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H06 - Hedge - Looptrod - Steepscrabble

A shifting slope of scree blankets the mountainside in ever-changing trails, interrupted solely by upthrust protrusions of what may be granite, gnarled trees and the dessicated, wind-tossed lines of trailing vines which valiantly strive to strangle out the sky. Strive, and fail. More open to light than not, the path travels beneath sun and moon in a steep, avalanche-prone sojourn down the mount, and up, always up, bent trees clinging gracelessly to cold stone on the way up toward the summit, not too far at all. Split and twisted bone marks where unfortunates have met with fate, on-path and off-, small creatures waiting in the shadows of the stones, watching, eager for an opportunity to feast.

This high, the forest view extends for an inestimable distance to all sides, Hedge-strangeness just bordering on too far, too far in, to safely keep sight of the mortal world beyond the ever-shifting boundaries. The air is crisp and cold at any season, carrying little scent at all, grey stone and faint pine-sap.

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