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Red Rover

Its dark. Dark is good. The light is bad, We'll find this beast. It will be something... to do.


Lolly, Damion King, Nuit, Garth Rodger Rodgers, Saulot as ST

2 July, 2018

Changelings go in search of a lost hedge beast. Part of Lost and Found.


The Wayhouse, Thousand-Corners Trail, Skip-A-Step

Most folks are winding down other than the occasional night owl still roaming about the wayhouse. One such soul is having a monkey of a time. He's in the kitchen while some rockabilly has been turned up just a touch too high. Anyone in Tammarack Falls or in the Freehold probably knows of him, if they haven't they've likely seen many of the fliers he's put up around town. Missing Dog, please call Garth Roger Rogers, Jr. asap, et cetera and so on. Currently, he's munching one of the zuccihini like its corn of the cob while holding up another with his tail. He does have one hand free while he gets his snack on, a newly printed stack of fliers he hands to anyone that happens to wander through the Wayhouse.

Just outside the kitchen, in the steps leading up to the next floor, sits Nuit. Her knees are drawn up into her chest tightly, her arms may be wrapped around them. Its hard to tell because drapped all around her is a cloak of shadows. The cloak - the usual one she wears, bound by hems of moonlight - melds mostly with the pool of inky blackness that sits impossibly over the edge of and sides of several steps around her. It looks like it should flow, tar like, down the steps, but for the moment doesn't seem to be moving other than a slight bubbling of the surface. She sits out of sight from the kitchen but near enough to be easily listening in on the music. Her hood is drawn over her face and she keeps to the shadows, such as they are, within the steps.

It seems like lots of things are happening all over lately. Though the main reason Damion decided to stop by the Wayhouse this late at night was... because. That's it, really. The dragon comes through the front door of the place, glancing around carefully. Hmm. No random Gentry wandering around baking desserts. Seems alright so far. He makes his way further in, following the sound of music towards the kitchen. It's hard to see who exactly that is on the steps, but a big shadow in a lit room is hard to miss overall. He stops briefly to examine Nuit, then raises a large hand their way. "Evening. Doing alright?" He does look into the kitchen, spotting somebody that he... may have seen before? He can't remember.

"No!" Garth pipes up. He has to look up and up and up to meet Damion's gaze with his own. The beast gulps, and then sets down the stack of fliers. Can't let that zucchini go just yet. He tries to offer a smile, but it's a nervous thing that he can't really hide too well. The dark-furred beast stands a mite short at 5'6", and he seemingly shrinks in on himself when looking up to the taller man. He reaches over to take one off the top of the stack, and holds out a flier for Damion. "I'm, um, looking for my, um..." He stutters on that for a moment before he adds, "dog." Another gulp. "He's a hedge beast. Really big. Golden eyes, and um." Before he can get too nervous again he takes another bite of his zucchini. From the look on the picture the dog is a rather large golden retriever, but not the hedge beast he describes.

When you own and operate a strip club, your hours tend to be a bit odd, and Lolly is no exception: it is her night off, by golly, and she is going to spend it somewhere which doesn't reek of booze, bodily fluids and sugar syrup.

Hurrying into the mudroom to get out of the rain, she emits a peep-like *squeak* of startlement when a burst of thunder CRRRAAACK!!-RUMBLE-rumblerumblemumbles somewhere higher up the mountain, flushes in immediate embarrassment, and hastily closes her My Neighbor Totoro-styled umbrella, looking for, then setting it into, the umbrella stand. Her peep-toe kitten heels are not exactly the right footwear for a Dark and Stormy Night, but... well. One works with what one has.

Opening the mudroom door to step into the living room, she freezes, spotting those far Wyrder than she, and .. yes. My, what a lovely chair that is. Far away from Nuit. Such a charming beaten up magazine on the end table! It even comes with perfume samp--

That's a boob. "Oh, fuck!"

Yeah, no. Playboy is hastily flutter-flung away.

Nuit hastens to crawl even further into herself. Her cloak is drawn tighter, her face lowered so that her hood covers even more. She doesn't answer Damion, letting that question be picked up by the loud Beast a room or two over. I mean, its hard not to hear a Dragon. Their voices must boom like the weather, right? The lightning and thunder doesn't seem to be bothering her, instead each crash of light and explosion of sound actually seems to give her a moments peace in the chaos of everything else.

