it. "I was hoping it would be an enjoyable one," she muses as she slides that glass back in front of the devil. She glances towards the stage, and when she looks back, there's suddenly a very bright Widget. "Well, hello," is given with a chuckle. "Good job, up there."

Widget nods at Carter, determination lasting until the gremlin actually looks at Zillah and it falters. Plus she's trying /super hard/ not to get distracted by the dancing girl and it's actually quite tough. Focus! /Focus/! Shuffle. Um. Um. "Can...sit with?" Pause, a bit of a helpless look Carter's way. "Please?"

Wait, she did /good/? Yeah! Yeah, she did! Determination floods back, brightness returning in spades. She /does/ sit down! And she /does/ down a drink that's far too large in one go! And she /does/ notice she's sat herself down riiightbyzillahwhatdidshe/doooo/ohnoooooo


The Devil doesn't seem to have any issue with Zillah commandeering the remains of his drink. He just laughs softly, takes the remainder when it's returned to him, and finishes that off before looking back to Widget. "Of course you can sit with us," he says. "I'm not about to stop you." He laughs again at the expression on the gremlin's face, then looks away, towards Poppy.

There's a moment of eye contact between the two. Then Carter, looking faintly curious, lifts a hand to, of all things, sign something towards the siren. Because apparently Carter knows sign language.

The siren arches an eyebrow at Carter, then smirks, signing something in return. Her attention then shifts to Haruki, giving the magician a cheerful look as he adds names to the list. As he adds a separate song title and name that doesn't involve his own, however, Poppy shakes her head briefly, murmuring something quietly to him.

"Damion get your sexy ass over here!" Haruki yells from where he's standing by the sign up list. And then he waits.

"Of course you can, Widg. There's plenty of room." Zillah grins to the little gremlin, scooting a little closer to Carter so that there's even more room in the booth. There's a soft chuckle, a small shake of her head, before she muses, "That's some dancing up there, isn't it?" She's distracted, for a moment, watching as the Siren and the Devil sign back and forth, lips quirking a bit. Those dark eyes flick to Haruki, then Damion, and there's another shrill whistle from her in encouragement.

Damion crosses his arms over his chest as he watches people. Then he hears the shout from Haruki, causing his brows to raise. That... was not like the magician. He stares his way for a time, then raises to his feet and moves over to where he stands, bending down to look between him and Poppy. "Yes...?"

Itsuki is not engaged in conversation at the moment, eyeing the stage warily, with the same kind of look a condemned man would give to the gallows. Well. At least the makeup hides his features, right? So there's that. Blech.

Widget doesn't understand sign language or the look Zillah is giving her, just happy to sit down by the sneklady and nod along with her. "Yes. Very...." Widget didn't know any word that fit other than 'neat'. She knew some in Spanish but those wouldn't land. And given where se grew up likely /extremely/ profane. "Tasty." She wanted that pie. There must be more in the back, right? In time, it will be hers.

"Look nice." Widget offers, tilting her head up to cheer on Damion. And greet Itsy, of course. "Hi, Itsy! Look really cute!" She smiles at him. See? Gonna be okay, buddy!

Poppy blinks at that yell, arching an eyebrow, then murmurs something to the pair. Thankfully by the time Haruki calls out to Damion, the song on stage is mostly winding down and Amy is on at least her dozenth fingerful of pie filling, so it's hard to say whether anybody's noticed. The pair take their bows, then jog off; the siren leaves Haruki and Damion for a moment to claim the microphone, making her way back out onto the stage. "Let's give them another round of applause!" A sharp smile, then she glances down at the pair before she says, "Now let's welcome Haruki and Itsuki to the stage, singing "Lovecats" by the Cure!" The microphone is offered to Haruki; assuming he claims it, she grins and retreats to her seat.

Damion and Haruki sense "Poppy murmurs, "I told Haruki that if you want to fucking sing, you have to add your own name to the list; if you're not fucking interested, no worries." Then she's gone, heading back up onto the stage, apparently leaving the two to sort things out - at least until she calls Haruki and Itsuki."

