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Name Teagan
Played By Omahyra Mota
Birthday A Long Time Ago
Apparent Age 20s
Occupation scary shadowmonster heatwave bloodpool
Seeming Darkling
Kith(s) Mirrorskin
Court Summer
Keeper Dread Commander Sof
Entitlement Squires of the Broken Bough


The Memes

Old Stories Best Forgotten


      Teagan is neither male nor female, they are non-binary and their pronouns are they/them. Please see this link for help with transgender style and supporting information on they/them as a singular pronoun for non-binary individuals, if you're not familiar. It's okay to occasionally make OOC mistakes and use gendered pronouns; we're all people! I will politely remind people if mistakes are made. Please remember that intentionally misgendering a trans person is generally regarded as an act of emotional violence, and Teagan will respond in an IC fashion to intentional in-character misgendering.

      A drifter who lives in their car, starts bar fights for fun, and occasionally gets in fights in the Hedge for even more fun. Teagan has fought and/or fucked and/or cursed their way across most of the continental U.S. What a charmer. If they weren't really good at making things bleed, they might be more or less charming, depending on your perspective.

      OOC Note: Teagan's kind of an asshole, but that's not meant to make things OOCly un-fun. If you're not having fun OOC, please tell me.

Roleplaying Hooks

"To cut properly, you must continually self-annihilate when cutting. Your hand must become a hand that is cutting, your body a body that is cutting, your mind a mind that is cutting. You must instantaneously destroy your fake pre-present self. It is a useless hanger on." - Meti's Sword Manual

  • Squires of the Broken Bough: Where there's trouble, there's a Darkling with a machete.
  • Fame: Teagan's reputedly got a Death Wish.
  • Summer: Hunter of the Longest Day, Mantle 5. Just a little bit Summer.
  • Goodwill: Teagan has the following Goodwill:
  • Autumn
  • Dawn ••
  • Dusk
  • Spring
  • Winter
The attitude of most Courts to Teagan in regards to this Goodwill can best be summed up by this link.
  • Fights For No Reason: Um. Yeah?
  • Finding Shit Out: Also this.
  • Drifter: And thief. At least, they used to be. The Summer Spy has started putting down roots.
  • Taking Out The Garbage: See also: Hunter of the Longest Day.

Teagan 2.gif


Worth Putting Off Dying For, Maybe

Terrifyingly Like Family

The Greater Pile Of Fuckery Called Life

What The Actual Fuck

  • CB - There's one thing I want to say, so I'll be brave: You were what I wanted, I gave what I gave. I'm not sorry I met you. I'm not sorry it's over. I'm not sorry there's nothing to save. Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Dropped Off The Radar

  • Noel - To breaking jaws and breaking ruts. You ain't afraid of no alleyway when you are the thing in the dark. Cory Branan - Bad Man


Teagan: The Fucking Mixtape