Dave Mikhael Desrochers

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Dave Mikhael Desrochers
On Game As: Oberon
Played By: André Hamann
Date of Birth: April 21st, 1987
Apparent Age: Late 20's
Virtue: Temperance
Vice: Sloth

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering Razorhand
Court: Spring
Keeper: The Floriographer


      Mortal: Dave Mikhael Desrochers is just another Desrochers. A farmboy and a crafter, mostly. Ended high school with regular grades and no records in the police to the happyness of his family. To those that know him since forever, he is a calm and shy guy and tend to be a lonelier, specially when he's playing his old violin. When forced to socialize, he's always around other members of his family, specially close to the big ones. Just in case.

      Lost: Oberon is a Flowering. A known member of the Spring Court and an Illusionist. A damn good one. Joined the Freehold and soon became part of the Waykeepers and the Greenies. Months later, he was expelled from the Waykeepers and ended up leaving town during mid spring. Now he is back, but still didn't swear to the Freehold of Fate's Harvest for some reason.

RP Hooks

  • Crafts: As some Desrochers, he's good with hand crafting. Specially carpentry. (Crafts.Carpentry 3)
  • Charming: And also, he's a very pretty piece of a man. (Striking Looks.Charming 2)
  • Desrochers: He's one of the good country people. (Family Status 1)
  • Freehold: Now that he has returned, Oberon is not part of a Freehold anymore.
  • Gardening: As a Flowering, he has abilities with his green folks too.
  • Greenie: Oberon used to be a Greenie before leaving town last spring.
  • Violin: He has some artistic vein running in him. A very decent vein. (Expression.Violin 3 and Enchanting Performance)
  • Waykeeper: He was once a Recruit of the Waykeepers but made a terrible mistake and was ripped off of the group.




  • Ian Brennan - Ex-boss.
  • Kip - Book keeper.
  • Max - A glimpse of Humanity in the Fae World.
  • Nathania - Big heart inside a ragdoll.



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