Log:The Silence of Oberon

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The Silence of Oberon

Heavy is the Crown


Paige, Rorschach, Reginald Pook, Oberon, Erebos, Beatrice

10 May, 2017

Queen Pook summons Oberon to present him with accusations leveled against him, and with a punishment for his misdeeds.


The Broken Hearth, Stoneheart

The Broken Hearth is just about as it always is. Broken, with a large fire burning at the center. Not far from that fire, with his back to the flames, stands the rather regal (in dress, though not form) Reginald Pook. At five and a half feet, with a decided roundness to him, he is entirely unitimidating. The pastel colors that he wears do not help. Still, as Pook stands proud, with the Spring Crown upon his head, there is a decided dignity to it all. Pook is also not alone. Erebos, Beatrice, and Rorschach are all near by. Surely, they up the seriousness of this meeting.

Oberon will be met by a Spring Courtier, one of Pook's attendants, and brought here, to the Hearth, to this meeting.

Beatrice is wearing her lumberjilling outfit, already looks bored, and glares at each and everyone one of you like you're personally wasting her time. Reginald included.

At some point Erebos arrived, the darkling is prone to hiding and stealth so his arrival was as stealthy as possible. Planting himself in the darkest part of the room he keeps his hands planted in his pockets and his golden eyes roaming the room. He's a tall, lean man wearing a black trench like coat that looks made of shadows and darkness. A look is given towards Reginald and then to the other harvestmen before the room get's a nod.

The Roach was as he always was, creepy as shit, but in a way people have grown used to. Some folks were dealt an unfortunate hand in life. He was among them, but the Moon Courtier was undaunted by it really. His mantle was strong of the trickster moon shadowing and desaturating all colour in its wake but for the dark red details of his t-shirt, shoelace bits, and dirty jeans. He was as he always was with one wicked knife on him and a tiny red cricket that was chirping some song sounding like a 4-piece string quartet. As brazen as the cricket, Chester, was, it quieted when Pook spoke apparently having some sense of awe or respect or curiosity. The Roach, though, hung around the middle of the room with his usual sense of disjointed energy. Beatrice, even though she was giving him her Death to Smoochy look got an upnod. There was no pretense that someone needed to be 'pleasant' to be accepted in the room from him.

Paige showed up nearly at a run, wearing, well, running clothes, with her hair up and phone strapped to her arm. But she got here before now, honest she did. And she took up a position near to Pook. A little out of breath, but not too much.

Oberon comes to the room after everyone else. The Fairest is in his running outfit too and looks a bit sweat. On his hand, a empty water bottle. Upon seeing the gathering around the fire, he arches a brow in a light surprise."Hello."

Beatrice grunts. Oberon's presence is acknowledged.

From his corner, Erebos gives Oberon a once over and then looks to Paige with one brow lifted. Using his eyes to look between the pair dressed in like attire and both looking to be doing the same activity. Hiding his smile he turns his attention fully on the room and looks between Pook and Oberon.

"Hello, Waykeeper Recruit Oberon," Pook says, his voice as polished and regal as ever. It suits him, to have a cricket quartet near by. Maybe he should have one himself. "Thank you attending my call. I must admit that the reason I have summoned you is... unpleasant," he says. There's a quick look and right, to his Harvestmen. "Beatrice, my dear, if you could please see to the door?" he asks, and makes a small gesture, just his fingers moving. If Oberon is feeling a bit surrounded, well, let that not be questioned. It's quite intentional. "I've received accusations that you have betrayed your Oath of Fealty and the bylaws of this Freehold, and revealed the secrets of Fate's Harvest and the Lost to an unpledged mortal." Pook pauses, to let those words resonate. "This mostly revolves around your dealings with a man called Haruki, I am told. Have you a defense to put forth before the crown?"

Paige arches a brow at Oberon's appearance, but doesn't say anything, or even really look at her fellow Harvestmen. Instead she remains focused on him and near the Queen. When said Queen starts speaking her expression goes a bit more serious, but she stands there nice and still and quiet.

