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The Totality Shadow of the Eclipse:

Nuit, The Stalking Blade in Shadow.
RP Hooks
  • Yes, Its her.: Nuit was played at The Reach, and this is the same character. She has grown, in some ways, but was never one who really belonged there in The Reach. Now she has moved here. Why? Because it felt right. What she did there remain with her, and if you knew Nuit at the Reach, you would know her here.
  • Office of the Vizieral Counsel: Nuit doesn't make a big deal of it. So if you are seeking a Vizier, you should probably look elsewhere. cough' Lux cough
  • Courtless: There was some ... difficulty... with the last court she belonged too, a small local thing. She left in a hurry, and renounced her bonds to that court. Perhaps you might tempt her to yours?
  • Damn, woman. You scary. Nuit has Gentrified Bearing and Wyrd 8. The Wyrd bleeds off her in waves, and her mien is affected by her very emotions, thanks to her entitlement. Strange things happen around her, and she is not someone that many younger or less experienced Changelings are comfortable dealing with.

  • Shadows - She tends to hide in them. Maybe you do too?
  • Rumors, Death, Killing - Her name seems to float out there, on the winds and the rumor mills. Did she assassinate for Crown and Court? It's hazy.
  • Shy - Perhaps... perhaps she will get to know you, if you aren't to fierce. She skitters easily, despite the power in her Mien.
Dead Drops

DO you need to get in touch with Nuit? These are deaddrops that Nuit has set up. If she has told you of them, then you can use them. (This list is partially for my memory). Nuit does not have a Phone or email or any other way of contact beyond these deaddrops.

  • A Stone near the Stagbridge with a crescent moon carved in it. Leave a Violet (Flower) with your number/name attached just before sunset and she will contact you soon.
  • In the Thousand Cuts down a shallow canyon marked with a crescent moon is a tiny little steel box. Leave contact information in it, or a message.
  • In the Thousand Cuts, the third canyon after the mile marker is a large boulder with a crack in it. Leave contact information or a message in the crack.
Contacts, and known by...

Because the Player has a very forgetful memory on whose met whom in terms of Lux/Nuit


OOC Note: These are Logs where NUIT was the primary character, but Nuit is always watching from behind the eyes!

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