Log:Custodians Meeting: April 2017

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Custodians Meeting: April 2017



Gisa, Kat, Grillo, Aneira, Nathania, Aaron and Ashe


The Custodians meet about the Soundless and new faces.


Whelan Chronicle

It's meeting night! And that means that the Custodians are meeting at the Whelan Chronicle in the meeting room. Ashe has a spread of snacks and drinks out and the Autumn is seated at the head of the table in the shadows for the moment. She's just a little creepy. Her hair moves, but not of its own accord, there's something in her hair. "If everyone wants to come in and have a seat we'll get introductions out of the way and then get to business." she tells them with a stitched smile from within the shadows.

Nathania enters, carrying a plate of homebaked cookies, which she sets with the desserts. Seems she's making a mental note to not bring anything unless it's requested next time, though, as she gives a little apologetic smile to Ashe. Quietly, the Winter gets her plate full and a drink before settling in somewhere, button eyes taking everything in.

Although Kat arrives relatively early, she doesn't talk to anyone, finding a convenient corner to stand in and... well, standing in it. From there she glances at each new arrival, and occasionally toward the spread on the table with wider eyes. But it's only when she's actually beckoned forward that she makes any move to really 'join in,' abandoning her place with obvious reluctance to cautiously approach the table. She'll grab a chair near the back end, just so no one is hemming her in.

+summon: You inform Aaron that you would like to summon him. This request will expire in 10 minutes.

Aneira arrives in the middle of the pack, stepping down the corridor and turning into the room in question upon hearing Ashe's invitation. She dips a nod toward the Autumn, mentioning aside conversationally, "By the way, I hear one of the thieves turned up in the hospital with a gunshot wound."

Grillo is on the late side, but he brings the social to make up for it, maybe, along with that powerful Dawn mantle like a literal wind of change following after. "I was in interview. Did I miss it?" he says, with apology all over his tone. As usual, dressed on the formal side, with plummy midnight greatcoat wrapped around his three-piece suit and umbrella still hooked on his elbow. "If so, I apologize. And if not -- oh, are those snacks? You're officially wonderful for that."

Aaron arrives behind most of the others, dressed casual in jeans, turtleneck, and light jacket. He shakes off the rain from a self-closing umbrella. Anyone that can see the dead, will discover that Aaron isn't alone. A young, willowy woman dressed in a leather coat is following somewhat behind him. Something in her face shows that the two are related. "Fondest greetings to you all," the young man says with a voice like a breeze through autumn trees.

Nathania blinks up at Aaron. "Aaron... Fletcher? As I live... and breathe," she murmurs. But she doesn't say more, just smiles warmly at her fellow Aleswich-ite and nods happily. Then she goes still once more, a rag dolly sitting prettily at the table.

Ashe stands when people start coming in. The Fairest flexing her hands as she does. No, she's not going to punch anyone, it's just a tick. There's a dip of her head to those that come in, "Welcome, welcome." she tells them. Aneira's words make her head snap to the side towards her, "Oooo. interesting. Wondering if they'd miss him if I put a bullet between his eyes." she grumps. "We'll get to them eventually." she dds. Then there's a smile to Grillo, "Yes, snacks, figured food was good. In case people hadn't eaten." she tells him. Then there's a smile to Aaron and his sister, "Good evening, Aaron and Sasha." she smiles to them both. "We have two things on the agenda tonight. So once we get settled we'll do introductions and then get to business." she announces.

Aneira nods at Ashe, taking a seat with no apparent intention to introduce herself. She also ignores the snacks, simply settling in at one of the tables and crossing her legs with no discernible expression on her frozen face.

Aaron looks over to someone calling him by name. Seeing the familiar dolly, causes Aaron's eyes to lighten and brings a widen smile to his face. "Bishop! Seeing another familiar face from home makes me not feel as much of a stranger as I thought when I first arrived!" At Ashe's mention that the meeting will soon commence, he turns his attention to the person on his right, mummuring something to the air. A pause given as his spectral companion moves elsewhere, then Aaron turns to the snacks at hand.

Kat remains socially... awkward? Aloof? She's there, big-eyed and watching, ears occasionally witching or turning in response to something someone says, tail even swishing beneath her long skirts... but she doesn't speak up. She *does* reach out to raid the snacks, because snacks. A paw-like hand nabs a cookie, and if there's milk to go with them, ALLLLLLL the better. These she claims, nibbles, sips. And listens.

Never let it be said a Dawn will not charge forward where others sometimes hesitate to go, even if that charge is just into introductions. "C.J. Grillo, Court of the Dawn, Lord Echo; specialties in history and investigation," the oversized cricket-man says as he starts onto the snacks. "And some of you I know already -- hello, Aneira, we meet again -- but most of you, I haven't had the pleasure. Would you do me that kindness? I hate to be a bother as one of your newer members," he says in appeal to the others.