Damion peers down at Garth, then smiles a little. "Don't worry. I don't bite or anything." He takes the flier from the monkey boy, glancing over the picture and any other information on it. "Hmmm. Where did you last see him? My name is Damion by the way." He reaches out a large hand, not too close, and offers it to the nervous Beast. If he takes it, he shakes firmly but not too hard. His voice is definetly deep, a warm smooth bass. There's also an aura of heat around him, shimmering in the air. Summers. He glances towards Nuit again, smiling her way too. And oh hey, there's the honorable competition. He nods Lolly's way.

Lolly lasts perhaps ten seconds before guilt outweighs discomfort, and, with a surreptitious, uncomfortable glance toward Nuit-of-the-creepy-shadow-tentacles, she scuttles over to pick up the offending magazine, smooths it, and carefully returns it to the table where she found it.

Hastily returning to her Far Away From Wyrdos seat, she frowns at something overheard from the other room, and glances toward the dining room.

Garth takes a step back. Then another step back. "Yeah, I'm not really afraid of you eating me. I wasn't at first, but I am now." He lets that thought linger for a moment, and nibbles at the remainder of his zucchini. He then offers up the other to Damion with his tail. "Other than you eating me you're kinda like-" He clears his throat, and winces as he continues on. "Please don't take this the wrong way, but you're kinda like my Keeper. It's just-" Garth has to shake his head then, and moves to turn down the music. Just a little bit because he can't go without, and then begins walking back to the living room after grabbing one more veggie. "The last place Rover and I were together was on Skip-A-Step. I thought he was with me, but got quiet when we were going back to Stoneheart."

Nuit tilts her head as the sound of Garth approaching is heard. One by one three little orbs of light appear on her shoulders, then take off into the air. THe last one pauses to hover, glowing a pale cyan tinged with silver light. Nuit whispers something to it, before it darts off to follow the others. They bob down the stairs and into the living room, one appraoching Lolly, though staying out of reach. The other two do the same with Garth and Damion, staying out of reach above their heads while bobbing around, seeming to study what is going on. They dart back toward Nuit after a moment, landing on her shoulders and their lights blinking out. She seems to listen to something before she scoots down a few steps - never really standing, just scooting down, until she is at the bottom most step and can see the entire living room and everyone in it now.

Damion nods his head slightly to Garth, "Ah. Yeah. I understand." Being higher Wyrd could be troublesome at times. He settles down onto his heels, so that he at least isn't looming over the kid. Then he rests his arms on his knees. He shakes his head at the offer of the zucchini. "I just ate not long ago. But thanks." He considers. Skip-A-Step. Alright. I can go take a look around there if you'd like. No promises I can find him though. I'm a... okay tracker, but not the best." He shrugs one broad shoulder. "Still, maybe I'll get lucky. How long ago did he disappears?" The bobbing light gets a curious look, but otherwise he focuses on the monkey Beast.

Lolly looks at Garth with a wary, but not unfriendly eye when he steps out of the dining room, recognition flickering across green-tinted creamy skin when he speaks -- so THAT is who the second voice was. It's not tough to notice she's there, all things considered; little medicinal herbs and wildflowers don't tend to sprout up from carpets on their own.

It's only when Damion mentions tracking someone that the actual WORDS seem to register, a quick blink preceding a worried, "Wait, you lost someone?" Pretty, yes, but not the brightest bulb in the shed. (Probably because she's a lily of the valley, and those don't have bulbs. They have pips.)

"Don't go alone!" he shouts, probably a bit too loudly. From the stairs leading up they can hear someone shout, "Would you shut the fuck up, monkey! Some of us have things to do in the morning!" This leads to a cascade of apologies until he catches sight of the fireflies. He stares at the one above him, muttering, "Pretty." As it darts off he follows it with his gaze until it lands on Nuit, and he shouts in mild horror. "Shut! Up!" the voice bleats down.

After one whispered apology Garth smiles weakly. He then starts carefully backing away for a few steps. "Sorry, I just, um, need some space. Yes! Space!" He nods a few times over, and then he's taking off to the kitchen again. He made sure to grab a few more zucchini again, and then returns with a flier for Lolly. She gets a brief smile, and Garth corrects her. Somewhat. "It's my dog. Rover. He's a hedge beast, and I haven't seen him in forever."

