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The Bright Eclipse at Noon:

Lux, the Vizier of Light.
RP Hooks
  • Yes, Its her.: Lux was played at The Reach, and this is the same character. She has grown, in some ways, but was never one who really belonged there in The Reach. Now she has moved here. Why? Because it felt right. What she did there remain with her, and if you knew Lux at the Reach, you would know her here.
  • Office of the Vizieral Counsel: Do you need magical advice? Do you need help in ruling a small kingdom or duchy? Perhaps you need a dose of advice about how to deal with unruly rebels. Whatever your case may be, Lux is your girl. Come ask her about it.
  • Courtless: There was some ... difficulty... with the last court she belonged too, a small local thing. She left in a hurry, and renounced her bonds to that court. Perhaps you might tempt her to yours?
  • Damn, woman. You scary. Lux has Gentrified Bearing and Wyrd 8. The Wyrd bleeds off her in waves, and her mien is affected by her very emotions, thanks to her entitlement. Strange things happen around her, and she is not someone that many younger or less experienced Changelings are comfortable dealing with.

  • Light, Politics - You want favors? I got favors to give. You want advice? I got advice. Come chat, lets deal.
  • Magic, Occult, and Viziers - Yes. If you need advice, this is where yo will come for it.
  • Bitch - Oh, did that offend you? Hmm. Interesting.

  • Custodian - Lux has joined the Custodians - If you have events that need recorded, let her know.
Contacts, and known by...
  • November - I remember you Colorful one. I hate that you have it. I will Ignore it.
  • Franklyn - Oh. Oh. How Delicious. Yes please, I'll have another.

Because the Player has a very forgetful memory on whose met whom in terms of Lux/Nuit


OOC Note: These are Logs where LUX was the primary character, but Nuit is always watching from behind the eyes!

  • (2018.04.06)
Amateur Strip Night - 2
  • (2018.04.08)
RST Tournament - 8 April 2018
  • (2018.04.19)
She Walks in Beauty
  • (2018.05.02)
The Mien Study - Briar
  • (2018.05.03)
The Mien Study - Velvet
  • (2018.05.03)
The Mien Study - Weaver
  • (2018.05.10)
The Mien Study - Catherine
  • (2018.05.10)
The Mien Study - Kip
  • (2018.05.10)
The Mien Study - Logan
  • (2018.05.23)
Dawn Court - May 2018
  • (2018.05.26)
The Mien Study - Yesteryear
  • (2018.06.01)
Custodians Meeting: June 2018
  • (2018.06.08)
Entertainment and Power
  • (2018.06.11)
Starless Void
  • (2018.06.19)
Masks for Memories
  • (2019.11.15)
The Return of the Lux