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Dawn Court - May 2018

Annapurna as Heather Vale (NPC). Lux, Ivan, Weaver, Velvet, Melissa, Kelsey, Raymond, Carter, Lyric, Isolde, Poppy, Ben, Whisper, Aeros, Hope, Ashe, Logan

23 May, 2018

Queen Heather Vale of the Dawn Court holds Court for the Freehold, inviting newcomers to pledge and hearing announcements and concerns.


H06 - Stoneheart

      In the mortal world, the day has been clear, bright and warm, t-shirt weather for sure, though the ground is still wet from recent rains. In the Hedge...well. The Hedge is the Hedge. This particular section of it is perfectly lovely -- until it isn't. Those entering the Freehold's Hollow may note a certain prevalence of springy flowers and decorations, ribbons spiraling around anything which can be spiraled around, the hand of a certain Reginald Pook ensuring none forget that, while Dawn won the Crown, the season is still Spring.

      Past the training grounds and into the Broken Hearth itself, the flowers continue, though Heather's hand can be seen here, Dawn's roses, golds and peachy hues predominant. There is water and a few basic snacks for those who wish to eat snacks, and, yes, there are cupcakes. A platter of them has a white cardstock placard with the words 'YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO' written in calligraphic script. Anyone who does try them will find that A) they are rainbow coloured inside, and B) dye teeth/tongue a different colour with each bite.

      Most of the Council is seated at their table beyond the fire, which is a brilliant chartreuse this evening, streaked through with fuchsia, and smells .. not bad? It smells a bit like yearning and melancholy. Whatever the hobs are burning, it isn't mortal wood.

The Witch King of Angmar is here. Ashe is seated at the Council table, next to Reginal Pook. Much like she always is, because she likes scaring the bejesus out of the Spring Councilor. She's dressed in her usual head to toe black robes and not an inch of skin or anything showing. Uvall is perched atop her head and is meanwhile being fed from a gauntled hand of the Autumn. She is quiet per her usual. Not speaking until it's needed.

Logan is timely, dressed in Hedgespun finery today that makes him look like Prince Charming searching for a scullery maid with a nice foot, all white with a white cape and gold trim, buttons, and the like. He's got the rapier by his side and everything. Light beams around him as he enters, though he does not move to a seat. He wanders a little with his arms folded, smiling at those he knows and recognizes, giving curiously friendly looks and nods to those he does not. He hasn't been seen at court in a little while.

Hope sits at the blue table with Whisper and Aeros, dressed in her usual black with her long silver hair swept up into a loose bun at the back of her head. The pale doctor has made a recent return, along with her companions, to the Freehold after some time away on some adventures or another. She sits quietly, some water in front of her but otherwise refraining from snacking.

      Ben comes into the room covered by a hoodied robe made of many rags stitched together poorly. Their fabrics varying, but some of them are easily recognized as leather, skin and even a few feathers here and there. Though, all have a common thing, they're all dyed or naturally black. The pitchest black. The long sleeves and the big hood cover completely its user and from the sleeves drips a black oily substance that disappears upon hitting the floor. One one hand, the man carries a mask made of the skull of a deer. From its antles hang tiny pieces of glasses, dried herbs and animals bones. The view is of a witch that picked a male face to wear tonight. An intimidating, powerful witch.

      By his side, though, comes something completelly opposed to him. A flower in its spring climax. A delicate woman of soft pink hair and pretty face exhaling the scent of fressia. The two of them pairing together to enpower their archetypes by opposition. But they act together and, once they talk briefly, the pair heads to one of the table closer to the table of foods.

Carter, perhaps mercifully for most of the assembled Lost, has made himself as inconspicuous is possible. Which is to say that he has taken a seat in one of the vague and shadowy corners, out of the line of sight of most, and is smoking a cigarette in silence.

Sitting with Hope and Whisper, Aeros is a powerfully built metallic skinned elemental with eyes that glow and crackle with electricity. Glowing lines of traceries run through out his body, reflected in the shiny metal of his flesh. Dressed in a simple black t-shirt, dark jeans and a pair of sneakers he smiles as he lets his glowing gaze slowly roam the room. He's drinking whiskey from the bottle and from time to time he holds it out in offering to Whisper or Hope to see if they want a swig.