Around Nuit's legs the inky blackness starts to spike. It looks like water when intense soundwaves are blasted through it, spiking in intervals and peaks and troughs. She stands suddenly, turning in a circle and frowning. Her voice, when she speaks, is a whisper that is still clearly heard by all in the room. "Your dog is not in this world. It is most likely in the Hedge or dead." Her voice rasps with a creepy factor that isn't usually there, but seems to be in strength tonight as she walks toward the Beast, turning about the other changeling with a tilt of her head. She is still glowing silver and cyan under that dark cloak, and it looks like her shoulders may be shaking slightly. She studies him from all angles, then looks around, curious. "Moonbeam," she says to the air as she looks in no particular direction "Which way to the nearest hedge gate?"

Damion raises his ridged, hairless brows at the shout from the monkey. Odd kid. "Don't worry. I can take care of myself. And I'm always careful when in the Hedge." He straightrens up when he moves away, stretching. Then Nuit appears and starts to do her thing, and he stares at the other Lost for a time. Finally he shakes himself and says, "Well. Makes sense he would be in the Hedge, sine that's apparently the last place he saw it. If you're planning on going right now.... well. It's night time. The Hedge is never safe, but looking for a missing Hedge Beast in the dark probably isn't a great idea either." Of course, they look like they're probably a Darkling. So maybe it's better for them than if they looked during the day.

Lolly flinches at the sound of the yelling, and seems entirely oblivious to the fireflies, watching Garth, then darting uneasy glances at Damion and Nuit. More at Nuit than at Damion, but Damion isn't acting like a creepazoid and GLOWING.

"Um. You should be careful, if you have, um, any kidney problems. Zucchini has some stuff in it that can be bad if you eat too much of it." Helpful lily. Worried lily, too, when she sees the picture. "I-I don't know how much good I'll be in the Hedge, b-but if you, um, I mean, I can, um. I can heal stuff? Sort of?"

She is also, of note, NOT a member of the freehold.

Garth drops both zucchinis in his hands when Nuit pipes up. "You- you can't know that!" Then to Lolly it looks like he was gonna say the same, but no more yelling. He instead brings the zucchini to his mouth with his tail, and takes a small, cautionary bite. "I would, um, really appreciate it."

Nuit leans in close to Garth, her noseless and lipless face appearing out of the gloom of her hood right in front of his. She studies him closely, then humphs. "I'll go," she says in her dark whisper voice, turning away suddenly. "Its dark. Dark is good. The light is bad, We'll find this beast. It will be something... to do." She shrugs again, turning about once more. "Moonbeam? Moonbeam? Yes where to go now?" She... does not seem entirely right in the head.

Damion looks at Garth, then Nuit. He sighs a little and then says, "Well. If we're going to do this thing, we'll need to stop by my place on the way to the Hedge Gate. I have to pick up my gear." He looks over at Lolly. "If you want to come, a healer would be fine. Do you have any sort of armor or weapons you need to get?" Best to be prepared as possible after all.

Lolly's fingers curl in the short fabric of her skirt as she stares at Nuit, openly afraid of the woman. After muttering something under her breath in Japanese, she blinks, startled, and stares at Damion instead.

This time, it is a very blank stare. "Weapons?"

Nope. Don't think this one has any of those.

His eyes bug out when Nuit is upon him, and he lets out a meep. He slowly nods until she moves away, and he lets out a sigh of releief. "Thank you, miss..." He lets that slip away, happy not to draw any more of the darkling's attentions. "I really do appreciate it, guys. Thank you so, so much. Do you all know where Skip-A-Step is? If you do then I guess it goes without saying that you should watch for those bloodharpies I heard about. Somebody said they're all out now that it's warmer."

Lolly transfers that blank look to Garth. Nnnnoooope. No idea what Skip-A-Step is. Blankness swiftly shifts toward wide-eyed concern -- and a healthy amount of fear -- when something as ominous as BLOODharpies is mentioned thereafter. "I-I don't know what either of those are. I-I'm kind of new to the, um. I, um." She nibbles on her lower lip, shrugging uncomfortably. "I don't know a lot about the magical fairy stuff."

The drive from from the wayhouse to the gate is relatively long. At least for a cadre of Changelings that aren't family. By the time they get there the storm is still in full swing as the rain beats down steadily and heavily. Every few seconds a peal of thunder rumbles above and a flash of lightning snakes off somewhere in the distance. Things really aren't better on the otherside. The rain is thick, slick, and heavy. Sticking to the skin and clothing just that second or three too long. The usual cacophony in the hedge isn't much more pleasant as the erratic booming of thunder make it difficult to hear the usual chaos from the fauna and flora of this place.