Haruki blushes beneath all his makeup as he just realizes what he did and he looks like he wishes the ground would swallow him up, because he just kind of accidentally shouted over the performers and RUDE HARUKI RUDE!!!! Maybe there'll be a fight or an argument or well at least Damion's coming over. "We are the champions or eye of the tiger? We can sing with you too if you're feeling shy." There's a glance at Itsy oh so briefly. "Sometimes it helps having a friend on stage first time." Is he speaking about Damion or Itsuki? Only then he's being called up to the stage and he grabs Itsy's hand to drag him up, so Damion might have a chance to escape.

Carter shifts sideways at the same moment that Zillah does, but not quite so far. There is, after all, a finite amount of space available in the booth. He doesn't seem particularly upset with being sandwiched between the back of the booth and Zillah, though, if his persistent grin is any indication. He does pause for a moment to peer regretfully at his empty drink glass, though.

"She's definitely very enthusiastic," he agrees, glancing up towards the stage as the performance goes on. "Which counts for a lot, in karaoke. I'm rather looking forward to- ah. Speak of the devil. Or, at least, the brothers Nakamura." He laughs under his breath as Haruki drags Itsuki up onto the stage, looking highly amused.

Damion listens to the whisper from Haruki, then to the words of the elder Nakamura. He looks at him for a time, then sighs. "I guess Eye of the Tiger." He gives his head a shake, then points to where Haruki had written his name and nods in confirmation over to Poppy before heading back to his seat, a bemused expression on his face. Silly bunmagicians.

"So am I," Zillah agrees with Carter. She glances down to those empty glasses, and there's a little frown of her own. A true tragedy. "You two keep my spot warm and cozy for me, yeah?" A wink, and then she's sliiiiiding down. Slipping under the table for only a brief moment, before she's out the other side. Heading towards the bar, to get things that have a lot of alcohol in them.

Itsuki walks with leery tread up the stairs. Well, is mostly dragged, really, the younger Nakamura shuffling awkwardly beside his twin. Straightening out his bowtie nervously as the music starts playing.

Widget watches Zillah go, looking up at Carter with a smile. Ooof. Poor thing has it /baaaaad/. Luckily, there's a twin act about to start and the gremlin can work out some stuff by cheering like an idiot! Yay for the twins! Go be cat people and sing stuff! Whoo! And some for Damion, because she was really hoping for some fire breath. Then just because she can. Yay!

Haruki can actually sing, in so much as he's pitch-perfect and can carry a tune, even if his voice is nothing special. Competent, but no spark, no soul, no interesting edge. Of course he's just trying to be cute today, and that he is, Haruki and Itsuki are absolutely adorable. So for all that Haruki can sing, he's far better at dancing, and he doesn't actually need the lyrics scrolling on the screen. They do have routine choreographed, whether Itsuki actually plays his part is another thing, but Haruki launches into it, perfectly in time as they practiced. There's prancing and stalking and pouncing and dancing and it's all so happy and excited and joyful! "We move like cagey tigers, we couldn't get closer than this, The way we walk, The way we talk, The way we stalk, The way we kiss," each word punctuated by an appropriate dancemove, and at the last he's blowing a kiss into the audience... "We're so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully Wonderfully pretty!" "Lalalaa Lovecats!"

Carter watches as Zillah slips down beneath the table, then chuckles under his breath as she disappears and resurfaces on her way towards the bar. Then Widget catches his eye, and he laughs again, his smile becoming faintly knowing and just the slightest bit teasing as he reaches out to ruffle the hair on top of the gremlin's head in a surprisingly paternal gesture.

When Haruki and Itsuki actually begin their performance, though, he looks back up to the stage. The two brothers' performances seem to occupy his attention completely, even if Haruki's voice does lack a certain something. Carter seems to approve all the same, and once again, the fingers on his left hand begin tapping out the rhythm of the music, moving in surprisingly intricate patterns up and down the table, as though playing an invisible piano.

