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Nakamura Itsuki
On Game As: Itsuki
Played By: Kanon
Concept: Jade Rabbit
Date of Birth: November 19th, 1992
Apparent Age: 20ish
Occupation: Magician
Virtue: Supportive
Vice: Sloth

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One Shadowsoul Runnerswift
Court: Courtless
Keeper: Perpetua



      The Nakamura twins, Itsy and Haruki, are not really shy about their background. They were bastards born when their mother, the only daughter of a very wealthy Okinawan businessman, hooked up with an American soldier. The only thing Itsy knows about his father is that he was from Fort Brunsett. The brothers came to America looking for clues but ended up having a split over a job offer. Itsy took the offer and wound up in the service of Perpetua. He wound up back on this side of the hedge a good four+ years later and things are... fuzzy. But he's getting better.


      Itsuki is currently mostly a NEET but can be seen outside sometimes running, hanging in libraries and bookstores, or being dragged out to socialize by his older brother.

RP Hooks

  • Magician - Both Nakamuras are professional magicians, although they've had a bit of a hiatus. Haruki is much better known, having had a successful YouTube channel for a few years, although both of them are in a bit of a lull, aside from a few local and charity performances.
  • Parkour - It's just a hobby, but Itsuki is into free-running and parkour and can be found in random mostly-abandoned locations practicing.
  • Weird Occult Stuff - Itsuki is really into studying obscure arcana, mythologies, funerary stuff. He's especially into Egyptology but any related topic is likely to peak his interests.



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Twins, Basil!

Haruki Itsuki 1.jpg Harukiitsuki3.jpg


Gorillaz - Kids with Guns

They're turning us into monsters
Turning us into fire
Turning us into monsters-
It's all desire, it's all desire.

Florence and the Machine - Rabbit Heart

The looking glass, so shiny and new
How quickly the glamour fades
I start spinning, slipping out of time
Was that the wrong pill to take?
You made a deal and now,
It seems you have to offer up
But will it ever be enough?

Belle and Sebastian - Sleep the Clock Around

Now the trouble is over,
Everbody got paid;
Everybody is happy,
They are glad that they came
Then you go to the place
Where you've finally found
You can look at yourself
And sleep the clock around.


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