Nuit steps lightly from the car, having spent the entire trip huddled in her seat with her face down and her cloak drawn around her. She mumbles to herself a lot during that ride, and occasionaly a brief spark of something cyan and silver can be seen inside her cloak.

When they arrive, Nuit stands, looking at the gate. "You or me?" she asks calmlmy, then considers the area, looking about for others. "Unless we want the little one to open it. It will stay open far less if she does it." She being Lolly, the tiny changeling. "Might be safer."

Through the gate, however they got it open, Nuit twists slightly, seeming to feel more at home. The thorns around her seem to grow in length, becoming shadowy in their appearance, phantom like. In the distance, half glimpsed between brambles ligths bob, moving forward and back, dissapearing behind branches. The darkness seems just a bit darker all around her. "That way." she points.

Tiny in terms of power, yes, but six inches taller than Nuit. If requested, she'll attempt to open a gate, fail a few times, and eventually get it to cooperate. She does NOT, however, go through first. No, that she lets the meat shield do, scooting in behind Damion to be the edgy meat inside the Wyrdo sandwich.

Once the decision of who opens the gate is done and they go through, Damion squints at the darkness and rain. "This is going to be fun." He checks once more to make sure his armor is fastened correctly, his sword and revolver in their places. Then he nods to Nuit at the general direction and heads in it, starting that way and stopping now and then to check for ang signs of passing by something with canine looking feet. Also keeping an eye out for any sign of Blood Harpies, which don't really sound like something they'd want to mess with if possible.

The trod was safe enough. Relatively safe. However, the way Nuit's nose knows is very much off of it. Skip-A-Step is a maze of stone and earth, that becomes much less easy to navigate as one passes away from the trod. The way forward is tricky, and not without peril as the earth gives way to massive gaps in teh ground. Damion is able enough to lead them down the safest set of rocks without a need for any acrobatic feats. However, the further away they move the danger becomes more an more obvious until they get to what amounts to a small canyon that'll need a bit of work to get across.

As they move, Nuit's hand deftly touches each of the others, a bit of Luck transfered their way, her Kith making it even a bit more stronger. When they reach the canyon, she pauses, considering. She shrugs, then spends more of her glamour and starts to walk on the wall, her feet and hands sticking to it like some kind of crazy bug as she moves in the direction that Damion indicates. After a moment, even with the wet surface she stands, and walks along normally.

Eeeeew. Wyrd cooties. When Nuit TOUCHES her, the jumpy lily squeaks and jerks away, bumping into Damion, then hastily backing away from him, too, her poor little Spring flowers wilting in the Summer's heat. On the bright side, she smells nice.

Lolly, nowhere near as crazy and buglike as Nuit, simply stares at the shorter woman when she .. yeah. Does that, upon reaching the canyon-like split. With another mutter under her breath in Japanese, she tentatively, much more slowly picks her way across, finding hand-holds on the walls on her way down.

Damion takes the lead still, moving ahead of the others and trying to watch for possible ambushes even as he keeps on searching for signs of the missing Hedge Beast. The rain definetly isn't helping matters. He glances back now and then to make sure the others are still okay.

They can hear the faint hooting of something in the distance, far too distant to get a sight of whatever it may be. The rocky path Damion leads them down dips a bit, until they have to jump again. This one and the next are easier than the last, but no less far a drop should they fall. The next stretch of rock widens at the go along; seemingly returning them to solid, whole land. They can hear something moving down there. Scuttling along on the rocks, and not too distant with those echoes reverberating. When they reach the end of their current rock they see four others fanning out. The thinnest in the middle isn't much wider than Damien at its face, and that's where Nuit's senses point her.

Nuit moves forward, pointing after she comes off the wall, righting herself with a shake of her head. "That way," she says, then begins to move forward. All around her the Hedge if phasing out, becoming like translucent shadows and see through branches - branches that still will sting if the thorns get close to you. She turns her head, curious. Her Wyrd is flexing the Brambles about them, Probably competeing with Damions for what it does to the area. WIthout thinking she is moving obsticles out of her way - they just arch out of her path as she walks forward. There is a problem with this, and its exasperated by the fact that Nuit doesn't seem to be fully in control of her mind at the moment. She doesn't seem to be very stealthy as she moves the last bit of the way toward whatever it is she hears...