Poppy gives Itsuki a faintly sympathetic look, then tilts her head at Damion's response. She nods, expression wry, before settling into her seat, sipping her water and watching the pair leap and cavort around the stage rather attentively, smiling.

Itsuki totally and completely freezes, the black-and-white 'cat' staring furiously at the floor, probably trying to dig a hole into it to hide in. Until the older Nakamura grabs his hand, tugging him into their practiced dance. Stiff movements loosening, voice following a moment later and... he's actually pretty good? Not quite amazing, but definitely good, a little better than Haruki even, a lot more emotion leaking into the younger twin's voice. Moreover, they actually harmonize really well, "~/Into the sea/ You and me/ All these years and no one heard/ I'll show you in Spring/ It's a treacherous thing.../~"

Damion crosses his arms again once he sits, watching the two brothers start their act on stage. He smiles as he listens to them, head tilting some to the side. He nods along with the tune, the smile growing a bit wider as it goes on. He apparently appreciated the performance.

Zillah knows the song, and the shadowsnake mouths them as she makes her way to the bar. Watching the two brothers as they perform, grinning as Itsuki starts to loosen up and really go for it. She cheers them on, before leaning over the bar to give her order for drinks to the blue haired man behind the bar. While waiting, she gives a waggle of fingers to Poppy, and calls over towards Damion, "I'm looking forward to seeing you go." Not loud enough to interrupt what's on stage, of course.

Widget cheers on the buns, smiling and wiggling in her seat. There can only be so much energy in the room before some of it ends up leeched by Widget, the twins enthusiasm returned in full. Maybe she's a bit drunk by now, but so what? This was awesome! A night full of new things to hear and wear and try and it was going /well!/ Yeah!

Haruki's so delighted and happy and everything is so good. When they're done he gives Itsuki a huge hug and says, "you were amazing! They loved you so much!"

"All right! That was pretty fucking fun, let's give Itsuki and Haruki a hand." Poppy gestures at the departing pair as they exit the stage, then she grins at the ensuing applause. Once it's died down, she says, "So next, we have Damion singing Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger!" Welcome to the fucking stage, Damion!" The siren gives Damion another wry look, perhaps at Haruki's voluntolding, turning over the microphone to the Draconic before retreating to her table.

Itsuki even remembered most of the dance moves and everything, returning the hug as he heads, a bit too eagerly, offstage and back down to the bar. Finding something fruity and neon and alcoholic to sip on before waving encouragingly to Damion.

Damion raises to his feet and makes his way to the stage. He bends down to give the two brothers a brief hug, shaking his head at Haruki before stepping up behind the mic. He takes it and takes a deep breath, turning to watch the teleprompter. The music starts up, and he rocks a bit in place to get his blood flowing, waiting until the singing parts begins. "Rising up, back on the street..." His voice is fairly powerful, deep and pleasant. But clearly he's not an experienced singer. It's also kind of an obvious song for him to do, all things considered. But he puts some effort into it all the same. Eyes occasionally flicking over the crowd, briefly settling on various friends out there. He doesn't have the choreographed showmanship of the previous duo.

Carter isn't nearly so unrestrained as Widget, but he is clearly enjoying himself greatly. He applauds when the Nakamura brothers leave the stage, and does so again when Damion ascends to take their place. Then he leans over to Widget and murmurs, "I may have to ask you to let me sit on the outer edge, young miss. I believe I'll be performing soon, and I'd rather not have to fight past you to do it."

Haruki's absolutely delighted as Damion takes to the stage and even moreso when he can actually sing. He watches utterly entranced by the entire performance. This is the best night ever!

"Go get 'em, D," Zillah calls out to the stage as the dragon takes it. But then she's got her drinks, a whole tray of them taken. One's bright and shiny, and two of the others are what Carter was drinking previously before. The final two glow, apparently what happens when you tell the bartender 'whatever's strong and tasty'. She saunters back over to her previous table, placing said tray down, and sliding the shiny one towards Widget.

Itsuki sips at something that's neon blue, beaming as he listens to Damion sing and. Well. He's not doing much dancing. But still encouraging thumbs up.

