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Fight in the Fairgrounds

This is for Jefferey, for Sergio, for Olivia, for Weaver, and for me.


Velvet, Weaver Utridge, and Saulot as ST

8 July, 2018

Velvet and Weaver go in search of Ruchermnnchen der Eisendrache to finish things. Part of Olivia's Crucible


The Fairgroudns

They depart the lodge late at night. Enough so that the sun is nothing more than a memory. Olivia has passed out in what's effectively become her bedroom for the night. When it looks like she's down for good Weaver gets ready in his usual manner. Instead he clouds his visage in glamour and illusion. Now, he appears as Olivia before she was carted off to Arcadia. With everything considered the illusion is as she was on the night The Iron Dragon took her. "You ready?" he asks of Velvet when heading for the door.

"I should have gotten my kisses in before you did that. I guess it'd probably be a little odd to make out with you dressed like your cousin, huh?" The sound of Velvet's voice comes from the nothingness and she lingers nearby, chuckling to herself. "I'm ready," she promises. "Guns, blades, grenades." He can feel her hand touch his shoulder for a moment, squeezing. "By the way, I'm thinking we should convert the studio into a bedroom for Liv. Permanently, if she'd like."

With a wave of his hand he drops the illusion from the neck up, moving towards her. Then he shakes his head. "Nope. Now I can't get that thought out of my head." The illusion returns in full with a wave of his hand, and then he heads outside to the car. "If she'd like to she's welcome to it. She could use the training anyway because neither of us is completely sure what she is except cold, bitey, and scared."

Velvet full on laughs at the nope, starting to follow him on out towards the car. "Well, she's part elemental from what I can tell. Maybe a little beast in there with the biting and the claws. But there are some Darklings like that too. Have you seen her out in the sunlight? Darkling is fairly easy to rule out." She settles into the passanger seat for the moment, considering.

Weaver nods as he starts opens up the car door. The other door's popped open for her before he gets in. "Yeah, we both can do the sunlight, but it's just a preference thing on my end. Hard to do most of what I do in the daytime. Not impossible, but I don't like the attention." As he cranks the car up he hums. "Maybe she is a darkling, but doesn't really give a damn about the sun. She is stubborn enough for that to be true."

"A brand new darkling isn't likely to enjoy being in the sun at all at this stage. And it'd have a pretty staggering effect on her ability to do contracts. I dunno, I haven't watched her in the daylight." He can almost hear Velvet shrugging through her tone. "I'll keep an eye on her, see what I see."

"Contracts?" he asks, seemingly unsure until it sinks in. "Contracts. Fuck. Well, I can poke her about it, tomorrow. Maybe after I show her some stuff that isn't too scary. I just pray she doesn't light me on fire again." Weaver chuckles at the thought, and muses "If not that I guess she could just make my beer cold." As they turn down the road he notes, "From everything you found and a few calls he's supposed to be out near the airport or abouts. When we get there I'll leave it to you to lead us around."

"Yeah, those things we all have?" Velvet offers with a little laugh. "Haven't been figuring out what she's got? That'll probably help indicate what she is, too. Though, with that ice armor she rolled up, I'd say she has access to Elements at the very least." She clises her eyes, leaning back in her seat. "It might be a little slow, following my nose, bt it'll be solid tracking.

"Seems that way, yeah. Hopefully whatever else it is she can do doesn't involve destroying the house." Says the man that did so in a fit of pique not too long ago. "Anyway, we'll just go with what you got. If it turns up wrong we can keep searching. He only ever drives anywhere so I'm not sure why he was even seen there."

"Not just seen there, he let himself be seen there. Which probably means that he wanted to to hear that he was there. So there's a pretty solid chance that this is a trap of some kind." Velvet seems reasonably sure of that. It's not a fact, but it's a good guess. "As for Liv, even if she destroys something, we'll rebuild. She's going to need time.

"We all need time, but that's for later." Weaver's speeding up now. Too fast and too much for this small town, but it's the middle of the night nad they've both a score to settle. He remains silent throughout the rest of the drive, only looking away from in front of him to make sure nothings ever coming when he gets to a stop. "Dietrich ain't smart enough to set up some kinda trap. I mean really." Really...

"Dietrich has been smart enough to steal Olivia out from under our noses and give her to The Borrower. Smart enough to figure out how to ruin our wedding day. Smart enough to send assassins after us. Smart enough to pay someone to think for him," Velvet points out. "You don't have to be smart if you have money, you can pay others to do it.

"If that was the case we'd have won out. I've paid guards, snitches, and enough hobs that I don't have much left to give those bastards that I know is of value." Weaver shrugs, not as bothered by it as he was a few days ago. Or at least he's gotten back to putting up a better act of it. They're finally there, having to pull around to the side of it and to get a view of the strip. From where Weaver parks The Iron Dragon's scent is faint, barely there. The smell of fuel and other various odors make it difficult to parse until she gets an inkling pointing her east.

