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Put a Ring On It

You /were/ looking for a ring? Good. I wanted to talk to you about that.


Bronwyn Gallagher, Weaver Utridge

30 May, 2018

Bronwyn catches Weaver at Cat-22



This early in the morning Weaver would usually be passed out somewhere, but today he's actually awake out and about. He's sitting in one of the booths of the place sipping on a cup of coffee while skimming through something on his phone. He's wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers that have a bit of dirt on them. On the table there's a sandwich that looks to have gotten cold, and ignored, saggy fries.

Bronwyn enjoys the atmosphere of CAT-22. Bohemian. Radical. Filled with a microcosm of society that is always interesting to study. And where else can you eat with full police protection outside? Coffee in one hand and a plate of pastries in the other, her quest for a seat finds her spotting an acquaintance that brings a smile to her face. "Weaver. Good morning. Just the man I wanted to see. Mind if I sit?" She's sitting anyway. "You should be eating your breakfast before it gets cold. Oh...are you looking for a ring on your phone?" A little giggle. "Ring...on a phone. That's quite clever."

"Wait. What?" Weaver asks as his phone is hastily. "How do you know what I'm looking for, and why should he eat?" So cuaght unaware the man's in a huff as he crosses his arms. "And good morning, and I don't care if you sit. I take it Velvet told you, huh?"

"You /were/ looking for a ring? Good. I wanted to talk to you about that" Bronwyn smirks before enjoying a sip of her coffee. "Of course she told me. We're buds. Not that I'll be invited to any wedding... I hear you popped the question without warning. Rather quick wasn't it? How long have you known each other? Not that there is a minimum time before you get married. At least you've actually met each other before the wedding. Am I babbling? I haven't finished my morning coffee yet. That usually means babbling."

"It's different with us for reasons I don't think you're quite ready to understand," Weaver notes despite the fact that he and Bronwyn aren't that different in age. "Yes, you're babbling, but that's part of your charm as a friend. I know I've suffered worse fucking shit anyway." He shrugs, and flashes a brief smile. "No invitations because we still need to settle on some crazy shit before. Lastly, almost anything I do that's important is gonna have little to no warning. Just the way it works."

"I better keep my phone with me, and on, so I don't miss the invite" Bronwyn replies with a fond smile. "You might be surprised what I can understand. I'm a well-traveled person. Seen lots of things. I'm sorry you've suffered, but at least you'll be happy now with Velvet." Another sip of her coffee and a bite of a pastry. "Oh...don't play tennis with her. She's a beast on that court. So show me the rings."

At his suffering Weaver shrugs, "What's done is done, and I'm the stronger for it." He taps at his phone then, nudging his phone closer towards him. "She's competitive, but I think I can beat her." Maybe on the right night, the proper planets are aligned, and she's already tired. "It's not about the regular rings. I have a friend that's gonna design something, but the parts of it. That's the hard part o' this shit."

"A personal design? Nice. I did admonish her a little for wanting an object of bondage but she said she didn't mind a little bondage" Bronwyn replies before a little wiggle of her eyebrows at Weaver. "Like I said, we're buds. We talk about all kinds of things. You know, just throwing it out there, you don't have to get married to spend the rest of your life together. If it gets too hard to figure out...but I think she's worth it. I met Olivia too. I don't think I made a good impression."

"Yeah, she's worth it and more," Weaver agress with a faint smile, and likely one of the few genuine ones to be seen. "But I wanna make this something special and from the heart. Literally." A chuckle escapes him, and he leans back in his seat. "And Liv's gone through some shit recently. Weird kinda shit so I wouldn't go trusting every exact thing she might say right now. That reminds me, I need to call her later on."

"Olivia mentioned she had been fighting fires and suffered from smoke inhalation. Though it seems another kind of smoke inhalation was bothering her more. The cigarette ban" Bronwyn smiles. "Literally from the heart? You're going to give her a piece of your heart? You know, you may need it if you want to have a long life with her." She demolishes a pastry in record time before draining her coffee. "I should get going. Leave you to your wedding planning. If you do rush off and do the wedding, you do have my number, right? And my dress size? For the bridesmaid dress."