Yeah! That was awesome! Cheers for everyone! Including Damion, who gets a sharp smile and a wave. Yay! She /knew/ he could sing! Then Zillah comes back and Widget climbs over Carter to let the devil exit easier. The sparkling drink is sniffed, then downed. Ooooh. Nice. Emboldened, Widget tries to sorta maybe lean against Zillah a little if that's okay.

The dragon's voice is considerably deeper than the original singer, but he manages all the same. Getting a bit more steady in his singing as he goes. "...don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past. You must fight to keep them alive!" Something about the lyrics seems to inspire something in him, and his voice becomes more forceful. "It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight. Risin up to the challenge of our rival..." Moving some in place, not quite dancing but not staying still either. He apparently knows the song pretty well, since after a while he stops reading the teleprompter and just runs his eyes back and forth over the crowd. "Rising up, straight to the top. Had the guts, got the glory. Went the distance, now I'm not gonna stop. Just a man and his will to survive!" The song isn't THAT long of one, and after a couple more minutes he finishes the final lyrics then gives a wave to the crowd before making his way down off the stage, then going to sit with the two Nakamuras. He stops at a few friends before he gets there, leaning over to kiss Zillah on the cheek and giving Widget a squeeze, then settling into place by the twin magicians. Not the best performer, but he didn't embarrass himself.

Haruki throws himself at Damion. "You were amazing! That was awesome!" And he's hugging enthusiastically and wait... "Is Carter going to perform? Wow." He looks between Zillah and Widget. "Which of you talked him into it?"

Poppy grins cheerfully at Damion's performance, peering at the signup sheet again before looking towards the audience; her expression is pleased at the attention fixed on the stage and she looks back that way herself, clearly enjoying the song. When the Draconic winds down and starts moving offstage, she gets back to her feet, claiming the microphone for him. "Now that's a fucking good sport; everyone give him another round of applause!" She waits for the ensuing cheering and clapping to fade away, then she picks up again, "So to start closing this shit down, you get one from me - but don't worry, we're not completely done. Entirely fucking predictably, I'm singing you a little Jett. Mostly because I figured if I fucking Rickrolled you assholes you'd set me on fire. You know the song; you can sing the hell along if you want."

Fitting the microphone into the stand, she makes her way to the back of the stage, behind the sound tech, retrieving the guitar that's been half-hidden there for the evening. Shrugging into the strap, she glances at the sound tech, nodding. There's a couple beats of canned into, then the siren begins aggressively strumming, leaning into the microphone as she harshly sings, "I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation,/ You're living in the past, it's a new generation/ A girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do/ And I don't give a damn about my bad reputation?" It's a pretty respectable mimicry of Joan Jett's style, her heavily made up eyes flashing brightly as she sings.

Carter plucks up one of the drinks that Zillah has borne back to their booth, raising it in a brief toast towards the Moon Queen before downing most of it in a single swallow. He stands, making room for her to seat herself between the Devil and the imp, and then returns to his seat. His free hand finds his cane, and he takes hold of it, obviously preparing to leave the booth - but he doesn't stand just yet. He just looks back towards the stage, waiting for the next performance.

At least, until Haruki arrives. Then he laughs, grinning again, and says, "I am indeed. But not just yet, I think. I believe I am to be the last performance of the even- ah, here we are." He looks back to the stage, where Poppy has taken up her guitar. When the song begins, he laughs in obvious approval, raising his glass towards the stage.

Damion hugs Haruki and smiles at him. "I wasn't as good as you two. That was nice performance you guys gave. You both looked very..." He's going to say 'pretty',but decides to change it. "Cute up there. You should sing and dance more often." Then he looks towards the stage as the siren begins her own performance, chuckling at the choice. "Joan is good stuff."

Itsuki hugs on Damion's other side. Twin cabbit attack. "That was awesome! You did really good." He even pats Damion's arm reassuringly. "Good jov." And then his attention is drifting to the stage, ears perking curiously at the siren's guitar rifts.