Beatrice gives Reginald a side eye at being called my dear, taking a few seconds to head over to secure the door. Turning she stands there facing the room with arms crossed, one finger silently tapping on her bicep.

The Roach didn't seem surprised and shared a look from Paige back to Oberon. Whether he had any investment in this remained to be heard. Still though the Darkling scout stood looking, well, not thrilled by this. There was a small nod of agreement perhaps? Remained to be seen, but gave Queen Pook a look that may suggest some partial input. Still though the mute bug stilled his mute tongue and hands.

"Well. All I can say is I did tell so he could trust me and pledge to the Freehold. I took a while, but he is going to pledge. He was waiting on his brother, that is also a Lost. And a few days ago I talked to Itsuki and they're ready to pledge." Oberon says calmly not bothering to glance around to the other Lost standing around him.

The response brings a frown to Pook's lips. "That is... an exceedingly poor defense of your actions, my dear," the Queen says, his tone soft and full of remorse. "You are admitted to me, your Queen, that you openly and intentionally betrayed our secrets. That you, a Waykeeper, who is meant to shield our world from the mortal world, violated your Pledge." He lets out a low sigh, and a shake of his head. "You must understand, Oberon... Your pledge is not conditional. The safety and security of this Freehold is paramount. That one man must feel the pain of not understanding why his brother is... different..." Pook's eyebrows furrow. "That pain is so much less than the one we will all feel if our Freehold is infiltrated. Do you understand that, Oberon?"

Oberon just nods. There is not much he can say after all.

Rorschach signed with subtle question. Maybe someone understood or didn't. The Darkling-bug was, for all matters, unconvinced not that people fret the opinions of insects. The Roach looked to Paige though and just stilled his hands again looking to Queen Pook not 'speaking' unless asked. Still he took a deep breath becoming at one with his chill once more rubbing the side of his nose.

Reginald Pook's frown lingers on his lip as he watches Oberon's response. He glances aside, to Rorschach. From the look on his face, it would seem he speaks bug. Or ASL. Whichever it was Rorschach was using. He makes a few quick signs back, then turns his attention back to Oberon. "Some of the council have called for you to be exiled or beaten nearly to death. I am no brute, and I do not wish to cast any of my family out to the thorns and the wolves," he says. "Do you wish to remain in this Freehold, Oberon? Do you wish to repent for your sins, to pay your penance, and to improve yourself?"

Paige returns Rorschach's gaze and nods slightly to him, but then Oberon speaks and her eyes narrow, shaking her head. She starts to translate Rory's signs when Pook signs back and she looks back to Pook. Then she does some signing of her own.

"I have nothing else besides the Freehold. But I take whatever you decided, my Liege." Oberon answers.

Beatrice shakes her head to herself, turning to unlock the door and walks off. Yep, out she goes. Just like that. Leaving the door swinging behind her.

Rorschach looked to the Queen and gave him a nod of deference and signed. He was able to stand up when he wanted but wiating to see if his 'voice' was at all welcome. Until then he waited to see if there would be request to seak granted. Dark eyes shifted, perhaps, in inky black pools to teh Spring in question, and then the Spring of the Court. He was trying hard to remember that whole surface etiquite things. Not his forte.

