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Name Jack Fry
Birthdate June 2, 1980
Apparent Age Late 30s
Occupation Park Ranger Police
Virtue Righteous
Vice Stubborn
Character Determined











Originally from Tamarack Falls, Jack recently returned after having spent many years in NYPDs K9 units. He was severely wounded while there and changed his career path in order to get back home. He now works as a Park Ranger police in the area. He's got a reputation for being a relentless, stubborn law enforcer, but he's not a dick - he's fair and reasonable. Living in a wood cabin out between the Falls and Fort Brunsett, he works almost constantly and his only company at the cabin is his dog and his horse. Not that he doesn't spend time with others, and he even has a few people he calls friends, but he's not exactly the type you'd run into at a club.

Roleplaying Hooks

The Eye - Like many humans out of Tamarack Falls, he knows some things, knows less about some and got some things outright wrong. There's supernatural shit out there and he's got the scars to show for it.

Park Ranger/Law Enforcement - Got a problem? Is someone messing with your land? Weirdness happening? You working for the law too? Jack is a park ranger and a law enforcement officer. (Fame 2 - Law Enforcement)

Fry Family - He's one of the Frys. Maybe you knew him as a kid, as he grew up in Tamarack falls.

Animals - He has this uncanny way of figuring out what animals need. Rumors abound about his Animal Whispering.

Wildlife - Run into him out on a trail somewhere. He works there, after all.

City - He has to go to shops. And he likes a drink at a bar every now and then.

Goblin the Dog - That dog is always with him. Maybe you just really like dogs.

Troll the Horse - Jack owns a horse named Troll. He could use a hand here - he works a lot and can't take the horse everywhere. You like to go for a ride and do some grooming? He couldn't pay much, but he'd give lessons and you'd get to spend time with a great horse.

Fairy the Bird - He also has a Whiskey Jack bird named Fairy. Rides with him in the car, or flies above if he's out riding.

Woodcarvings - Everyone has a hobby. Jack's hobby is to carve wooden figurines depicting animals and mythical beasts. He's not half bad either. He sells some at local tourist shops, but he's just as likely to give one away when he feels like it.


Sylvana Lefevre: I got a daughter. 20 years to catch up with.

Merle Dalton: Yep, she got me in trouble again. The fun trouble.

Avalon Lefevre: Can count on her. The best.

Franklyn Garreau: A most unlikely partner in... crime?

Red: Love that brat. Thinking about what happened makes me cold with rage.

C.B.: Drinking buddy with no bullshit. But I didn't see that coming.

Ardis Ardeid: Sharp and cool.

Bronwyn Gallagher: Things getting complicated.

Cerise Hodgson: You better come back. I won't give up on you.

Maggie Locklear: Loves animals as much as I do. Maybe more?

Zephyr McTaggert: Oh boy.

Gabriel Grayson: It's cliché, but the term 'Brother from another mother' comes to mind.


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