Zillah settles into the booth once Carter stands, and doesn't seem to mind the leaning Widget at all. She leans forward to take that kiss of cheek from Damion, returning one in kind. "It's good to see you again, Dragonbutt," she breathes out, just above a whisper, before she's settling back into her seat. Sipping on her drink, watching the goings-on with amusement. "I didn't talk Mister Logan into anything, but I'm very glad we'll get to hear him sing. Ooh, and Poppy. She's lovely." She calls out towards the stage, another shrill whistle given. Drink in one hand, the other pumping in the air with the song.

Haruki watches the stage all fascinated by Poppy's performance. He only has eyes for it now. Where's he sitting? Uh probably on Damion or a spare chair whichever, not fussed, this is about the music. "Not a competition." He says to Damion. "Love your voice. All deep and growly."

Poppy delivers the song in the brash, aggressive style in which it was written, grinning as she sings and plays; as it winds down, she delivers the final, "Not me!" with a flourish, then salutes the audience with a cheerful middle finger before she says, "And that's it for me, people! But before we're through, we've got one more singer. If you will, Mister Logan?" An arched eyebrow is directed to the man dressed as Lemmy, and a tilt of her head invites him up to the microphone, which still rests in its stand, as she moves to unshoulder her guitar, returning it to its cradle behind the sound tech. As Carter passes her, she murmurs something briefly to the Devil, grinning sharply before leaving the stage to him.

Damion wraps arms around the pair of performers as he listens as the siren finishes her own much better performed instrumental and song. He grins over at her, giving a wink. Then he watches curiously as the Devil goes up to perform. He feels like Sympathy for the Devil or Devil Went Down to Georgia would be too obvious of songs. But you never know. He smiles down at Haruki. "Thanks."

Carter applauds heavily as Poppy finishes her song, obviously very much approving of the performance. Then, as she calls his name, he pushes himself upright, leaning heavily on his cane as he limps his way towards the stage.

At least, he /starts out/ leaning heavily on his cane. As he approaches the stage, though, something changes. For those with the sense to detect it, there's a brief flare of Glamour around the limping Devil, and in its wake, he seems... stronger. He straightens up, walking tall and proud, and while he still obviously needs the cane, he no longer hunches over it as he moves. His Mantle swells out around him, and the grin playing across his features seems much less restrained than usual.

There's a brief, whispered exchange with Poppy as they pass one another, and when the siren nods her approval, he laughs once and climbs the steps onto the stage, picking up Poppy's discarded guitar as he goes. By the time he reaches the microphone, the change is undeniable. It's subtle - it's mostly in the way he carries himself, in the way his eyes dance over the crowd rather than just skimming it disinterestedly, in the way he tosses his cane aside as though he simply doesn't need it. Carter looks... younger.

He slings the strap of the guitar across his shoulders, then lifts one hand to touch the brim of his hat as he looks back towards the booth where Zillah and Widget sit. He says nothing. He just waits until Poppy gives the signal, and then begins to play.

It's heavy. It's chugging. It's electric. It's one hundred percent metal, as if Carter weren't merely impersonating the man but had somehow become Lemmy himself. And then the Devil opens his mouth and begins to sing, in a voice that rolls like thunder.

"I am the one, orgasmatron

The outstretched grasping hand

My image is of agony

My servants rape the land..."

By the time Poppy is finished her badass performance, Zillah is all hyped up and into it. And so when Carter takes the stage, those changes seen in him, the gesture given towards her table? The Queen is up on her feet, cheering him on. Drink one is already down the hatch, and she's working on her second between those cheers that come out. The flare of her Mantle has things growing darker, and blue motes flicker in her eyes like distant stars breaking through the void.

Haruki's staring absolutely spellbound at the stage and there is absolutely nothing but the music. There's a hunger there, a strong WANT.

The siren looks entirely unsurprised at the shift in Carter's bearing as he claims the stage, giving a small, still-sharp grin as she reaches for her water. A nod to the sound tech and the Devil both, then the canned backup starts. Poppy sips from the glass, watching the performance with fixed, bright attention, one foot tapping quietly along on the floor, most likely unheard beneath the growling music.