The Queen looks to Rorschach, then to Paige beside him. It's a touch rude, surely, but considering the gravity of the situation, Pook is apparently willing to risk that rudeness. He's frowning still. His attention shifts back to Oberon. "Then, you will join in a pledge with me. For one lunar-..." He pauses, to look past Oberon, at Beatrice's departure. The Queen's eyes narrow just a touch. Then his eyes are back on Oberon. "For one lunar month you will not speak a single word. Should you, your voice will be lost to you forever. During this time you, you will will seek out those of your Freehold, to learn from them, to better understand the needs of the Freehold, and how, so often, we must put the Freehold above ourselves. I will also ask the Waylady to dismiss you from the Wayhouse. You are unfit to serve there," Pook decides. "During this time of penance and quiet contemplation, I will take it upon myself to ensure you are not killed by your fellow Lost. I hope you can understand that this is no minor task. The desire is surely present amongst some," Pook explains. There's a moment pause, then he reaches a hand into his pocket to produce from it a folded sheet of paper. "The pledge. Read it, then speak it aloud." You paged Oberon with 'The pledge: I recognize the danger I have invited into the Freehold. I recognize that I have failed in my duties. While I endeavor to do better, I will accept the punishment decided for me by the Crown of Fate's Harvest. I will not speak a word for one lunar month, and in exchange, I will be welcome to stay in the Freehold. If I should fail, may my voice be taken from me forever.'

Paige's eyes narrow at Beatrice's departure and she glances at Rorschach, signing something before she heads for the door to close it. Oh, she's not happy with Beatrice, but she just locks the door before returning to her previous post. Beatrice heads out through the many-patterned door, leaving the hearth hall. Beatrice has left.

Oberon picks the piece of paper and starts reading:"I recognize the danger I have invited into the Freehold. I recognize that I have failed in my duties. While I endeavor to do better, I will accept the punishment decided for me by the Crown of Fate's Harvest. I will not speak a word for one lunar month, and in exchange, I will be welcome to stay in the Freehold. If I should fail, may my voice be taken from me forever."

Rorschach glanced to the Lieutenant and nodded, and as Queen Pook's not asked for interjection just folded his hands behind his lower back and observed. No Lost were to kill him? There was a slow nod from teh insect assassin. That was understood. Right, neeeeew directive then. Pledges though, were a serious occasion, and as such, even the Moon Courtier took that with a weighted seriousness. That was theris to protect, that pledge would enforce itself on its own. Other Lost? That would be insteresting considering the hive of bees that was jostled.

Pook waits for Oberon to recite the words, clearly with just a touch of apprehension. When the words are spoken, Pook's expression lightens, just a bit. He inclines his head. "Savor those words, my child. For they are your last for a month," he says. There's a pause, and then Pook starts to speak again. He needs no paper, to speak his part of the pledge. And as he speaks it, the Wyrd stirs about them. Manifested through Spring, thorugh a breeze, through the smell of wet earth and grass, through the dancing of the flames of the fire that burns behind the Queen.

"I recognize the danger that has been invited into the Freehold. I recognize that I have failed to provide the guidance needed to one of my subjects. While I endeavor to do better, I will do all I can to keep my wayward Freeholder alive and well, and keep him in the Freehold. Should I fail in my duty, may I be cursed for one lunar month." And so, the Pledge is made real. You paged Oberon with 'You can type +pledge 8 to see it.'

Paige focuses on Oberon as he makes his pledge, and glances back to Rorschach for a moment, then to the Queen, before she goes back to watching Oberon, especially as that feel of a pledge being sealed happens.

Oberon, voiceless, just waits for the Queen's part of the pledge happens and the Wyrd do seal it. When it's done, he offers the piece of paper back and waits calmly for whatever comes next. The remaining Lost are, still, being ignored. Oberon pages: Do I remain a member of the Freehold and keep my rank in the Greenies? You paged Oberon with 'Yeah, still in the freehold. And those groups have their own leaders. I don't think Pook can remove anyone, just make recommendations.'

With the pledge sealed, and without any further comments from Oberon (as if he could make them), Pook offers up a warm smile. "Thank you, Oberon. Please let this be a bump in the road. That your journey ahead will be free from further mistakes," he says. Then he reaches out and accepts the paper, folds it back up, and tucks it back into a pocket inside his jacket. "That is all. Please go," he says, giving a rather polite order to the big Fairest. He'll then remain silent, until Oberon is gone.

Oberon just nods and departs. In silence, of course.