Isolde comes in and finds a seat to take in silence. The Grandmaster giving a smile of greeting to those that she knows, but otherwise she doesn't interrupt things too much. She wasn't late, but she didn't want to miss the start of Court either. So she crosses one knee over the other and takes out her notepad to jot down notes as she does normally.

Whisper's been sitting there, honest. She's tucked herself in at the table comfortably, and seems to be watching those that come in with unabashed interest.

It's usually fairly easy to spot someone that's new, which is the case with Lyric. She might enter at Ben's side, but her head is craning this way and that as she looks around, causing that pink hair of hers to shift along her shoulders and back with each movement. She's content enough to stick by his side, though, following him over toward a table after a briefly murmured few words. Along the way, she'll smile at anyone that looks in her direction and anyone close enough will likely pick up on the scent of food that lingers in her wake, along with the scent of freesia.

Raymond was there, largely idling about while occasionaly pulling out his cellphone. There's not even a hint of reception in the hedge, but old habits die hard for the fairest. The achromatic man's dressed in a black t-shirt with the words 'OUT OF THE BOX' on the front, blue jeans, and work boots with their fair share of dirt on them. He eventually sits wherever he can with his gaze focused on the council and the queen.

Unlike many of the Freehold's members, the Queen is dressed in a simple white jersey undershirt beneath a plaid button-down, tails tied over her belly, with dusty, well-loved blue jeans and a pair of shitkicker boots. There's black enough on the starveling Darkling's shadowy skin, hair of velvety ink pulled up into a high and simple tail. Speaking closely with Charlie O, the Winter Councilor, she smiles as she surveys those entering the room, familiar, and unfamiliar, and casts a searching look out over the gathering, eyes of mirror-bright metallic silver seeking something.

When there appears to be a lull in those entering in, she rises from her seat, crowned with a halo of soft rose-gold-white light, and lifts work-roughened hands for silence. "Hey. Thanks for coming. I know it's Memorial Day weekend coming up, so I'll try to make this quick." Ah, the joys of balancing two worlds' demands.

After a last look at the door, she smiles again and lifts a hand, ticking the agenda off on her fingers. "We'll get new pledges pledged first," a finger goes down, "Council, subgroup and Court announcements second," a second finger drops, "Any duels which need attention third," another finger, "and any other announcements, questions or concerns from the members will be discussed after that."

She waves toward the council table, stepping around the outer edge of it, since only Winter is closer to the corner than she is. "Anyone who would like to pledge to Fate's Harvest, please line up."

There's the perhaps inevitable click of heels against the floor as a certain siren picks her way in; she's wearing a loosely-fitting, overly-long black spaghetti tank over a pair of black leggings patterned with purple tentacles, on her feet are a pair of black, stiletto ankle-boots. A silver triangle hangs from a long chain around her neck, breaking up the line of the tank. Poppy pauses by the doorway at the Queen's words, then apparently decides to just hold up the wall for the time being. The cupcakes are given an amused look, but she doesn't take one, instead turning her attention back to any who may be lining up to pledge.

Lyric casts a look around, waiting to see if anyone else happens to stand up. After a moment, she taps a finger lightly against Ben's arm before standing and moving toward the indicated spot to line up. She moves easily, an almost sway to her steps as though she were caught in a slight breeze. Once reaching her spot, fingers lace together in front of herself as she stands, waiting for further instructions.

      Ben listen calmly the Queen's speech and when she invites those that are not sworn to the Freehold already to do so, he turns his gaze to Lyric just in time to see the girl standing up and heading to the said spot to make her pledging. At that point, the Witchtooth glances around and finds Poppy by the door and with a gesture of his head, he invites her to sit at his table.

Ashe's hand rises when Poppy is seen and the Witch King gives her a wave and the Uvall goes to flit about the blonde's head for a moment in greeting before going back to his perch atop the Autumn Councilors. She then lets her head slowly turn to the side to watch those that want to pledge start to line up.

