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H04 - Hedge - Looptrod - Soggy Hob Marsh

Existing in a dip of the mountainside, the efforts of industrious Hobs at damming waterways have left the trod an unenviable trail to trace through boggy, soggy marshland on its way across the slope, half-seen glimpses of rocky cliffsides visible now and again deeper into the Hedge. Slimy tendrils of clinging vines rake over all who pass along the endless labyrinth, dangling from dead and dying pines whose branches dip and bow under their weight. Some have broken entirely, half-sunk within the mire. Losing one's footing here can leave one floundering waist deep in wild Hedgelands, sans trod, or lose the foot entirely; Changelings aren't the only ones who prefer drier ground.

Many thinner trails lead off into the marsh, inviting weary eyes and feet to leave the trod and take their chances with the ghostly lights so kindly there to guide the way.

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