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Draconic Kith

References: CtL 114, WM 81
Theme: Dragons and Beautiful Warriors

Kith Blessings

Passive Blessing: Dragon's Hoard

Draconics may purchase equipment as if at one resource dot higher. Yes, this means that a Draconic with Resources 5 may purchase equipment as if they had Resources 6.

Active Blessing: Dragon's Scales

Draconics may spend a Glamour once per scene to add half their Wyrd, rounded up, to all Intimidation rolls and an additional +3 to Presence rolls for remainder of scene. Usable once per scene.

High Wyrd Blessing

Once per day, the Draconic may draw upon the bestial savagery, the awe and the majesty of the mythological beast in whose image he was made, adding his Persuasion score to Brawl attacks for Wyrd rounds.

Example Frailties

Taboo of vengeance against thieves, riddling compulsion, repelled by silver, must eat red meat at every meal, cannot harm those who flatter them, injured by virgin's blood.

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