Kelsey slinks in the door, late, quietly and with no theatrics whatsoever. Which might actually have gotten their arrival to escape notice, except for the problem that slinking in that way means they try to duck down along the wall and ... very nearly walk into Poppy. Something is whispered that is probably some version of 'Sorry!'

Poppy smiles brightly as she spies Ashe's wave, then grins at Uvall, offering the bat a wink. She seems content to remain by the wall - at least until Kelsey nearly walks into her. The siren gives the other Autumn an amused smirk, then tilts her head towards a table, murmuring something that the harmonics of her voice render relatively unintelligible to anyone not in her immediate vicinity.

Queen Heather watches the room, mirror-silver eyes echoing her smile when she sees Lyric standing up to make her approach.

"Please, introduce yourself."

Once Lyric has done so, the Queen instructs, "Repeat after me," and, line by line, waiting for Lyric to echo them between each, the shadowy Darkling guides the pink-haired cherry blossom through the text of the pledge.

"I pledge my time, my talents and my fealty to Fate's Harvest.

"I swear that I no longer serve the Fae, nor will I while this promise stands; that while I am under its protection I will obey the principles and bylaws of the Fate's Harvest Freehold as ratified by Monarch and Council, in return for the support and safety they provide.

"May I perish in exile, should I be forsworn."

      Melissa's here of course, eyes scanning the room... And the exits too, perhaps in a semi-paranoid manner. She's not armed, and is wearing a hoodie and jeans right now though her nature as a changeling is obvious to anyone who glimpses the metallic sheen of her too close to gray skin, or the electrical wiring she has for hair. It seems she's arrived just in time for the pledging, and does indeed hear the wording of the pledge. She fidgets nervously, but does join the line to pledge to the Freehold.

Kelsey glances after Poppy's nod, then moves to draw out a chair for her and one for himself, careful not to get in the way of anyone going up to pledge. Candleflame and ocean. This is totally a safe pick for Kelsey's company.

The Woodblood stands quietly, listening to Queen Heather as she speaks, smiling again at her before giving her name. "I am Lyric Desrochers, Spring Courtier and Knight of the Knowledge of the Tongue." Introduction given, she quiets again to listen to the pledge before solemnly repeating it. "I pledge my time, my talents and my fealty to Fate's Harvest," As she speaks, the slightest of French accents can be heard tinging her words as the pledge is repeated, word for word, until she reaches the final line. "May I perish in exile, should I be forsworn."

Arriving late to her first Freehold meeting is probably not the best, but the tiny red freckles that are most certainly little splashes of blood are probably a good indicator of what kept her. Velvet is quiet as she steps into the room, holding the door open for a moment longer so that Weaver can step in behind her. She gestures over to a place where the two can settle in to get a good view of the crowd and catch up on what's happening.

Kelsey!!! Ashe's hand shoots up and the Witch King waves it about in one of those comically dramatic waves when she sees her fellow Autumn sneak in. Well...not really sneaking. She then brings it back down slowly and reactivates Gloom Mode.

      Ben follows Poppy joining another Autumnal in a nearby table, but doesn't interrupt the ritualistic silence. Neither when more newfaces come inside the Hollow and find themselves seats around or line to wait their turn to pledge. Instead, he turns to look at Lyric and nods sagely when the flower finishes her part of the ritual.

Poppy settles into the offered chair, leaning back to murmur something again to Kelsey before she quiets down again, the majority of her attention shifting to the Business At Hand - and the stragglers coming through the door.

Heather Vale, Queen of Dawn, smiles at Lyric when the Spring begins to recite the pledge, her Mantle only visible by the effects it has upon Lyric's own, changes wrought, potentials shown. Once it is complete, the Queen dips her head, accepting the other woman's fealty, and answers, "Thank you, Dame Desrochers. We are grateful for your support, and hope to support you in turn. You may be seated."

Looking out over the room, she inquires, "Are there any others who wish to pledge to Fate's Harvest?"

Weaver comes in behind Velvet, red gaze cast here and there as he crosses the room. Unlike the darkling there's nary a hint of blood to be found on the suit jacket, his dress shirt, or his slacks. He does, however, track mud in with his every step. When the pair do find a table Weaver goes about looking to and fro until the queen speaks.

