June Desrochers

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June Desrochers
June Desrochers01.jpg
On Game As: June
Played By:
Concept: Summer Stumbler
Date of Birth: June 1, 1995
Apparent Age: 20-ish
Occupation: Apiarist
Virtue: Gluttony
Vice: Courageous

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Beast
Kith: Truefriend Playmate Steepscrambler
Court: Summer
Keeper: Master of the Menagerie

“Trust not too much to appearances ”
– Virgil

RP Hooks

  • Desrochers - That's her kin! June is one of the younger adults of the family, as well as one of the strangely sparse female population.
  • Apiarist - June loves bees. She works as an apiarist for a number of local farms and orchards, keeping hives for honeybees and setting up habitats for solitary bees on their land to help with pollination of crops. She also keeps hives of her own at home. Even when hives all over are dying out, hers seem to thrive. She also sells honey and makes mead. (Fame 1: Beewhisperer)
  • Clumsy - It's just embarrassing how clumsy June is. People who know her quickly become aware that if there's something nearby to be spilled, tripped over, broken, or anything of the like, it's bound to happen eventually. It's bad enough that she has a reputation around Tamarack Falls, and nobody would ever be likely to hire her to wait tables. They'd go out of business replacing dishes. (Fame 1: Clumsiness)
  • Adorable - June is one of those people who just tends to make people want to go "awwww". It doesn't seem like she can help it, and when she tries to get people to see her otherwise it often ends up making things worse.
  • Airhead - It's not that June is stupid, but she's often exceedingly easy to distract and prone to forgetting things. Constantly.
  • Changeling - For a year or so in her late teens June wasn't actually June, but then she came back. She came back different, too.
  • Summer - June might seem like the world's worst Summer, given her clumsiness and generally cheerful (and adorable) attitude. She has heart, sure, but she also tends to trip over her own feet. She must be doing something right since Summer itself seems to be okay with her (Mantle 3), but it's hard to tell it sometimes if not for the mantle.


  • Oberon - Poor guy has had a rough year. I'll need to look out for him!
  • Teagan - Does this machine steal hearts as well? Maybe it does.


She Keeps Bees - Is What It Is

Do not surrender
Is what it is
It is, it's that kind of life
You are worthy
I am worthy

The Dear Hunter - The March

Come out from the dark and claim your life
Before you all but fall apart
We can keep this wolf far from our flock
So raise your voices, torches, rocks
And follow me into the night
We'll bring this evil to the light

Dessa - Crew

The bartender says "Kid one day you'll get famous
Which is lucky, cause honey I hate to say it
You ain't much of a waitress
Even on a dayshift
Clumsy as you are
It's like we're paying you to break dishes"


  • (2017.09.09)
A clumsy cousin visit
  • (2017.09.13)
September Court 2017
  • (2017.09.25)
First Court of Autumn
  • (2017.12.03)
Thorns and Pledges
  • (2018.02.11)
Summer Meeting Feb 2018
  • (2018.02.13)
Pazzering Ram