Kerrigan Desrochers

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Kerrigan Desrochers
On Game As: Kerrigan
Played By: Amy Lee
Concept: The Negative One
Date of Birth: October 31st
Apparent Age: Mid 20's
Occupation: Mortician
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Vice

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Nightsinger Author
Court: Dusk
Entitlement: The Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches
Keeper: Children of the Night

“Fuck fairy tales. They've never brought me anything but pain.”
– Herself


      A classical story of girl works her ass off to get where she was...only to get kidnapped by some creepy ass crying childlike abomination. Horrible things happen in this fucked up place. Girl remembers her real life. Vows to return. Kills friend in a bloody red haze. Fights her way out of Arcadia to realize nothing was ever going to be the same. So she got weirder and decided that she’d just stay at home because home is where the heart is. Or what’s left of it.

RP Hooks

  • Desrochers - They have girls too!
  • Changeling - Of the Darkling variety.
  • Local Musician - Fame 2 - Apparently she's well known in the local music scene. Mainly for her Operatics like Nightwish and others.
  • Mortician - Yeah, she's a bit creepy.


  • Oberon - One of my older brothers. Big Spring Viking.
  • Henrik - I'm sorry I lured you into the cafe. But it was good for you!
  • Haruki - You aren't a black sheep...and I'm sorry we got all secret club on you.
  • Cobalt - Doesn't know me well enough to realize I'm not ready to dive into stardom of that level.
  • Ting - Another Spring that makes cakes. Yes!
  • Doll - Met briefly. Seems to be doing alright.


KerNew1.jpg KerNew2.jpg KerNew3.jpg KerMien.jpg Alocer.jpg


Ghost B.C. - Cirice

I feel your presence amongst us.
You cannot hide in the darkness.
Can you hear the rumble?
Can you hear the rumble that’s calling?

Coheed and Cambria - The Running Free

You've come so far from innocence.
Provided all the consequence.
Only what does it matter now?

Rob Zombie - Return of the Phantom Stranger

Shape shifting high and a haunted eye.
Falling plastic and paper demons!
No trace of time. I'm branded sly.
I am your ghostmaster baby free me.


  • (2017.03.23)
Breakfast At The Crossroads
  • (2017.03.25)
A Beer At Desrochers
  • (2017.03.27)
Dusk Court Meeting: March 2017
  • (2017.03.28)
Field Trap
  • (2017.05.21)
Byron Talks To Oberon
  • (2017.05.30)
Feed Me Seymour