Augh, spotted! Kelsey returns a much smaller wave toward Ashe, possibly of the oh-god-please nobody-else-up-there-notice-me variety, and flips their tail of hair forward over their shoulder before sinking back down.

      Slowly approaching, Melissa nods. "I... I'm not affiliated with any of the courts, ma'am." she says, "I'd serve under you if you'd have me however." then stands up a bit more straight and says, "Melissa Desrochers, renegade disciplinary officer of Commander Sof, former maid to the Garreau family." with a somewhat habitual salute.

Lyric nods to Queen Heather when she's told that she can be seated, although there's the slightest of pauses in her movements before she smiles at Melissa, especially upon hearing her last name, then she turns to head back toward the rest of the crowd. Quietly, she makes her way over to where Ben is seated, seeking out the one familiar face that she knows.

The Dawn Queen smiles to Melissa as well, or, rather, smiles -down- to Melissa, given the height equation. The other woman IS a wee bit .. well, wee. "You are very welcome, miss Desrochers." Seeing Ivan behind her, Heather confirms, "Heather Vale, Queen of the Auroral Court."

      "Thank you, then." Melissa says, then clears her throat and recites the pledge. "Is there anything else you would have of me?" she asks. "...Or am I holding up the line, somewhat?" she continues further.

Queen Heather smiles to Melissa, accepting her pledge with a warm, "Thank you, miss Desrochers, for trusting us. Please, eat, drink." A hand gestures toward the table as she turns her attention to Ivan, expectant.

Ivan looks at the hand, then back to her "...Who are you to call yourself a queen? Who did you inherit the title from? And most importantly, what have you been doing for the krepostnoi? The serfs?" he folds his arms and waits for an answer expectantly "The little domovoi in the hedge-place told me of you, they said good things, but they are tricky little devils, they lie and decieve when it suits them, I would hear from you what manner of Tsarina you are."

Poppy smothers a soft laugh at her table; clearly that conversation has nothing to do with pledging. She manages a more serious face, however, glancing towards the exchange happening up front. Back in a shadowy, out of the way corner of the room, Carter chuckles to himself low in his throat and shakes his head.

Velvet isn't seated, she is more lurking at a side wall so that she can keep the entire room, and doors, in view. Her eyes narrow a little bit at the way that the questions are phrased, glowing eyes burning as she studies Ivan's profile for a moment. She stays silent, with a hip against the wall, watching.

Hope continues to observe from where she sits with Aeros and Whisper, and at some point switched from her water to sharing from Aeros' flask of whisky. With one leg neatly crossed over the other, she observes the others in the room, leaning in against Aeros' side comfortably.

Giving Ivan a look of brief puzzlement, Heather tilts her head as she hears him out, lashes flickering in minute concentration over mirror-silver eyes each time he uses an unfamiliar word. When he seems to be finished, the Queen studies his expressions, quirks a wry smile, and answers, "It is the custom of the Freeholds in the West to be led by one voice, so that in times of crisis, swift action and leadership may be maintained. My Crown is not inherited, but rather earned, given to me by the Wyrd itself as recognition of their belief in me as their leader. In a month's time, I will relinquish the Crown to its new ruler, be that Summer or Sun, as the cycle continues. This is my second service as monarch; last year, Mr. Pook-" she tips her head, glancing back toward the dandified Spring, who twinkles lemon-scented fingers at Ivan, "-and Spring were the dominant voice in the cycle." She pauses, a single brow lifting. "If I mistreat those who swear fealty to the Freehold through me, I will not -have- a crown."

Ashe's head turns when Ivan starts asking questions like some other people did way back when. She slowly reaches over to twirl one of Reginalds blonde curls around a black gloved finger and she watches the Queen and Ivan with interest. She gives a nod at the answers given. Waiting to see Ivan's reaction.

Ivan says, "So you are Premier?" he pauses "And you willingly give up power to the next? That is more then I could say of many leading comrades back home. Very well, I will follow you until the season changes or it becomes apparent you have nothing but contempt for the Prolitariat. Considering the looks I am getting for questioning you, I would say that last one is quite unlikely" he holds out a bony hand to shake hers, but withdraws it if she seems to be nonplussed by the gesture."