"Nathania Winters, Bishop... of Blackbirds... and Winter courtier," the rag dolly introduces. Then she smiles at Aaron, tilting her head and patting the seat next to her. It's, after all, conveniently empty, and dolly likes having old friends nearby.

Aaron looks at the faces both familiar and soon-to-be familiar. "Doctor Aaron Fletcher..." a pause, "well, non-practicing Doctor Aaron Flether. Speaker for the Dead. Member to the Ashen Court."

Ashe retakes her seat for the moment and watches as some start to introduce themselves. "It's nice to meet you, Grillo." she tells him. "For those that don't know me, I'm Ashe Whelan of the Ashen Court. Legate to the Legacy of the Black Apple and the Custodian Elect." she offers to them. Then from around her neck a vampire bat pops it's head out and chitters, which causes Ashe to roll her eyes, "And this is Archduke Uvall. His title is bigger than he is." she admits with a smile.

+summon: You inform Gisa that you would like to summon her. This request will expire in 10 minutes.

Kat very notably goes last, waiting until everyone has taken their turns before taking hers. Or, more likely, she remains focused on her milk while everyone talks, and only looks up from it when there's an appropriate awkward silence and people start staring in her direction. "Ah. Sorry. Katherine Anne Garreau... but Kat is fine." Get it? "I... am a member of the College of Worms, and serve the Autumn Court as a seer, soothsayer, and keeper of occult lore and unraveler of mysteries. I've also lived here a... very long time, so I'm good with some local lore and history."

Nathania raises an eyebrow at Aaron mentioning he's no longer practicing anymore, but says nothing, holding her grilling of the familiar man. She just nods to him, Ashe, and Grillo, smiling a little. Kat also gets a smile. The dolly just holds her peace, trying to memorize names as they go around.

Grillo is apparently eating dinner via snacks here. Maybe he's just got a very buglike metabolism; his energy would certainly suggest that. When he takes a seat, it's with a fairly loaded plate and a drink, and a certain grace, parking his umbrella to one side and adopting a long-legged pose. "Thank you very much," he says solemnly. "I'm very happy to be here, indeed."

The golem, who was always here, honest, rises slowly -- like a glacier surfacing from under the water, perhaps -- and says two words: "Gisa Cohen." Her head tips slowly forward, and then she rights herself, a weeble in slow motion, before very gradually sitting down again. She isn't eating, and folds her hands on her lap with a gentle clink-clink like someone's stacking dishes.

Ashe gives a dip of her head to the Golem, "It's nice to meet you, Gisa." she tells her as she motions her to a seat. "Welcome to our new recruits and to our members that have been here awhile. I enjoy that we get new faces." the Shadowsoul admits. "So the big thing on the agenda tonight are The Soundless." Ashe states as she looks around the table. I asked the Crown if I could take a team out. We were granted that. So we need to see who is going. I'm looking for people that can be unseen as well. Either by their own powers or by being something else. It's imperative that we gather information on this other Freehold that claims we're on their land without upsetting them." she admits. "Aneira is going to be going with us so far. We need a few more people. AJ and Ava will also be with us." she adds.

"I've... already made... Samantha pretty... upset. I met her. I shouldn't... go," Nathania says with a sigh. She's frustrated, by the way she runs a hand through her hair. "But I wish... everyone the best... of luck. Even if... I could be someone else, I have... this speech impediment." She grins wryly. "Hard to get... rid of old habit." She gestures.

"Well, I can... be a cat." Or *more* of a cat, one might suspect she means. "And quiet." Perhaps as if to demonstrate, Kat says this and then not a lot more. Ducking her head and leaning back, she makes herself smaller in her seat. Look at that, stealthy already!

Aaron takes his seat by Nathania as things commence. He's quiet as business begins, prefering to listen to the goings. When seeking volunteers, he raises one finger. "I'm available if you're looking for assistance in things. Let me know what is needed."

"I can be -- unnoticed." Gisa's shrug is as slow and steady as the rest of what she does: shoulders up... shoulders down. "If I want to be. I am not the best at it." Her face turns toward Nathania, perhaps curiously, though goylomim don't really emote much. In any case, the flames in her eyepits flicker briefly.

"If unseen is invisible..." Grillo lifts a hand and wiggles long fingers, and his antennae mimic the gesture in turn. "I could volunteer. I have ways of being missed. Both in the sense of not being visible and in not being struck, come to that. A few other advantages, depending on what we're on this mission to particularly find out." There's some small hesitation in the otherwise forthright bug-man; after the oddd pause, he takes a much longer drink from what he collected.

Aneira gives a short nod at Ashe's words, indicating that she will indeed be present and otherwise not contributing very much at the moment.