Lolly's Wyrd is, well, completely overwhelmed by theirs. Much like Lolly herself seems rather overwhelmed by the way things just .. move .. out of Nuit's way, not to mention the creeptacular translucent shadow thing going on, there. She sticks close to the other two, but not TOO close.

Damion waits for the other two to climb up, watching them carefully all the time. Then he climbs up after them as well, nimbly making his way to a more stable footing. Once there, he resumes taking the lead. "Hmmm. I hope we find him soon." Though what are the chances they'd be that lucky?

The confines of the cave smille like shit, if only a few steps above a sewer in the middle of a heatwave. White droppings carpet much of the floor, and make it impossible to avoid. It's not too hard to hear the sound of the bloodharpies as they go further in. They're cackling up, chatting with something with a rougher, rapsier voice with a bit of a growl. The hobs are short and squat, but do live up to their names. Their heads and chests are rather human, and the rest is burdlike and covered in crimsonred feathers. The discussion was on love or some such until Nuit's footsteps make the wrong kinda squelch that draws their attention in her direction. "Intruder!" one shouts until several others join in. Nuit can at least tell that the clause leads her directly to them, and nowhere else.

With her mind elsewhere and her concentration broken, Nuit is like a bull running across a field of tamborines. She blinks as she realizes that she has set off the alarm, and shrugs. "The dog is here." she says quietly, then draws a long, hoarfrost encrusted knife from inside her cloak. "Ready. Maybe you can get them to give the dog up without anyone getting killed." She shrugs, like that doesnt matter to her much if that actually happens. Her cloak wraps around her tightly, the shadows becoming one with her and one with her surroundings, making it much harder to see and deal with her. She is ready to strike, but hasn't made the first move. She never makes the first move.

Somewhat quieter, Damion comes behind the shadowy Darkling. When he hears the shout from the Bloodharpies, he draws his sword and glances at Lolly. Hmmm. Should she try to negotiate, or just hide behind him? "Think you can talk them down?" Though she looks kind of queasy to him, so maybe that's asking a little much from her. He grunts a little. "Stay behind me." Then he moves towards the vanguard of the small group, intending to absorb the brunt of the attack. It seems like these fights usually happen somwhere he can't embiggen.

See, this is when it's NICE to reek of pretty flowers and have a refreshing, clean Spring breeze as part of your Mantle...just...you know. It's a pity it can't get rid of ALL of that stench. Lolly stops dead in her tracks the instant they hit that wall of reeking excrement, stifling the reflexive rise of bile, then forces herself to keep moving with an effort of will, delicately stepping over the revolting surface below her feet.

Undergrowth-green eyes widening in sudden alarm when she sees the -occupants- of the cave, she nonetheless swats at the air vaguely in the direction of Nuit and Damion, hissing an appalled, indignant, "You don't just barge into somebody's house and pull out -knives-!"

To the harpies themselves, she hesitates half a (shallow) breath, then offers them a respectful bow, or at least, what would have been a respectful bow to the Japanese side of her Japan/China family. "Um. We're s-sorry to interrupt, but have you seen a, um, a dog? His friend is looking for him, and, um, the cloaked one said that he was here."

Lolly's query gets a bark that echoes in the overlarge cavern. "Who's looking for what now!?" That reponse causes one of the harpies to descend and wrappy a red wing around the now approaching hedge beast. "You can't take our baby!" Their baby being Rover, although he has a long cut down his left eye that wasn't in the picture of his mask. "Who are you people, and why the fuck are you here? If it's about what I said to that other two-legger, I didn't mean anything by it."

Nuit settles back, listening. This is fine. This will work out just fine. Sure. She shrugs, and then vanishes, no longer there as she pulls Smoke around her to drop out of the picture for the moment. And wait. She's fine if Lolly can get the dog back without killing anyone. She doesn't like to kill people. Or hobs.

Damion standds back, lowering his weapon, and lets the flower talk to the birds. Long pose!

Gulping, Lolly flinches when the harpy descends and Nuit disappears, then tugs her lower lip between her teeth to nibble on it. "Um." Floundering a moment in the face of THAT unexpected assertion on the harpy's part, the young woman flicks a look from Rover to the harpy, then repeats, "We're very sorry to interrupt your conversation, but Garth would like his friend back, please." Frowning suddenly, she looks to the dog himself to ask, "Do you -want- to go back?"

