Weaver Utridge

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Weaver Utridge
On Game As: Weaver
Played By: Michael B. Jordan
Concept: Peccant Purloiner
Date of Birth: 11 November
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: Utridge Host
Virtue: Kind
Vice: Avaricious, Hedonistic

Freehold: Fate's Harvest
Motley: None

Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Draconic Windwing Blightbent
Court: Moon
Entitlement: None
Keeper: The Borrower

“Noble dragons don't have friends. The nearest they can get to the idea is an enemy who is still alive.”
– Terry Pratchett


      Are you willing to weigh your heart against a feather? Weaver damn sure isn't. This Ogre has little in the way of morals, and is willing to do almost anything for the right price. As an Utridge he lives the life of a lazy socialite. He enjoys a good time, good alcohol, and good company. Among the Lost he's a man of ill repute that enjoys taking whatever may suit his fancy. He does procure things for others and for the right price, but the things he takes for himself are rarely ever seen again.

RP Hooks

  • Utridge - Weaver is the second-born and youngest child of Timothy Utridge and Madeleine Freeman-Utridge. He's close to his kin, or at least close enough as they prove useful. Like many of the younger kinfolk he resides at Red Clover Hotel, and can often be found there during the waking hours.
  • Predator - It's easier to hide it with his Mask, but there's little denying that Weaver is a predatory creature. Something about his posture, his tone of voice, or just the way he looks at people is just a bit unsettling.
  • Changeling - He was taken by The Borrower four years, ran his Fetch out of town, and is of an Ogreish bent.
  • The Diva - He was originally taken by The Diva, and despises anything associated with it. From the Gentry itself to any of its escapees.
  • The Borrower - His second Keeper, and the one he spent the most time under.
  • Moon Court - Weaver walks the Wayward Road, and does so happily. He's vulgar, abrasive, and tends to bring out the worst in those around him. That last one was a quirk well before his entrance into the Moon Court.



WeaverPortrait.jpg Weaver2.jpg


Gorillaz, D.R.A.M. - Andromeda (D.R.A.M. Special)

Inside this bag
So many bags just to try and find a place to...
Inside this bag you can get stuck going deeper inside,
Losing your mind.
Even when my tank's on E
I'll still go to the party.
Let me pick you up.
That pick me up
Where it all goes down.

Mozzy, Jadakiss, Trae the Truth, Dave East - Line It Up

I really live a trife life, got to keep a pipe life.
Please don't let him catch you without it or it's night-night.
Used to call him Izod, now they call him Mozzy.
All you got to do is drop five or call me for that body.
Abuse him with the jumper, the gleeker, he hold Scotty.
It looked like I was tagging him, I don't know if I got him.

Felt - I Shot a Warhol

Nostrils of cocaine,
Cocktail and kill time.
Scenes from a bad film
Lived out in real time.
Who plays the hero?
Which one's the victim?
Violent and fearful,
They find their positions.


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