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Custodians Meeting:October 2017 - Day



Aaron, Kip, Logan, Nathania, Ashe


The Custodians have their daytime meeting for October and there is a promotion.


The Whelan Chronicle

It's becoming normal for there to be two meetings these days. One for people during the day and then one at night. There's lunch type food sitting on the conference table along with drinks and things. Ashe is sitting at the end of the table with a bottle of water and a pad of paper making notes on things as she remembers them. The door to the room is open and waiting for people to arrive.

Nathania walks in and takes a seat, quietly. She pulls out some knitting--in a forest green, this time--and begins to knit. "Hi, Ashe."

Logan arrives, looking neat and autumnal in a bright navy quilted shirt jacket, worn open over a paler blue long-sleeve henley and tailored navy cargo pants. As usual, his smile is as bright as the light that shines out all around him. He grabs a bottle of water and goes to sit to one side of Ashe. "Good afternoon, Your Majesty." There's a bit of a laugh, a slight twinkle in his blue eyes. Then he nods to Nathan. "Good to see you, Nathan."

Kip shuffles in several moments after Logan, as if he's quite content to let Logan enter and be seen before he slips in behind and slinks right into a seat. He's silent, even moreso than usual, as he sits there and just waits to be addressed or questioned. Otherwise, he seems more than content to be overlooked and ignored. His ever-present messenger bag is moved to rest on his lap, clutched loosely to his torso.

"Good afternoon." the Monarch greets. Ashe gives a smile to everyone as they enter, "Get something to eat and a drink. I don't think the meeting is going to be very long, but you never know." she chuckles to that. There's a look to Kip when he settles down and there's a quirk of an eyebrow, "Kip, are you feeling okay?" she asks him.

Nathania smiles to Ashe. "Thanks," she says, but pulls a reusable, bright pink stainless steel water bottle out of her messenger bag. "I'm good, though." She looks to Kip with mild concern, then, back to knitting as she looks over at the Levinquick.

Logan cracks open the bottle of water, tilting his head to study Kip. That faint smile lingers on his face, but rather than interrupt Ashe, he seems to be waiting for a probable answer, the light and crackles of shadow swirling around his form.

"Fine," Kip mumble-whispers before sitting up a bit straighter and speaking again, this time his voice having a tiny bit more volume though it's still papery thin. "I mean, thank you for asking but I'll be fine, Ashe-- I mean your majesty, Queen Ashe." Is that an attempt at a humored smile? Maybe, but it fades after a moment. "Paige-- Paige and I broke up and I might have drank a little too much last night. Sorry."

Ashe gives a soft shake of her head, "Ashe is fine." she tells him. There's a frown that pulls at the stitches in her face when she hears the news and she nods to that, "I am sorry to hear that. Do you need anything from us, Kip?" she asks him.

Nathania, without a word, gets up and moves to sit near Kip. She doesn't force hugs on him, but the Wintry rag dolly is available for them.

Logan's sometimes rather mask-like face takes on an expression of surprise and concern. He continues to watch Kip with his steady blue gaze, though he doesn't make a movement. Just watches him curiously.

Kip's hand does reach over to Nathania, to squeeze her arm as if in a silent show of gratitude for the unspoken offer. "I'll be fine, I suppose. It was... mutually decided as best for us. She disliked the attention being with me seems to have brought and I disliked her disliking it. Not that-- not that I expected her to /want/ attention, but it's hard being with someone that it didn't feel was.. supportive about it. It's hard enough walking into a room and having people go quiet when they look at you. But I've been trying to clean the Library up some so at least that's quiet and away from people." He quirks a smile, though it fades almost as quickly as the first one. Hey, at least he's attempting to be more than a wet rag that blankets everything. "But the important question isn't if I need anything from you, it's what you might need from us."

Ashe leans back in her chair as Kip explains things and there's a nod to his explanation. "Well, if you are going to be alright." she tells him. "If you need anything or just to talk you know you don't have to hesitate to come to us." she states. Then there's a smile at the mention of the library, "Speaking of which. I left the body of one of those enhanced Briarwolves in there until we can get it properly autopsied and Eckhart, one of our newest donated a neat trinket to us and I made an entry for it as well." she tells them.

Nathania pats the hand on her arm. It can stay as long as Kip wants it to, even as she knits. Because Nat, and knitting. She nods her agreement with him about what Ashe needs from them. "But Kip," she says softly, "Talk... to me after? If... you want," the Bishop offers. Then she looks to Ashe. "Trinket?" she asks, intrigued.

Aaron comes in quietly, as Aaron is known to do from time to time. His footsteps barely making a sound as the slender man (haha) enters. His hands already occupy themselves with snacks left by Ashe. "I say..." he says with a hushed voice, "Did someone say trikents?" Then a pause, "And Briarwolf bodies?"

Logan looks sympathetic towards Kip, but he lays off the commentary. Instead, he gives Aaron a smile as he comes in, then looks to Ashe again. "I'm not overly familiar with these Briarwolves, either, apart from what's been reported to the Freehold."

Now that is information that will cause Kip to perk up a bit. "Really?" he asks, though it's not exactly a question as much as it's a statement of interest. Nathania is given a little nod as if to silently say that he'll find her. His hand still remains on her arm, just the most gentle of touches. "There's no actual danger from the corpse of one is there? I don't know much about them. Just-- hopefully it won't leave a mess."

Ashe gives a look to Aaron, "There's one of those Enhanced Briarwolf bodies in the Library until we can get it properly autopsied." she tells the Librarian. "I put it there a few days ago." she adds. "And I'm not either, so, I'm hoping that once we cut it open we can figure out what makes them tick." she states. "No pun intended." she adds.

