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H12 - Hedge - Looptrod - Skip-a-Step

Something, somewhen, struck the earth with force enough to split the very stones themselves: the trod passes through the edges of a veritable maze of tiny crevices and crevasses, some gaps scarcely as wide as an extended hand, others broad enough to make jumps uncertain. For the worst, farthest from the massive epicenter, ropes have been tied to more securely mark the direction of the trod's continuation.

While the land is broken, whatever act caused the fracturing is far enough distant for plantlife to have returned, prickle-briars thriving, catching ankles, sticking in any fabric loosely-woven enough to let them, and even in some which shouldn't let them at all.

Quite ordinary mortal-seeming trees form small points of stability and interruption amidst the briar thorns, a twining, interwoven pairing far to the south marking the end of the trod itself at a gate to the mortal world.

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