"Fuck no!" he barks. "You see what the fuck he did to me?" As the dog nears the group the harpies grow anxious, if not angrier, at these intruders. It's clear that the hedge beast has had his fair share of pain and suffering. A ring around his neck that's removed much of the fur there. A few other scars with dired blood still matted into his fur. The worst of it is limp from a sever looking break in his hind left leg. "I told him he can try it with one of those other fucks, but I'd rather deal with that goat-fucker than go the fuck back." He scoffs, "Friend? If he's a friend I hate to know my fucking enemies."

Nuit, invisible, puts the knife away. "I'm going back." She says quietly to those who will listen to her invisible state. "THe dog doesn't want to go back, there is no rescue. Good luck with the harpies." The last bit is directed to the dog itself. She seems to have made up her mind. "Too bad he's in the Wayhouse. Too bad ..." she trails off, then shrugs. "One of you two will ahve to set him straight." There is the sound of her footsteps over the scat, as she heads for the entrance.

Damion blinks a few times as he listens to the dog talk, and considers the damage to him. That's an unexpected twist. He glances at the others. "I don't suppose there's any chance his mind is being influenced in some way, huh?" He's not sure offhand what could do that. They're Harpies, not Sirens.

Lolly stares at the injuries on the dog, a hand flying up to cover her mouth, appalled. She exhales something short and likely not particularly complimentary in Japanese, then frowns, turning to -- oh. Where IS Nuit?

The voice puts paid to that question, soon enough, and irritation is added to the lily's frown. "I'm not even -in- your freehold! Don't you people have laws or something?" She frowns at Damion too, for good measure. "You say this in front of -them-? No wonder you think people will attack you on sight!"

Quickly turning to the harpies and dog again, she bobs an apologetic bow and tells them, "I'm very sorry. I, um. I'm not very good at the big injuries yet unless I use, um, fruits and stuff, but I could try to make you feel better?" The latter is toward the dog, specifically.

Damion's suggestions get several squawks and shrieks from the harpies in his direction that doesn't stop even as Rover continues on. "It ain't just me, fuck. When I ran out I know he had that bird, some snake-looking thing, and he said something about gravewyrm baby." Rover snarls before adding, "He snatches up whatever hob suits his fucking fancy, and just beats the shit outta us. Sells to whatever dumbass thinks we might make a good pet. Only reason he never beat me past sleep is because he needs my help sniffing out most of the poor fuckers, but after a year of this shit I can't take it anymore."

Damion raises a big hand and rubs at his face with it. "I see. Huh. So Garth is actually kind of stupid I guess. If you feel that way and know all that, and still asked people to bring you back to him." He sighs a little. "What was your name?" This towards the dog. "And do you know where he keeps the other hobs he captures?"

Lolly is a great big sucker for a sob story, and d'awww. She even has pretty, lily-scented tears. Rose-water, lily-of-the-valley-water, same diff. "That's awful! No wonder he was in the Wayhouse!"

Taking a step closer, she asks again, "May I, um, may I try to heal you? A little?"

"He keeps 'em at his family farm. His sirs know. Part of it anyway, but not all of it. I know they heard me talking shit with his bitch ass before!" The dog harrumphs, and settles down on his haunches as best he can. It clearly hurts like hell by the way he whimpers. The harpy give him a few pats as one even sheds a bloody tear for the hedge beast. "They're scare of him, too. He got one of his sires with the hot bacon plat right in the back of the head-" Then Lolly's offer hits home. "Please fucking do it. By the great barker in teh sky I've been hurting for fucking weeks."

Damion frowns some. "I'm actually out of fruit at the moment... but I can go grab some. I'll be back in a bit, alright?" He glances at Lolly, then at the dog and the harpies. "She'll be safe here until I get back, right?"

Lolly, focusing, looks like she's trying very hard at something, but .. uh, nothing happens. Frowning to herself, she tries a second time, and THIS time the dog feels a refreshing breath of Springy warmth and renewal, easing minor pains, exhaustion, aches -- but not healing that broken leg. Alas.

Hearing Damion, she gulps a moment, then looks up at the harpies and the dog. "I, um. I want to see if I can get the magic to work better. It might take a few tries. I'm kind of new at this."