Reginald Pook, having been contemplating the man before the Queen, delivers an impeccable and pointed sniff when Ashe's hand moves toward his curls, chin high, a lifted, dainty handkerchief fluttered in a shoo-shoo gesture toward the Autumn Councilor. The fact that he edges away, oh so slightly, as one might be forgiven for edging away from a rather large black spider, goes entirely uncommented upon.

Queen Heather smiles to Ivan, displaying no hesitation when the bony Ivan's hand is offered for a shake. "Thank you. Please, introduce yourself. This is but a fraction of the freehold's membership; I'm afraid we can seldom afford to gather everyone together at one time."

And, once Ivan has done so, the Dawn Queen walks him through the pledge as she had done with Lyric and Melissa, having him repeat each line until it is all sworn.

Poppy smothers another smirk behind her hand at the interplay between Reginald and Ashe, then focuses on the ongoing exchange between the Dawn monarch and the Russian. Opalescent eyes flicker briefly to her Autumn table-mate, and she murmurs something else.

Ivan Gives a salute "Ivan Abakumov, Starshina of the Red Army, 51st Army, 9th rifle corps. Not that any of that means anything to Americans of this age, but there was a time we put the fear of god in the fascists and worker's steel into their bellies." he pauses "Also Ogre of the Summer court" he says almost as a footnote to the other titles

Kelsey had been fluttering eyelashes at Poppy. Right up till that last sentence tacked on to Ivan's self-introduction, at which point they stop to take their attention off their tablemate and blink at Ivan instead. (With considerably less mock-flirting.)

Queen Heather glances around the room, but when it seems no one else is leaping to their feet to pledge, she smiles to Ivan again and dips her head. "Welcome to Fate's Harvest, Mr. Abakumov." The pronunciation isn't -quite- right, but it's at least obvious that she is trying. "Please, take a seat." With a last smile, she takes her own advice and sidesteps to return to the other side of the Council table, sliding into her seat between Winter's Charlie O and the Autumn-beleaguered Pook.

"Councilors? We will begin with you." One by one, she glances at the Seasonal, Transitional and Solar Court leaders. "The leaders of our subgroups will be next."

Weaver catches sight of the staring and rises from his seat. He moves over to Velvet, nuding her side to catch her attention. The draconic whispers something about daggers and drinks, and soon enough crosses the room to get a couple of them. When he returns it's with a drink for her, and he starts downing his right away.

Meredith Ryan, Summer Councilor, bumps her fist against her chest in lazy salute when Ivan declares himself a member of her Court.

Ashe rises, "The Autumn Court missed their monthly meeting due to an emergency on my end. So I wanted to offer my apologies to them." she dips her head to the gathered. "The Beast That Haunts hunt will be starting back up, but we'll talk about that in our next meeting. So Autumns of the Freehold and non Freehold Autumns are encouraged to attend." the Witch King states. Then she sits down.

Poppy doesn't /quite/ snicker at Kelsey, but it's close. She does glance over towards the councilors as Heather suggests they make announcements, giving full attention to Ashe as Autumn takes its turn. The siren's expression turns thoughtful at the mention of the Beast.

Reginald Pook of Spring simply wafts his handkerchief in a dramatic flutter, declining Heather's invitation with a light, "We muddle on, majesty. I do believe I heard mention of an excellent bottle of cherry liqueur, however, broken on the practice grounds." Dandy and disgruntled, the perfectly coifed and curled blonde notes, "The perpetrator owes me a new pair of slippers."

Velvet smirks faintly at the murmur from Weaver, her head giving a single bob before he's off to get them both a drink. She doesn't move from the wall as she continues to watch the room. Ashe has her full attention a moment later as the Autumn finally gets her chance to put a face to the name. She takes the drink offered a moment later, sipping as she listens.

Ivan says, "Hrm...yes I recall him, after Stalingrad our platoons met up to march on Berlin, he fought well, killed many Fascists, had a terrible sense of humor." he lets out a chuckle "And sold my comrades many american pin up calendars. I will admit, we needed that after the siege.""

