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Name: Erin White
Alias: Tryptych
Court: Dusk
Seeming: Elemental
Aetheric Metal flesh Levinquick
Harvestmen: Private
Entitlement THOTH

Tryptych eyes.jpg




In the Shadows: About Tryptych.

Triptych: Definition via Merriam Webster: a picture (such as an altarpiece) or carving in three panels side by side

Tryptych is a back from the dead, or so she thinks. Three worlds she was part off, three phases of her life. The pseudonym (appropriately made 'cool' by using a y of course) seemed to fit. Her life as a mortal. Her time in a Realm of Arcadia. and her return, now as a Changeling. And let me tell you, something she did in her mortal life, something she read or played a game off left a hell of an impression. The poor girl, who looks like a poser to anyone who knows real punk culture, think's she's some sort of ninja hacker, ready to fight her way out of a corporate building with a data drive full of secrets.

What she -can- do is interact with a ton of creatures in this world. She seems to have a knack with the Spirit World (or at least, Twilight) and for calling up Elemental and Hedgespun servitors to help her out. A real pet class type. She really thinks this world is a bit of a game. Not sure how that is going to fly in the future, but you know... might be worth dealing with for the time being.

Looking for Work: RP Hooks

Need something?

Hacking - Yep. She can do it, probably.
Hedgespun Automaton - She fiddles with them. May not really be able to craft them, but she can at least look at yours?
Need something stolen? She has morals about it but maybe what you need she can acquire.
Know a fence or are one? She needs to meet you.
Dragons. *Shudder* No.
Friends Matter. Contacts

Watch out.

Dima - Crazy slavic driver. Dah. This is good. Will need a Wheelman.