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H03 - Hedge - Looptrod - The Windwater Spring

The distinction between 'here' and 'not here' is sharply demarcated on all sides by a too-crisp, too-neat wall of glossy stone fully broad enough to serve as a road, though wall may be a misnomer; it is barely a handswidth high. The air is still and calm above the open surface of the pool within the deep grey stone, fathomlessly dark, its depths unguessable, touched only by the rippling of the wind which isn't there and never is. While storms may rage outside the circle's wall, the sky is always clear, always bright, always open -- as are, so rumours say, the minds of those who dare to drink out of the spring. Beware the cup which ripples without aid.

The trod continues straight along the wall and off the other side, disappearing into the thick undergrowth and deceptive turnings of the Hedge.

<< Mechanically: -3 to resist Contracts which affect emotions/thoughts.
If water is mixed with other fluids, rippling is invisible, but effect is diminished to -1 penalty.
Duration: 6 hours pure, 3 hours mixed.
In a container, water loses power/stops rippling in ONE day.
If lid is open to natural wind, power is lost in TWO. >>

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