Charlie O of Winter shakes his head, giving Heather a 'you already know' look which she nods to in reply.

Tracy MacGregor of Moon speaks up, his height sufficient even without standing, voice deep. "New members have joined us."

The Moons, or the freehold?

Whatever the answer is, the taciturn fellow doesn't seem to be elaborating on the point.

Katie Jones of Dusk simply waves the question off entirely, and Helah Morgenstern of the Sun Court, notably NOT seated near her Moon antagonist, reports to those gathered that, "The Found Path's efforts to support the Freehold continue."

Meredith Ryan of Summer lifts a fist in solidarity with Helah, then pushes herself up with a scrape of wood over the floor. "Summer's almost upon us. Are we gonna sit around like sheep or show the world we're someone to be reckoned with? You heard Ashe. Fight. Protect what's ours." And, with a sidelong glance at Tracy MacGregor, she adds a sly, "Drink a lot of booze."

This, notably, does not please the solemn Helah of Sun.

Meredith drops back into her seat after hooking a foot behind a leg to drag it closer to the table once again.

Queen Heather, having remained silent, covers a smile at Meredith's last remark, then looks about the room for any subgroup leaders. "The Wayhouse is busy this evening, but I'm told there have been no threats of any serious nature since our last meeting. Logan Brenner and those who have volunteered to aid the freehold in the search are on their way to make diplomatic contact with the unknown changelings to the north. We look forward to their safe return."

Isolde, as the only other leader she sees, is gestured toward. "Grandmaster?"

Lux enters, at last. There is a hint of anger in her green eyes, but the high Wyrd Vizier seems to be directing that anger inward. Her movements are a bit blocky because of it, stiff with less of the natural feeling grace she usually moves with. Most likely this anger has something to do with being late. So she moves into the area, glancing around, taking in faces, matching names. And generally moving forward toward the front of the room in little trips here and there, before finding a spot to stay.

      Melissa seems to pause for a moment, but then sidles over towards Ivan and simply hugs on him from the side. Seems someone's in need of stability. Not that she minds that he's mostly frozen, either.

Isolde rises in her usual graceful way and she gives a dip of her head to the Queen, "Your Majesty, at the moment, the Greenies are replenishing their stocks of hedgefruit and we're also replenishing the recruits as we've lost more than a few. So if you're in this room tonight or if you're newly pledged and you are a healer or you have a way with hedgefruit and you want to become a Greenie and help heal and make healing remedies and things of that nature, please come and see me. Or come and see me at the Green Gardens real world side or call me. I'm easy to get ahold of for Greenie or Spring Court matters." she smiles. "Or if you have a rash that won't go away after seven days." she smiles brightly as she settles down again.

Velvet glances towardsd Lux as she enters, noting the rage and tripping with a flicker of concern in her eyes. She finally pushes away from the wall, finishing off her drink and leaving the glass with Weaver as she steps towards Lux, coming up along the woman's side. She murmurs something to the woman quietly before trying to catch the attention of Queen a moment later. "I have something for the Harvestmen as well, if there's time, your Majesty." she informs.

Ivan looks over at Melissa and nods "It has been a long time since I was last among my men, yes..." Lyric's attention has been wandering from person to person as they speak, her gaze tracking over them. But when Isolde stands up and says her bit, it causes the Woodblood to sit a little taller, as if something has caught her attention. She smiles to herself, although glances back toward Ben to give a nod to something he's asked.

Lyric's attention has been wandering from person to person as they speak, her gaze tracking over them. But when Isolde stands up and says her bit, it causes the Woodblood to sit a little taller, as if something has caught her attention. She smiles to herself, although glances back toward Ben to give a nod to something he's asked.

There's a flicker of Hope's gaze over in Isolde's direction as the woman speaks, studying her from whre she sits, a thoughtful look crossing her expression, and perhaps a mental note made for later. She doesn't interrupt the procedings for the time being, however.