Widget watches this all wide-eyed, cheeks flushed from the alcohol and the company she's keeping. Carter could do metal? Of course he could! Carter could do like...all music, she was pretty sure. Not that Widget was super-aware of most genres. What she /was/ super-aware of was that the booth was just two people. Her booze-bold brain decides to lean more, a drunken mechanical purr kicking up against Zillah'

"Your bones will build my palaces

Your eyes will stud my crown

For I am Mars, the god of war

And I will cut you down."

There is a reason that Carter waited until last to take the stage. This isn't karaoke, really. There just happens to be a backing track. Carter is /rocking/, and the patrons of Alchemy are basically getting a free one-man heavy metal show.

He's obviously enjoying it just as much as they are. "Orgasmatron" is not a song that really calls for much technical skill from its vocalist, but Carter /has/ technical skill. Even before he was Taken, he was a professional vocalist. Now, almost a century later, the Wyrd is pumping through his veins and has turned his already-impressive abilities into something transcendent. Combined with his effortlessly perfect guitar playing, it's an incredible show to watch.

He draws out his final solo for a few seconds longer than strictly necessary, until the last few, ringing notes have died away. Then, once more wordless, he unslings the guitar and sets it carefully back where he got it, picks up his discarded cane, and limps his way off the stage. Poppy gets a brief, wolfish grin, and Haruki gets an acknowledging nod, but Carter doesn't really pause for anything. He brushes aside a handful of admirers from the audience, then re-seats himself in the booth, beside Zillah, and knocks back the remainder of his drink.

Damion listens with raised brows as Carter goes through his song. It wasn't what he expected. But maybe he should have. He claps when the devil finishes and sits back down. "That was pretty good." Understatement.

Haruki's staring at Carter all hungry like. Wantwantwant! Which. Well. He signs 'amazing' or something to that effect but he's not going to gush or fanboy like the others or... no he'll be good and just uh stare and stare and oh no staring is bad, look away Haruki.

It takes Zillah a moment to realize that there's a Widget leaning against her, as caught up in the performance as she is. There's a wide smile on her lips, and she shines it down on the little gremlin for a brief moment. Then it's all back to Carter, eyes focused on him. From the song, to his arrival back at the booth. "That was...yeah," she says with a little laugh, sitting back down. She glances towards Haruki, and then she's downing the last of her second drink.

The siren smirks and winks at Carter's grin as the Devil makes his way back to the booth, setting her glass aside and slipping back onto the stage. Grabbing the microphone, she says, "Thanks, that was fucking amazing. Let's give him another round of applause!" The audience cheers and shrieks enthusiastically for a substantial moment; perhaps some of them are hoping to be able to encourage an encore. Once it's started to die down, however, Poppy picks up again, her own voice and the amplification overpowering any remaining noise, "And another thanks for everyone that fucking came out and shared their performances with us; feel free to toss us feedback on the website. If we get enough hits, we can do this shit again and we'll take suggestions on other themes. Tip your waitstaff, tip your fucking bartender, and have a good one!" With that, she waves before moving towards the steps leading offstage.

Widget smiles up at Zillah, happy to- ...Oh. Hi, Carter. Um. The gremlin looks between the two, gears ticking in unfortunate directions. Hey. Hey. Down here? Right...here? ....Okay. That's okay. There's still lots to drink. She could just do that. Yes. That works just fine.

She cheers still, because she's still having fun despite things that /don't/ hurt shut up.

"My thanks," Carter says to Damion. He takes a moment to adjust the sit of his hat, then scoops up another, fuller glass of booze and turns to look at Zillah and Widget. The rest of the bar's patrons are ignored, except for Haruki, who gets a brief grin.

"It was always one of my favorite songs," he says. His voice, while returned to its normal, silk-smooth tone, is still low and bassy. "Funnily enough, though, Lemmy himself hated the mix for its original album release. That's why they released the 2000 version. I disagree with his assessment - I'd consider the original to be one of the greatest heavy metal pieces ever created - but there you are." He shrugs, laughs, and takes another sip of his drink.

