Nathania Winters

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Nathania Winters
Nathania Winters01.jpg
On Game As: Nathania
Played By: Lara Cazalet
Concept: Healing Winter rag dolly
Date of Birth: October 14, 1979
Apparent Age: late 20s/early 30s
Occupation: Fashion designer
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Manikin Playmate
Court: Winter
Entitlement: Bishopric of Blackbirds
Keeper: The Quilting Bee

“Death doesn't discriminate / between the sinners / and the saints / It takes and it takes and it takes.”
– Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton


The Girl and Her History
      Sarah Stanton was born on a perfectly ordinary day, to perfectly ordinary parents. That's pretty descriptive of her life, actually; perfectly ordinary. She isn't strikingly beautiful nor utterly hideous. Her grades in school were average. She has a brother, named Timothy, who is your typical, All-American boy, where Sarah is the girl next door. In her perfectly ordinary life, Sarah has one passion--crafts. She loves to crochet, and is fairly competent at other crafts, as well. She learned to crochet at her grandmother's knee, and dabbled in other crafts before returning to her first love. She's opening her own crafts store, Sarah's Stash, and hopes that it will become a New England chain store staple. Why, then, did this up-and-coming business manager suddenly fall from grace? She began getting involved in the local drug scene, eventually getting arrested for possession in a school zone. Sarah died in jail. That's when her cousin Nathania bought out the store and renamed it to "Nathania's Craft Nook". The girl could be Sarah's doppelganger, though... it's eerie. After some of her work was discovered by some muckety muck or something, Nathania sold the Craft Nook and moved to Tamarack Falls, Vermont, to be closer to Fort Brunsett. She's a fashion designer now, but her work's really only known by name. Otherwise, she's just a regular girl next door.

The Doll
      The true story of what happened to Sarah Stanton is much sadder and much more unbelievable. She was kidnapped by her Keeper, the Quilting Bee, and turned into a walking rag doll pincushion. After a long, torturous, somewhat Oz-like Durance, she left, fleeing through the Hedge, emerging torn and with red silk escaping her body. All the mortals saw was a broken young woman slashed with a beer bottle, and took her to the hospital. After spending time after her escape in Aleswich's Freehold, the Dragon's Knell, she up and moved after her husband, Glitch, returned to Arcadia. It was a blow to Aleswich, but hopefully a boon to the Fate's Harvest Freehold. However, the future remains to be seen.

RP Hooks

  • Changeling - Nathania is one of these.
  • Winter Court - Deep sorrow, very hide.
  • Bishop of Blackbirds - Willing to help for the price of a favor.
  • Waykeeper - Nathania's one of the Hands of the Waylady.
  • Watcher - She's one of these.
  • Custodian - And one of these.
  • Greenie - And also one of these.
  • Fashion Designer (Fame 1) - Nathania is a fashion designer for a local chain of big box stores. The line is called Nathania! by Nathania Winters.
  • World-class Knitter (Inconspicuous 3) A good Winter, Nattie-doll blends in with crowds until she pulls out her knitting. The stuff she does with yarn is insane!


  • Green - Maybe we can find new ways to fall apart. More apt than ever. I fucked up and I'm so, so sorry. gone
  • Six - Pretty eyes. Easy with affection. Deep wounds. gone
  • Hazel - Best pie in town, and good place to find gossip. gone
  • Louisa - Another Bishop. I like her. Summer without grr argh. Likely gone
  • Sid - Fellow Bishop. A bit out there, but I think I understand him a bit better after the last Synod... gone
  • Haruki - Little brother. Fiercely protective of him.
  • Itsuki - Littler brother. Fiercely protective of him, too.
  • Glitch - Husband. Came back to me. I just... ♥ Gone again. I can't... Stay this time. Please. I need you.
  • Poppy - Smart. Fun. That voice.
  • November - Old friend. Scarier than I remembered. Glad she's on our side.
  • Briar - Bishop.


Nathania Winters02.jpg NathaniaWinters.gif Nathanias Blackbird Necklace.jpg Nathania mien.jpg Nathania mien2.png


Supreme Beings of Leisure - Never the Same

And now I'm never the same
Never the same girl twice
Oh no I'm never the same now
Never the same girl twice

Tracy Grammer - Phantom Doll

raggedy ann came out to play
copping a thin disguise against the day
painted a face across the mask
victim of the looking glass:
store windows are cruel
mannequin charms outshine her own
running away from her reflection home
hangin her head behind the door
sleepin on the kitchen floor

Dessa - Seamstress

I kept an angel
In a box beneath my bed
Little beast had broke her jaw
And I tried to fix her head
They said I had to put her back
That I had to put her back exactly where I found her
But I know, I saw
That she was doing good until the cat got her


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