Lux glances at Velvet as the other woman steps up close. "Fine," she says, keeping her voice down but not bothering to try and hide it. The pool of light about her feet is agitated, bubbling and boiling, sending more of the light-smoke into the air than normal. The wisps that float about her filled with lightning that forks toward her with every branch, striking inward. She turns her attention away from Velvet, watching the Queen with a more thoughtful expression. Eventually the lightning in her wyrd infused mien calms, becoming more blank light.

Queen Heather lightly adds, "Or a fungus in the head..." with a small sigh of amused exasperation. "Thank you, Grandmaster." Hearing Velvet, she lifts a hand to gesture for the woman to speak. Lux is given a brief look and a nod of acknowledgement when she steps in, the Vizier's power -- and none too subtle effort to acquire a place at the front of the room -- eliciting a small smile.

Leaning over to bump into Hope's shoulder, Aeros takes back the flask of whiskey and takes a swig. A look is given to Whisper as one brow lifts to look from her to the rest of the room and the speaks as they speak. The metal skinned elemental keeps his mouth shut still and instead frowns as he finds the flask nearly empty.

Whisper's brows lift faintly in return at Aeros, then she glances at Hope as well. She studies Hope for a longer moment then Aeros before she murmurs something quietly to them both.

"You know how to find me if that changes," Velvet murmurs towards Lux before spotting the gesture from the Queen. Velvet's attention turns towards the gathered. "At the moment, the Harvestment are without leadership, but the recruits and members are banding together to make sure nothing falls under the wayside. If you're interested in joining those that fight for the safety of the Freehold, I would suggest speaking with Tryptych when she returns from the venture to the North. But there is a more immediate issue that falls under the banner of keeping us all safe.

"I don't know how many of you read the warning Tryptych posted for everyone to see about not going into the Hedge alone right now, but I want to reiterate it, and to make it know to our newest arrivals. I was asked to help deliver a message recently and in doing so found a member of the Lost who had been kidnapped by other Lost, tortured, and was having his limbs severed off and handed out as food to the local Hobs." There's no mincing words with Velvet, she wants them to understand what's at stake if they risk going out alone. The ones who captured and tortured this man were... dispensed of. But there are others. I am looking for those willing to help find and rid us of them as well. Scouts, warriors, everything is needed. I could also use someone who is able to decipher languages, even made up ones." Her eyes shift towards the Autumn table for a moment before looking back out over the crowd. "If you have interest in helping with this cause, find me. If you have interest in joining the Harvestment, speak with Tryptych. Or me, and I will pass the message on."

"I'd be interested in helping out." Whisper speaks up, getting briefly to her feet when she speaks up so that there's a face to go with the voice, "If you could spare the time for a discussion after."

From the blue table Aeros wets his lips then drains the last of the whiskey from the flask. Putting it aside the elemental stands and then points to his two companions, Hope and Whisper. What ever it was he was going to say is left unsaid as Whisper speaks up. Smiling when she has said her piece he follows her words with, "We'd give a hand to the Harvestmen. I don't know if any of us would join this group but we'd help. We have a diverse set of skills and a ton of experience between us." Pausing the elemental looks to Hope then Whisper with a smile as he adds, "Where do we start then? This discussion Whisper requests?" With that said he awkwardly looks around then sits, bumping Whisper with his shoulder.

      "That's horrible." Melissa says, "I'd do anything I can to help. Scout, fight, even handle interrogations if necessary." she observes, "I don't like interrogations, but someone assaulting other lost and /feeding/ parts of them to hobs is just plain wrong." she observes.

Hope inclines her head in agreement with Aeros and Whisper when they offer their help, wordlessly giving her own as well.

There is a hint of amusement in Lux's green eyes directed at Velvet, before she turns her attention back to the Queen. She listens carefully to Velvet, watching the Queen the entire time. Then her eyes are glancing around the room. Ashe is noticed, a tip of her head toward the Custodian Elect. The Three who offer to help, sitting together at the Blue table, are given a longer look, a studying one as lux folds her hands behind her back, observing.

