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Palewraith Kith

References: WM 72
Theme: Forgotten

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: Almost Invisible

Palewraiths thrive in low-visibility conditions, gaining 9-again (/9) to Stealth rolls and ignoring penalties to sight-based perception rolls. Low-visibility is defined as any condition in which a -1 penalty or more is imposed on rolls involving visual perception.

Active Blessing: Light's Aversion

Palewraiths within low-visibility conditions, as defined above, may spend a Glamour to gain +1 to Defense and apply Defense versus firearms. This effect ends if visibility clears or scene ends.

High Wyrd Blessing

The /9 to Stealth rolls is no longer limited to situations of low visibility, and the Palewraith's Defense in low-visibility conditions increases to +2.

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