Log:The Church in the Wild: The Letter

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The Church in the Wild: The Letter

Damion King, Tryptych, Saulot

10 May, 2018

This is kept for posterity, and for who has read the letter. Part of The Church in the Wild


A letter has been left for the Harvest within Stoneheart. It's held within an envelope made of bramble and has stamp on it bearing the symbol of a bat.

The letter speaks of a free company. A veritable squad of Changelings that capture and torture other Changelings. They don't do so for one gentry or another - they do so for their own gain and enjoyment. There numbers are unknown, but there are at least twelve of them. A few of them have hidden themselves among the freehold in one way or another while several others basically work on the outskirts. At least a handful have been working with hobs to target Changelings within the freehold.