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Born at a school dance and left in a dumpster to die, Velvet wasn't meant to be long for the world. She was found and put into the system that same night.

She spent most of the first half of her life in and out of foster homes, quiet and staying under the radar. She was a nobody, a nothing, and that made her far too easy to catch. They didn't even have to bother replacing her, because nobody was going to miss the tiny, mousy child with no family.

She was taken, broken, and then remolded. That ability to hide, to be unseen could work in her Keeper's favor. He would use those skills for his entertainment, sculpting her into his perfect little monster to unleash on the others in his forest. She would stalk, maim, and murder for him until there was finally a chance to escape.

Escape she did, following a group she'd been stalking right out of The Monstrous Prince's realm, through the Hedge, and finally back into the real world, where she'd been kept from for many years. She found a Freehold, an Entitlement, and more importantly she found herself. The time came for her to venture out and away from the place she called home. It came time to seek out new adventures.

Her venture has led her here.

  • Changeling - A Member of the Lost, new to town and looking to settle down for a bit.
  • Assassin - There are a lot of bad people out there. She's willing to put them down for a price.
  • Darkling - She prefers to keep to the shadows.
  • Pilgrims - She is a member of The Pilgrims of the Endless Road. Are you interested in becoming the best you that you can be?
  • Shifting - Velvet keeps a fairly simple mask and mien on the surface. It may not be the true her. In fact, it seems mostly likely that it isn't.
  • Harvestmen - She is a new member of the Harvestmen.
  • Fame - Loyalist Hunter. Lost specific. There's a boogeyman out there hunting Loyalists. Brutal deaths with dark messages left behind.

An ethereal sort of grace surrounds this woman. Hers is most certainly an athletic build, shorter in stature and slender with toned, lean muscle throughout. There is somthing oddly angular about her features, clearly inhuman, sharp and piercing one moment, soft and smooth the next as if the visage of her is altering every moment in little flexes of Wyrd. Pale, almost white skin is accented by a pure white cloud of hair that falls like a wild curtain long past her hips to settle mid thigh, occasionally pulled into thick braids in order to stay neat and out of the way. Long, curved elven-like ears are angled out out of her hair, accented with earrings and light, silver chain. Large, angled eyes are ever changing in color, accented with long, black lashes. When they move, there are strange glints of light that strike them, reflecting the light, too bright and alert. Full, bow shaped lips are painted a deep red, curved in a smirk that indicates danger.

A chilled wind seems to follow in Velvet's footsteps, like stepping outside during a mid-October morning. Lights seem to dim in her presence, even electronic bulbs seeming to take on the flicker of candlelight if she lingers for too long. In the wake of her steps is an occasional wisp of darkness, trailing the path of her fingertips, or following in the click of too sharp heels. She smells sweet like freshly fallen leaves dusted with cinnamon and apple.

A fluid-like black, silk top curves around her dainty form, wrapped around her neck and down in a crisscross across her chest, only to wind back around her waist where it ties off revealing hints of white skin in sharp contract to the dark fabric. The waist is seamlessly met by a black silk skirt, tight around her hips and down to the hem that rests a good two inches above the knee. A sharp slit curls up along one side, mid hip, allowing for an increased range of motion the skirt would otherwise lack. Cumbersome, dainty footwear complete the look, blood red in color with metal, blade-like heels. The sharp tip of the heels would be near impossible for most people to walk it, but it hardly seems to slow her down.

  • Weaver - Dragon. Impossible to put into words. Everything.
  • Lux - Poised and quite hard to read.
  • Widget - Young and innocent. Hopefully she can stay that way for a while.
  • Jack - Mortal. He seems troubled behind the smile.
  • Bronwyn - Sharp as a tack. Opinionated.
  • Carter - You have to give the devil his due.
  • Melissa - I do believe that we'll make an excellent team.
  • Catherine - It might be good to have someone to scout with.
  • Olivia - She'll be my family soon enough. If you could pick family, she would definitely be one of my top choices.
  • Mkazandon and Fido - Her babies.

Velvet Utridge

Date of Birth: A lady doesn't tell.
Apparent Age: Mid 20's
Occupation: Assassin
Virtue: Confident
Vice: Addictive

Seeming: Darkling
Kiths: Lurker/Mirrorskin/Grey/Cleareyes
Court: Autumn
Entitlement: The Pilgrims of the Endless Road
Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Keeper: The Monstrous Prince

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