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H05 - Hedge - Looptrod - Echo's Lament

A rocky gash in the granite mountainside shows signs of regular use -- and regular ambush, the bones of travelers an ivory filigree about the bases of the tree-lined cliffs which hug the trod within their greedy reach. A crow's eye sees a straight ravine three man-heights deep, but those upon the trod itself will find a turn-fraught path, with little room and sharply-edged, blood-hungry stones. At its narrowest points, a single traveler would fit, sideways; at its widest, three abreast, its depth likewise variable and, with some small skill, quite easy to climb. Of course, there are lovely broad smooth stones there in the sunlit up-above, the cliff's edges -- if one chooses to leave the path.

On the upper end of the canyon's sloping course across the mount, the rise dips gradually downward toward a soggy, squelching, reeksome bog, no less appealing than the scree-slope at the Lament's lower end, albeit for different reasons.

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  • Kerringan's Sacrfice, Harvestmen Hollow

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