Then she ahs, "The trinket. As fingers move over the cube its colors change. It changes the senses. However, it gives a mild case of synesthesia. Numbers feel like bursts of wind with a greater feeling of a gale at higher numbers, colors leave a taste on the tongue, each and every letter is colored one way or another, and whispers on the wind smell like freshly cooked meat." she tells them.

Nathania tilts her head. "That's fascinating," she says. "Both... parts." Her eyes catch Kip's; she gives a tiny nod before focusing on Ashe, hands on autopilot. "I... want to help. What do you need... from us?"

Aaron nods to Ashe, who he gives a respecting bow to. "I'd be willing to offer my medical assistance to whomever volunteers to lead the autopsy; or lead the examination if need be."

Kip is not volunteering to lead any autopsy or examination. In fact, his face shows that he might even be a touch queasy at the thought. So he doesn't say anything. He just sits back a bit, hand dropping from the light touch he had on Nathania's arm, his grasp going back around the bag on his lap. "Sorry if I don't offer to help with that," he murmurs. "Though the trinket sounds far more interesting."

"I'm hoping to have more of a plan formed in the next few days on the autopsy part." Ashe tells the gathered. "Also, Garrett is stepping down as Assistant Librarian at the end of this week and with all the work Kip has been doing I would like to move him into the position." she states as she looks to Kip.

Logan's eyebrows raise at this news about Kip, but he simply smiles at him. "Congratulations," he says, the usual cheer in his voice, moving to take a sip of water.

Nathania smiles softly to Kip. "Congrats," she says warmly, patting his shoulder with a soft, plush hand.

Aaron turns his attention to Kip. "As Librarian appointed, I would like to say that I could think of no other person to assist me in the duties and responsibilities of the Custodians."

"What?" Did Kip just ask that? Whatever came out, it was in a breathy whisper even more quiet than his usual soft tones. He glances around, sitting up a bit straighter and looking more sparky than usual. The lightning that was just faint threads of light crackling around him in slow arcs goes brighter and sharper for a second as if he's blushing or something. "I-- thank you." The last part is said to Aaron and then shifted at the end toward Ashe. "If you-- I mean if you think I'm... Well, if you're sure? Are you sure? Garrett has done great. He can totally stay. I just... I like to keep things organized. I don't need to be-- I mean I will. I mean if you think so. Are you sure?" He doesn't seem to know exactly what to say or do, so he just clutches his bag to him and looks around almost frantically, perhaps tinged with a hint of paranoia like he's not sure that they're really sure and if he lets his guard down, he might find out they're joking.

Ashe gives a smile to that, "You've been working with the Library since you joined the group and I've seen you in there when you've not seen me. And that's the kind of person we need in the position. If Aaron ever steps down or heaven forbid something ever happens we'd need someone that's dedicated and I see that in you." she explains to Kip. "Garrett, like August and other Autumns is seeking some solitude to work on his own magical prowess and some projects and he has my blessing to do so. I told him we had a good person in mind." she smiles to that. "So yes, we're sure." she tells him.

Nathania smiles broadly at Kip, nodding her agreement. "can't imagine anyone... better," she says.

At Ashe's words of 'If Aaron ever--' and what follows, Kip looks almost in a panic for a moment. Aaron is clearly not allowed to have anything happen to him. Or step down. Or-- or anything. "I appreciate your confidence in me. I just help where I can. And honestly, I /like/ the Library. It's... comfortable. So it might be a little selfish to spend so much time in there. But I'll do my best to live up to Garrett." There's a flicker of something, though, that dims his spark. "I uhm... good for him. And the other Autumns. I'm glad they're working on their own things."

Aaron approaches Kip, and places a hand on his shoulder. Its lithe fingers like a skeletal hand coming from the darkness, "Not to worry, Kip. If something should ever happen to me--I will still be around..." he then wiggles the fingers of his other hand across Kip's eyes. "Haunting the hallowed halls of the library for all eternity."

"The thing is you don't have to live up to Garrett. He was a stand in until we found a full time and I wanted to put you in. We just happened to reach a deadline. So I apologize for the suddeness." the Monarch tells Kip. Ashe gives a smile to that, "That's mainly what I wanted to cover in the meeting this afternoon. I know that the year is going fast and before we know it Winter will be here and that means that my focus will be back to the Custodians full time. If any of you need me, call me, doesn't matter the hour. I'll answer." she tells them.

Nathania smiles and nods. "Thank you, Your.. Majesty," she says. "I, for one, appreciate.. your hard... work."

Kip's eyes go from focusing on Aaron's fingers to Aaron's face. "And that's when I'd start Librarianing in the buff," he deadpans to him, followed by a tug of a grin at the corner of his mouth. "Though sincerely, I appreciate the confidence and support you have in me." He directs that to Aaron as well as Ashe. "I'll do my best to live up to it. And thank you." He does give a moment of hesitation at mention of the season changing to Winter before they know it. "This is true. That the seasons change more rapidly than we expect. I suppose it may seem a bit quicker for those of us outside of the seasonal groups. Or maybe it's less quickly that it all passes. I have to admit I might sometimes be a bit jealous of those of you who have figured out where you belong in that structure."

Ashe gives a dip of her head, "One thing that happens with most Monarchs is that they forget that they are here to serve their Freehold. Not the other way around." she points out. "Speaking of serving. I have to get going for an appointment. Please feel free to stay and talk or eat. I'll be back for the evening meeting." she tells them with a smile.