Log:Custodians Meeting: July 2017

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Custodians Meeting: July 2017

"Where are we on this?"


Logan, Max, Nathania, Aaron, Byron, Ashe


The Custodians meeting for July and a few things touched upon.


The Whelan Chronicle

It's time for another monthly meeting for the Custodians! Ashe has done the usual of sitting out food and drinks for the meeting. There's no binders sitting out or anything else like that this time. The woman is seated at the end of the table and dressed in black per the usual. Uvall is perched on her head and his wings are up making it look like she's wearing some grotesque bow. So the usual for an Autumn.

Nathania wanders in, snags a bottle of water, and takes a quiet seat near the Autumn, smiling softly. She nods to Ashe, before glancing around to see who else may show up.

Byron probably arrived about the same time as Ashe, since, you know, he lives upstairs, finding a good spot on the floor close to one end of the table to park his butt, though he's still figeting with his wings like he's not used to their change in size yet, or maybe they just itch. Who knows? At least he's staying quiet about it.

Logan is always timely. Dressed today in a pale yellow t-shirt and white shorts with blue boat shoes, he offers his winning smile to the assembled as he takes a seat at the table. "Good evening, everyone." As usual, light shines from him like a beacon, rivulets of shadow doing their best to pollute it. "Good to see you all again."

It's been awhile since Max has been actively seen around. However, she does decide to show up for the Custodian meeting. These things are important, after all. Quietly she strolls in, unsure if she's late or not. Her hands are in her pocket, her bright blue eyes darting around a bit for familiar faces. She's dressed casually, a flannel shirt unbuttoned with a tank top underneath, denim shorts, and sneakers, her hair is pulled back into a ponytail and her messenger bag over her shoulders. Not wanting to disturb anything, she finds a seat to make herself comfortable in.

Ashe gives a smile to everyone and there's a nod, "Good evening everyone." she states. "Nice to see you again, Logan." she tells him. There's a look to Byron where he sits and a smile, "I'm not going to make you sit in a chair while you get used to those." she tells him. There's a smile and a wave to Max when she comes in, "Welcome. Looks like the gangs all here for the moment." she muses. "So, this won't be a long meeting. I just wanted to touch base with people and see if there's anything that needs my attention. The Soundless are quiet for the moment, but we're still looking into things." she admits.

Nathania nods, and opens her bottle of water. She smiles at the assembled and sips from the bottle, still quiet. Winter. Watchful.

Byron murmurs a soft thank you to Ashe, rolling his shoulders a little while trying to get those wings to settle, though at her comment about checking in, he does offer, "If someone has something they are working on, and they need someone to watch their back in the Hedge or even out here, I tend to have a lot of free time lately."

Logan looks over at Max in mild surprise. "Max. I didn't know you were still in town. Good to see you." His smile broadens for a moment before his attention returns to the others. "As you know, Ashe, I accompanied Kip on his recruit mission to fetch that book. I'm glad to hear he's been made a full Custodian, now."

"Where else would I be?" Max questions of Logan with a raised brow. Then she quiets down again, she doesn't have any business to report to the meeting. She leans back in her seat, her gaze shifting from face to face.

Nathania is with it. Really. She looks up at Max and is reminded of something with a little jolt when Logan says the woman's name. "The... Watchers are looking... into the The Franklin... Institute... Arcadia Contest. I've been.... asked to gather any information anyone... has on the contest." Her button eyes are on Max through her halting little monologue. "If it's... easier to see... me privately, please... do."

A door is heard open and close. Sounded like it came from the hallway, where the custodial (haha) room is. Lights off in there. "Dammit!" A voice is heard from inside the closet as the door opens then closes. Then down the hall, and into the conferance room is Aaron, adjusting attire on himself. "Evening all. Sorry I'm a bit behind in my timing..."