Velvet slips out of his side of the car when they arrive, making sure to make it look like he is there all alone. Opening her door would ruin that illusion, after all. "What can I say, fear and suspiciousness is my thing. I have to try to think three steps ahead, just in case. It helps make sure that I'm prepared for any possibility." Velvet's nose twitches as soon as she's out of the car, starting to veer in the direction of the scent, guiding him gently.

Weaver gets out the car, as if adjusting his suit. Olivia's suit. "Ya know this isn't a bad suit," he says while looking over the illusion. "You know my smell so we can go from there. I'll start moving where you tell me to," he notes while putting in an earpiece. The smell leads her well away from the airport despite what Weaver was told. It takes Velvet east, and into the fairgrounds. The machines are off, and have been since the later ours of the evening. Weaver tried following, but without his own form of extrasensory perception. "Lemme know if you see or smell anything, love," and she does indeed get a whiff of something from high on the ferris wheel.

"Well, it suits Liv nicely, too. Did you tell her that you were wearing her skin today?" Velvet wonders idly as she continues to follow the scent, leading the way. "Is that earpiece to link us to text to speech? Or for something else?" It's a good question as she realizes exactly where the Iron Dragon is. "There," she mutters. "Top of the Ferris Wheel. I can probably climb up onto other equipment and line up a shot, just in case he tries anything?"

Weaver doesn't do much belond play his part when walking around the fairgrounds. Up there Velvet can make out something. It looks like the other dragon is in there. Just as Weaver described him. Grey, metallic scales and wings that put Weaver's to shame along with a much larger frame. He's hunched down, going through something, for now ignorant of the pair down there. However, she can see another not too far away. The draconic lying down right on the roalercoaster tracks as he levels the sight of his rifle. Lastly, another draconic moves among the bumper cars, skulking around with an overlarge knife in hand.

"Cool, good talk," Velvet says to Weaver, the frown obvious in her tone. "The earpiece better be for me, or you're fucked. There's two draconics waiting in ambush." She tells him where before moving to start getting into a good sniping position for herself. "One has a gun, the other a knife. If you hold back a few minutes, I can try to line up a shot and take them out silently, without the other one realizing. Otherwise we're not getting a surprise on this guy."

Weaver goes still. He nods for a few moments, and then goes for his phone. While he was relatively hard to find in the black of night. However, when he pulls out his phone it's like a beacon of light. He lifts it up to his ear, as if calling someone again when he says, "I trust whatever you want to do out here, Vee. I'm also not anywhere near as tactical as you, so if things do turn to shit I trust that you got my back." WIth that said the phone is shoved back into the jacket pocket.

"You know I've always got your back. I'm going to get into position." Velvet starts to move, finding a ride that's stable enough for her to climb on without drawing attention, and sturdy enough that it will allow for her to line up a good shot. She settles in, prepping her weapon, lining up the scope and focusing all of her attention on the dragon-sniper first and foremost. A gun is more likely to fuck Weaver up than a knife, so he gets the first bullet. She breaths and waits, taking her sweet time to make sure the line of fire is perfect. There's very little sound from the weapon as it discharge, the bullet raking right through the man's skull in rapid time. Velvet makes sure he's down before she turns the large rifle on the second man, lining up another shot. She's just as careful as the first time, taking a deep breath and making sure it's perfect. Then? Shot fired.

"Dietrich," Weaver calls out. "Where are you, old friend?" He doesn't hear the pair of gunshots, and neither do the dragons. The first one to go down loses much of his torso in teh first shot. As soon as death meets him the illusion fades, revealing something very undragon-like. The second shot has much of the same effect. The would-be assassin ends up with a massive hole in his sortso as he falls to the ground. The illusion fades revealing a foxy man that doesn't look the slightest bit as Weaver described the other dragon. Just as he drops the fairground awakens with new life. The lights and the power remains off, though. Several dozen Dietrich's pop up all around, hastily looking for the cause of silence from the two dead.

Most of her concentration was on the murdering side of things. Needless to say, the woman who doesn't like to be surprised is suddenly surprised at the mass of Dietrichs that suddenly spring up. She's sniffing at the air, studying the wind patterns and movements in line with how he moves, trying to peg which one is the right one. She can't seem to pin it down. "Gun," she warns, telling Weaver which one has it while she tries to line up her own shot, taking it in the hopes it goes off before his does.

"Gun?" Weaver can't see much anything when it's this damn dark. The most he has to go on is his own instincts, and right now they're piss poor. Enemies are everywhere, and he's slowly walkign around as if it's a regular day in the park. He doesn't even see Dietrich perched atop the cotton candy stand. He does, however, see when his body falls right in front of him, and reveals it to be a rather elfin looking woman behind the mask.

It's impossible to see him. It's also impossible to see Velvet. The dots don't take long to connect either. He's been walking with Weaver this entire time. She can't see him. She can't hear him with all of the other movement and wind. However, she can smell him right there. His scent faint, and hidden among those covered in his image. Weaver, for his part, turns directly in front of where Dietrich should be without a clue as to where the elder dragon is. He pulls out his phone then, and goes about placing a call. "So what even was that?"