After waiting for any volunteers to step forward, Queen Heather nods to Velvet, then the room at large. "Thank you all for volunteering, and thank you, Velvet, for bringing it to our attention. If anyone is aware of Czcibor's whereabouts, I would appreciate a word with him regarding his absence." The Darkling frowns, then shakes her head. "Velvet, if you don't mind, please speak with Tryptych and write a report together of the incident for the Custodians. We must maintain a record."

Here, the Queen flicks a glance toward Ashe, as Custodian Elect, and tips her head toward Velvet in silent request for Ashe to handle it.

"If there is nothing else from the subgroups, we'll move on to duels. Have there been any offenses this past month which require the justice of the Freehold?"

With an incline of her head, Velvet offers a quick, "Of course, your majesty," towards Heather, then towards Ashe before she takes a step back. Lux gets a quick wink, the darkling having spotted that momentary amusement on the other woman's face. "Thank you," she murmurs to those who volunteer. "I'll stick around after the meeting if you want to speak then about the details. Or we can schedule a good time to all sit down and talk." Velvet's head bobs towards them before she moves back towards the wall where she was perched before.

Ashe gives a nod to the Queen and then gives a nod to Velvet and Lux as well. Then the cloaked and robed woman settled back and feeds the bat that's chilling on top of her head some more. Not saying anything for the time being. She was listening though.

When no requests are forthcoming, Queen Heather nods, and spreads her hands. "Then I open the floor to any other announcements or requests. We are done for the evening once they are complete."

      "If it wouldn't be too out of line-" Melissa says, "I'd like to have some help finding a court to pledge to, given that I can't very well just sit here doing nothing for the Freehold. Having a direct channel for that would be beneficial, I think." she says.

Ashe gives a look to Melissa and while there's no face to be seen, there's warmth in her voice, "I would like to offer some advice in seeking a court. Meet with people from each one. See which emotion or Court you fit best with. Or whose ideals best fit you. Autumn for example is the Court of Fear. The Leaden Mirror. But it's not always about being spooky or setting out to scare someone out of their wits. There's depths to each court. Investigating each is useful. I'd be happy to speak with you on Autumn, as I'm sure any of my fellow Courtiers would be as well." she admits.

Velvet nods to Ashe's words, her agreement easy to read on her face. "She is absolutely right. Though, it's also very important for you to understand that you are not required to have a court. You are more than capable of contributing to the Freehold and your fellow Lost without claiming one. There is no shame in taking your time to realize who you are and where you fit. Even if 'fitting' means being without a Court."

After watching Ashe finally speak of something, Lux heads her way. She moves gracefully, the stiffness of earlier gone as she heads to the Custodian Elect. She stops beside the Legate, tipping her head in respect to her position in Court and Freehold - in fact there is the slightest hint of curtsy as well, though it is slight. "When you've a moment Custodian Elect, I would speak with you regarding my memebership in the Custodians," she murmers to the other woman, before turning back to watch the rest of the court.

Ashe looks to Lux from her spot at the Councilors table and there's a nod of her robed head, "Yes, Lux." she states to the Vizier. Then she turns back in her seat and focuses back on Court.

When no further announcements or requests are made, Queen Heather rises, claps her hands once, and declares, "Then with that, Court is adjourned. Thank you all for coming."

She looks to Melissa and suggests, "Miss Desrochers, I second the Autumn Councilor's suggestion -- find members of the Courts, speak with them, learn from them. Find the Court which most calls to you."

With that, the other Councilors slowly begin to rise, scooping up belongings and preparing to depart.

Lyric takes a few moments to speak quietly to Ben as the pair stand up from where they were sitting. After giving him a smile, she slips around the table and heads in Isolde's direction.

There is a brief bit of amusement in Lux's eyes at Ashe, then nods her head. "Thank you. I did not expect you forgot, Custodian Elect. I am simply a proactive sort, and always make sure to push for what is ahead." She tips her head again to Ashe, then gives a slight smile. "I haven't had a chance to talk much with you. Is Aaron's Mantle project continuing apiece? I am sorry I have little to contirbute to that..." And she'll likely go on talking shop as long as Ashe lets her

Standing up, Aeros stretches out with a smile before nodding to Hope and Whisper. "We survived. I think its time to go get more whiskey." A wink is given as the elemental leaves the table to refill his flask.