Ashe's gaze shifts to Nathania and there's a smile, "Don't worry about it. I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of eggshells broken in the process of trying to find out what is going on. We'll try not to butt heads with them during this though." she nods. When so many people speak up, there's a smile, "I think we might be able to do two teams at this point." she admits. "If that's alright with others? We can probably cover more ground with two teams of us." she adds.

"W-what are we... doing exactly?" Kat has to wonder, now looking almost as if worried over what she might have inadvertently volunteered for with her honest answer. "Just looking? It sounds like a lot of people for looking. If there's going to be trouble, I don't know if I..."

Nathania smiles back and pulls out some knitting, a sock she's about to turn the heel on. It's green, in honor of the season.

Aaron looks between the woman that speaks then to Ashe. "Was thinking the same thing," he then says, "I'm still getting acclimated to surroundings. Still trying to find the right place to hang my coat, and such."

"So basically these people have turned up after the Freehold has been established for a year and saying that we're on their land." Ashe tells Kat. "They're about twenty miles from it. I asked to investigate before other actions were taken." she explains. "So we're doing recon. Gathering data. Making sure that it's not some craziness." she nods to this.

"I admit that I do not understand their claims," rumbles the golem from her corner seat. "If the Wyrd has granted a crown... is that not... effectively... " She pauses. "It is not tablets at Sinai," she concedes, and then trails off, as if her words had just run out.

Grillo nods along with Gisa, but adds, "Sure, you'd think that sparkly headgear on Queen Fabulous would be a persuasive argument. So if they understand this, I suppose some of the question is also: What do they think they're going to get out of making their noise and complaint about it now? It's curious." He scratches the side of his chin thoughtfully. "How are you thinking of dividing two teams?"

Despite her skittishness, Kat does seem... engaged, careful of every little detail. "So just... looking? How close?" Then her brow scrunches up a bit and she looks visibly like she's thinking very hard. "They must be new, whatever they say, because... well, there was never any place like that here, until now. There was a time when there were very few of us, here. Now there are many."

"I think they are full of shit to be honest. I've been in this area awhile and never heard of another Freehold close." Ashe doesn't sugar coat it. "Like Kat said." she nods in agreement with her. Then there's a look to Grillo and she hmms a bit, "That is a good question. I can get communication devices. But that might cause more trouble. I'd like everyone to get a shot to research. So if we don't do two groups we should at least do two trips." she states.

Silently, Gisa spreads her hands out and nods toward Grillo, as if to silently add on: 'yes, what he said.' Her attention returns fully to Ashe -- or at least that's what it seems, it can be tough to tell exactly where she's looking. No more to say at the moment, just... absorbing information.

Nathania knits and listens, listens and knits. She's been silent since she said her piece, having turned the heel and working on the picked-up stitches now.

Grillo spreads his hands wide. "Well. I'm in for whatever you need, more or less. Did you say there was another piece of business, as well?" he prompts, before adjusting his seat. A little hint of that discomfort, pushed aside just a little when he asks for whatever's next.

"I'll get back to you guys on who needs to be where and when once I've checked in with Waylady Ava and AJ. That will hopefully be in the next day or so." she tells them. "And the only two items were introductions and the Soundless for this evening. I've got some other stuff to go over at a later date, but aren't as vital as The Soundless situation at the moment." she tells them. "If no one else has anything to share I think we're all done here." she offers with a smile.

Kat echoes Ashe's own echoing of her point with a dipping of her head, keeping it low for a moment. "Such obvious lies... well, I think it means trouble. But maybe they are only trying to deceive us. Maybe it will not come to worse." Though her tone is decidedly less than cheery with optimism. "I will go to look if you like but I am... not one for any confrontation. If it comes to that, I will flee." Just so no one is relying on her doing otherwise! "I will see what else I can come up with, from here. There may be something. Some old hint? Or a sign, perhaps."

Ashe gives a nod to that, "Just be careful when you do, Kat." she tells her.

Nathania packs up her knitting and nods around. "Good to... meet you all," she says, and stands to head out.

Aneira shakes her head, seeming a bit distracted. "I'm sorry, I have a thing or two," she says, speaking up. "I don't know if you've paid attention to the Freehold news, but there was a dead Spring Courtier found outside Stoneheart not too long ago."

Grillo sits back and listens, fingertips steepled, attention shifting to Aneira when she brings up the deceased; his lips purse and then relax, and all he does is nod in reply, more serious at the thought of her topic change.

"I do not have anything else," Gisa confirms, rising, to her feet with that same inexorable movement that marks basically everything Gisa does. "Thank you. I appreciate this." When Aneira speaks up, there's an actual emotional reaction from the golem, however small - the corners of her mouth turn down, her eye-flames dim, and her head shakes just a little, wearily. "Yes. Be careful, please. Everyone."