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A New Recruit

Close enough. I'm good at fighting. Defending people would work well with that. As long as there's challenges to keep things interesting at times.


Damion King, Jonah Joseph

14 March, 2017

Damion meets Jonah, Damion becomes the newest member of the Harvestment, and they discuss a few pertinent issues.



The overlarge cavern that serves as the Freehold's hollow is usually rife with activity the longer the day goes. Hobs and Lost move about with their own business while a few chat it up about this and that. Off near the training area is the easy to find giant of a captain. Currently, he's overwatching two men take potshots at the dummies down range with their hedgespun rifles. The horned giant's standing there in jacket, jeans, and is sans shoes as he shouts, "Make sure to keep hitting the body. C'mon Rodriguez, you can do better than that."

Likewise pretty easy to spot, though not as tall as Jonah, is Damion. The Draconic Fairest enters the hollow wearing a suit of organic looking riot armor. Close inspection would reveal it to actually be dark colored scales and leather. A massive sword is angled across his back, an oversized revolver with a pearl and gold grip is holstered on his right leg. He studies the Freehold, looking for somebody who matches the description he was given. He quickly sees somebody, and makes his way towards the training yard. He considers Jonah carefully as he draws near. Finally he comes up behind him. "Jonah? I was told to talk to you." His voice is a smooth, warm bass. He'll offer an oversized hand wearing a glove with slightly pointed fingers to the Captain.

Jonah turns around to greet Damion with a bit of undue scrutiny for a beat, and then extends his own hand to take Damion's. "Good afternoon, but I'm afraid you got me at a disadvantage," notes aduring a brief handshake. "Is it about that message I sent to the Custodians? If it is I think I figured most of it out except the turtles, but that's why the scoutting party's going out there."

Damion blinks once at the words from the bigger Lost, giving a brief squeeze during the handshake. "No, it's not that. I'm newly Pledged to the Freehold. In the past, my experiene with Freeholds has always been helping with... pest control, and the like. It sounds like your group is the closest to that, so it seemed logical I should talk to you. What's this about turtles?"

Jonah's eyes go wide with Damion's answer, and then he shakes his head. "That's my bad. I thought you were somebody else coming for me. As for the turtles, it's complicated." A dry chuckle catches at the back of his throat as he looks over to steal a glance of the recruits going through their target practice. "'m the Captain of the Harvestmen, but we don't necessarily do much pest control. We're about protecting the Freehold as needed, and giving some proper defense when folks need to wander the Hedge."

One broad shoulder rises and falls in response. "Close enough. I'm good at fighting. Defending people would work well with that. As long as there's challenges to keep things interesting at times." Damion crosses his arms over his chest and adds, "You have me curious, now. I'd like to hear the story about the turtles, and why they're important enough to be sending out scouts to look into them." His head turns as he talks, watching the recruits shooting and trying to gauge how good of shots they are.

Jonah lifts both hands in innocence, and admits, "I can't say if things will or won't be a challenge. The hedge is a mystery, and a muddled one at that." He shakesh is head, arms dropping to his sides for now. "Turtle, singular. Do you know about the Watchers?"

Damion thinks about that for a time. "Hmm. They...might have mentioned that group? The Harvestmen were the ones that sounded interesting, so I paid the most attention to it. I would assume though, that the Watchers watch things. Unless you were going for an ironic name. Alright, single turtle. Which makes me wonder all the more what's so special about it."

"Watch things is kinda close, but not completely there. We see things, usually of the futuristic variety. Only problem is that it always doesn't make sense, and not ever sees the same things." Jonah looks off to the entrance of Stoneheart, and nods. "It's somewhere off near Skip-A-Step, and the scouts are going to be checking that out. Just a small group I sent out there, though, since I want to actually know what's out there before we send a squad. We're primarily occupied with getting our own headquarters, and ensuring that we can find something decent enough to defend ourselves along with mobilizing if need be."

Damion raises a brow. "So you're a member of two groups? Interesting. And you're seers." He begins to pace, walking back and forth with restless motions. "Hmm. A big turtle I take it? I'm kind of curious what it looks like now. I suppose I probably shouldn't go check it out on my own..." Which isn't to say he wouldn't. Just, he probably shouldn't. "Looking for your own headquarters, huh? I imagine with an area that's newly colonized like this, there's a lot of choice spots for Hollows that haven't been found yet."

"Choice spots are one thing, but preference goes to finding something already here. Something fortified at the very least, or in a decent enough spot as you said." He shrugs, an idle thing during the conversation. "And, if I had to be 100% honest, something that doesn't require the bigger folks to crouch, duck, and hope we don't give ourselves a concussion."

That draw a chuckle. "Yeah. That would be nice. I've made sure that my gym has nice, high ceilings and doorways." Damion stops. "So...is there anything like provisional membership with the Harvestmen? To see how well I fit into the group? Or is ita ll or nothing?" He studies the face of what he assumes is an ogre, eyeing the horns. Those seem a bit bigger than most he's run across.

Jonah nods in response, and then motions off towards the recruits firing at their targets. "We're more like a militia than an army. If you're in, then you're in. However, you're in as a recruit for the season. You'll have the duties of a recruit along with training from the privates and LTs. You especially need to meet Teach. After a season, that's when it'll be on either me or an LT to determine if you're ready to be promoted to private."

Damion nods again. "Right then. Who's Teach? I'll try to meet them as soon as I can." He glances at the recruits. "I got a feeling I'm a bit more experienced than the average recruit though." He reaches up and taps the hilt of his sword. "I harvested the bones for this myself. Same for the armor."

"Winter. Lady that usually trains the recruits. Runs a bread and breakfast type place. Whether you're a bit more experienced or you're fresh into the freehold doesn't change things." He then nods off to the recruits. "Leonard over there's been fighting for ten years, and it doesn't change it."

Damion nods. "If you say so. I'll get in touch with this Teach lady." He offers his hand briefly to the Ogre again. "It was good meeting you. I'm sure it'll be interesting working together. But, I have some things I need to talk care of about the construction of my gym. So I should head out."

"I look forward to it, but I'll be honest with you. Most of your actions will be under one of the LTs more often than not, or one of the more tenured Privates when I need to send out folks on a mission. Past that, there's also gaurding the others of the Freehold when they ogtta go to through the Hedge." He then turns his attentions back to the recruits. "If Teach says you're more than good enough to go in a fight, then it's fine by me."

Damion nods to Jonah. "Mmm. Well, I guess we'll see." He turns. "Take care Jonah." Then he head for the exist from the Hollow.