Ashe takes a moment to look to each person that is there and there's a nod. When she hears the closet commotion though she quirks an eyebrow until Aaron comes in the room. It's not her that snickers, it's the bat on her head that does. "Good evening, Aaron." she states with a smile to the Librarian. Then she looks back to the others, "Kip said that you were a great help, so I wanted to thank you for that, Logan." she tells him. Then to Nathania, "We were told about that, yes. I'm not sure where we are on it though." she admits. "Which leads me to my next topic. The Library. If we are doing research and things, please make sure that we are putting new knowledge into the library. If you don't feel comfortable doing it. Let me, Aaron or Garrett know and we can pen your account into the records." she smiles.

Byron lifts a hand to wiggle fingers in Max' direction, but doesn't speak to interrupt anyone, just nods slowly in acknowledgement of Nathania's request. As Aaron makes his, ahem, entrance, the gargoyle offers a little more of a smirk and murmurs, "Good to see you, man." With that said, he quiets back down to listen to Ashe, tilting his head a little to properly information-soak.

Logan seems to ignore Max's question in favor of focusing on Nathan for a moment, and then looking to Ashe. "How are we doing, as the Custodians, on the Institute issue?" he queries, and then smiles when Ashe tells him Kip's compliment. "I'm happy to continue mentoring him," which might be his way of suggesting that Kip could continue to use a little mentoring.

Aaron gives a nod to Byron and everyone else. "Speaking of the Library..." he chimes in, "I've been spending some of my off hours exploring what was left prior to our arrival. It's still a state of neglet, but I'm working towards partnering with the space within to adjust it to befit a more occupied and welcoming space."

Nathania smiles and nods, before falling silent once more, pulling out some knitting.

A belated glance to Nathania. "I don't have any further information than what I've already said at the last meeting," Max states. Leaning back in her seat, she folds her arms behind her head as she once more quiets down to listen.

Ashe looks to Logan when he asks what they have on the situation, "Nothing more than what Max already told us. If someone would like to take point on looking into that, please let me know." she states. "I'm sorry about that. I didn't assign anyone to it." she frowns. Then there's a nod to Aaron, "Yes. I was figuring we could set up a work day sometime and we could go out and work on it." she smiles.

"I'd just like to help out in any way that I can," Logan tells Ashe with his usual smile, looking to Aaron as well. "I'm happy to assist with the library as well."

Byron arches a brow at Aaron and attempts to helpfully pipe up, nodding along with Logan, "The next time you are over there for a while, call me? I havent taken a look yet, but maybe I will be more of a help than a hindrance."

Aaron nods with a light smile. "I will make sure to send you all ravens to help with the remodeling of the library."

Ashe looks to everyone, "Alright, who would like to take point on the Free Arcadia Trip? If we can't find any more information then that's fine, but we should give a look into it just in case." she states. "We've got a few things going on with the books, but I'll post more when that is more solid. I also have a few missions that are small if someone wants to take a partner and pick up one, just let me know tonight before you leave or contact me in the next few days." she states.

Aaron asks, "If I can also add one more thing..." he smirks, "to everyone's large plate of things I'm sure. I would like for everyone--if and when they can, to journal any Custodial assignments or projects. I know some are working on this, but I'd like to be able to have a record of current members and their explorations. For future Custodians when we are long gone from this world.

Ashe gives a look to Aaron and there's a nod, "I will get that posted as well." she tells him. She then takes a drink of her water and looks around to the others, "I have an appointment with a contact that I need to get to. So I'm going to close out the meeting for now. Please keep in contact with me should anyone need anything or want help." she tells them.

Byron adds in a soft voice, "And if she doesn't answer your call, call me and for a price I will wake her up." He winks at that and flashes a bright smile at Ashe.

"I'll wake her up for free!" chitters Uvall.

Logan stands and offers Ashe a lovely smile. "Thank you for holding the meeting as usual, Ashe. I look forward to next time." To the assembled, he extends the smile. "Good to see you all!" Then he turns and briskly walks out, whistling a snappy tune.