"He's right in front of you. You can't see him," Velvet says with her voice strained. Her trigger finger itches as she scents the air. Just a warning shot, right to his left temple maybe? Yeah, a warning shot. She doesn't shoot, but it's straining for her not to.

Weaver scoffs. Hand moving around in front of him, reaching out at nothing. Seemingly. However, the Darkling can't mistake what's in the air. "Really? You sure you haven't lost as much of your mind as me?" he jests over the phone. "If he was right in front of me I think I'd know it by now."

"My mind is in tact, as is my sense of smell. But if you don't believe me..." Her voice fades off as Velvet lines up the shot in the direction where she thinks Dietrich is just about standing. She's guessing his height and balance from what she's seen, taking a shot at the shoulder area. She pulls the trigger.

A squeeze of the trigger, the whisper of a bullet leaving the chamer. It all feels like she's done this before. Not in the manner in her usual precise, rote skill. This exact moment seems to have happened before. She follows the bullet to its mark, but it doesn't strike whatever wight is following Weaver. She does still hit her intended target, not a centimeter off the mark. Just as the bullet should strike Dietrich it instead hits Weaver in the chest. When that pain surges through him he drops the illusion, squeezing tighter on the much smaller dragon.

Weaver said Dietrich was tall, but the man even dwarfed Sergio. His arms are as big as Weaver's thighs, and they're currently crushing him as he bloods from the fresh gunshot. Dietrich clealry winces in pain, but it doesn't seem to matter as he moves with Weaver as if the smaller man were a ragdoll. The scalled monster of a moan roared, "I don't know who you are or how much he paid you, it isn't worth it. Turn around, walk away, and I won't have my men and women search for you, and bury you alongside this fool."

"You massive, fucking idiot," Velvet snarls from her spot on the other ride. Slowly she allows herself to become visible, her shot lining up even as she speaks. "I am Velvet Utridge. I am his wife, and even after you ruined our wedding day and your actions forced me to kill our son I had convinced him to come to you and apologize for everything he had done. For his part in getting us all to this very point. He came to make it right and made me promise not to kill you if it could be helped." Her eyes are glowing red as she looks at Weaver's body bleeding. "After everything he was coming to apologize. Then we realized you gave Olivia over The Borrower. You destroyed an innocent life, so many innocent lives. It doesn't make you strong, it just shows everyone how weak and pathetic you truly are. Even now, using another person as a shield." Velvet's eyes narrow, the shot almost ready. "But even after that, he asked me not to kill you unless I had to. Thank you for making me have to," she growls. "This is for Jefferey, for Sergio, for Olivia, for Weaver, and for me." Her finger pulls once, the shot clear.

While Velvet talks his copies continue searching for her. Dietrich laughs. Roars even. "You think you can hurt me!" Her voice registers within his memory, and his lips curl into a smile. "Oh, it's you. This is just rich. I'm going to enjoy ripping this boy limb from limb, but you're gonna die first. I'm going to make sure he lives tonight. I want him to watch it all. Helpless." Another roared laugh. "The first will be that stupid cousin of his that doesn't know when to stay where she's been left. Then his sister. His parents. Then you. I'm going to find you, and tear you limb from limb. right in front of him. I've already heard this whelp weep, and this will be so glor-" He coughs, blood hacked up on the back of Weaver's head. A large chunk of his torse goes flying every which way, and without another word he falls flat.

"No. You won't." Velvet raises up to a full standing position, grabbing the gun and slinking it back over a shoulder before she starts parkouring herself down the ride. She lands on her feet, moving to kick Dietrich's body out of her way. "I am the darkness all monsters should fear," she growls to the corpse as she drops to a knee in front of Weaver, checking on his wounds. "Baby, I don't have any more fruit," she whispers, a hint of fear in her voice.

Dietrich may be dead, but those under his employ aren't aware of this. They continue searching as last instructed, but can't quite spot Velvet or Weaver yet. The most Weaver can answer in response is his still beating heart and slow breathing. Then a radio signal clicks over, and the muffled words can be heard with her extra-sensitive hearing. "von Pieterzoon. Where are you?"

"Fuck, I need to learn more first aid," Velvet mutters to herself as she starts to really focus on Weaver's body in front of her. She's ripping off pieces of clothing to stop the blood loss, patching what she can for the moment. But she's going to have to get him out of here, and get him out of here fast. Which could be an issue with all of those emplyed under Dietrich patrolling around. She reaches out to grab his earpieces or radio, whatever she can find and tucks it onto herself so she can keep tabs of where people are. As quick as she can, she takes her blood stained fingers and smears a quick message across the side of one of the rides. "LEAVE OR YOU ARE NEXT" it reads, with Dietrich's body propped underneath it. Then it's time for Stone and getting the hell out of there as fast as she can manage.