He watches Zillah's expression for a moment longer, then looks down to Widget. The sight of her cheering gets another grin out of him, and pushes the remainder of his booze her way.

Itsuki is a bit deep into his neon blue sugar/booze bomb, but not so much that the supernal performance by the fairest man. Sipping quietly while nodding to himself, as if affirming the applause coming from his twin. Shifting on Damion's lap to murmur, "He's really good." Good observations.

"He is the best." Haruki replies to Itsuki. "He gave me piano lessons. Lesson. Tried at least. He could sing anything and it would be amazing. Like Yakko and the dictionary." He then asks Widget. "You okay?"

There's applause from Zillah as Poppy wraps things up, even if she's still slightly distracted by the Devil at her side. Other things come into focus, once more. Right. Other people. More than just the two with those oh so incredible voices. She blinks slowly, then grins to Carter. "I'm sure he would've liked your version of it - if he hadn't heard it at some time." She reaches for her glass, frowns a little when she finds it empty. "You've got some fans," she chuckles, then glances over to Widget as Haruki asks after her.

Widget just...looks at Haruki for a second, body language not changing one bit. "Fine. Yes." A little quick, a little high, but it's over quickly enough after she downs more alcohol. Widget can't lie, it seems. Her speech is getting thick enough she could just be edging into really drunk at this point. She's had like...a truly staggering amount of alcohol relative to her size.

Claiming her glass of water from the side table, Poppy takes another sip as she weaves her way over to the booth where Zillah, Carter, and the others are seated. "Seriously, thanks for coming the fuck out. Appreciate it." The words seem directed at the group in general, and she adds with a sharp grin, "Hopefully we can do this shit again. Trial run and all that."

Damion hears some familiar slurring from nearby, glancing around. He spots Widget, and sighs a little when he realizes how drunk she is. "Hey Wij. Over here." He motions the gremlin closer to where he sits with the two bunbros.

Carter's grin goes crooked as he says, "I'd like to think he would have. I had nothing but respect for the man as a fellow musician, even if we did disagree on that specific song. Ah, well." He shrugs, then glances over as Poppy arrives. "Thank you for hosting, Miss Devereux," he says, inclining his head. "It was quite entertaining."

Then he looks back to Widget. One eyebrow lifts slightly as it becomes apparent just how drunk the gremlin really is. He gives a glance to Damion, then shifts aside, allowing Widget to move wherever she pleases.

"What's wrong?" Haruki asks Widget. Wait he forgot... "Poppy, you were absolutely amazing!" And from thin air he plucks a poppy - okay it's one made out of paper, "I was going to..." he waves it at her, "only it's the wrong time of year for poppies and it feels like throwing them is a bad omen? You did great MC."

Itsuki passes out amidst neon blue sugary, probably in Damion's lap.

"Yes, Poppy. Thanks for throwing this. And you know that I'll make an appearance at the next one." Zillah grins up to the siren, and notes, "Especially if it means more costumes and getting to see friends perform." She glances over to Widget as well, a bit of concern seen there for the little gremlin.

"My pleasure," Poppy says cheerfully to Carter, then she smiles at Haruki. "Thanks! The two of you were fucking adorable, honestly. The costumes were a nice touch." The siren laughs at the offer of the paper poppy, taking it from the magician and tucking it under her belt at her waist. "If you'd thrown it at my ass I wouldn't have taken that shit personally, no worries." Zillah's words are rewarded with another smile. "Awesome. I'll hold your ass to it." She downs the rest of her water before adding, "Anyways, I need to check on a few things; technically I'm fucking working, so." A wry look. "I'll catch you all the hell later." Opalescent eyes flicker briefly to Widget. "Just a reminder; water's free." A irreverent salute is tossed to all gathered, then she starts back over towards the bar, easily weaving her way between tables, humming idly under her breath as she goes; the tune sounds suspiciously like "Lovecats." Earworms are the worst.