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WW11 - Wilderness - Thousand-Corners Trail

At some point in its glaciated past, the rocks of this area were worn and cracked and split into a broken-mirror maze of shallow canyons, the bridle trail disappearing amidst the colloquially known 'Thousand Corners'. Short enough for a standing rider to peek up over the edge in some places, others are a good fifty feet high with no rhyme or reason, and the area covers a good half-mile of the slope.

Scrubby pines and saplings cling amidst the weather-worn schist bones of the mountainside, mosses and lichens growing wherever a scrap of green-grey stone has built up enough soil to support them. For the most part, the trees are confined to the upper reaches of the cracked canyons, but growth is sparse, true forest not resuming until well past the canyons end.

While there are many ways in and out of the Corners, there is only one safe to bring horses through without too much risk to their footing. The occasional bit of litter proves the dangerous paths' appeal to those of younger generations.

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