Gabriel Grayson

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Gabriel Grayson
Mux Name: Gabriel

Played By: Tom Hardy
Concept: Redneck Druid
Age: Late 30s
Occupation: Woodsman / Survivalist
Virtue: Honorable
Vice: Skeptical

Seeming: Elemental
Kiths: Woodblood - Aetheric - Cleareyes
Court: Autumn
Entitlement: Magi of the Gilded Thorn
Keeper: Master of Wine and Spirits

RP Hooks
Hermit in the Woods - Gabriel's been in Vermont for a while, but it's easy to have never encountered him given how much he favors his quiet little place in the middle of no where. He's been doing that Off-the-Grid thing since before going green and tiny houses were the cool, trendy thing to do.
Woodsman for Hire - If you're in need of someone that knows the land, can guide through the untamed country side, or track down something wiley in the backwood, it's possible someone at the hunting and outdoors equipment stores, and similar places, might drop his name. There's no web presence to speak of though.
Southern Transplant - There's a drawl. It's noticable.
Technological Stone Age - He doesn't have a Twitter. He doesn't own a computer or a television. His phone doesn't do much more than make calls. And he's just fine with that.
Dog Person - His dog, Boss, accompanies him just about everywhere that he can. Gabriel gets on well with most animals though, not just dogs, and has some measure of skill at training them.
Green Thumb - There's not much with roots that he can't grow or coax back to thriving if it's ill. Nurseries, gardeners, and connoisseurs of cannabis might have his number on hand.
Spirits - Gabriel likes his alcohol home-distilled and brewed. He may turn a few bucks here and there selling the odd batch to private individuals.
Other Spirits - Of the more ephemeral variety. They've met.
Momma Sed - Puscifer
Simple Man - Shinedown
Dragonfly - Shaman's Harvest
Thrice - Black Honey
Soul of a Man - Steven Stern
Oats in the Water - Ben Howard
Glitter and Gold - Barns Courtney
Ballad of a Southern Man - Whiskey Myers
Champion - Barns Courtney
Cardinal - Remindin' that mountains are raised up on earthquakes and weather to hills without 'em. Kudzu & Wisteria
Jack - Like lookin' through a window to what life mighta been. My porch or yours, I got the Hooch.
Sylvie - All good intentions 'n thirsty roots wantin' for learnin'. I'll teach ya what I can.
Ink - Lookin' mighty reckless and lackin' in humility. Maybe second impressions'll prove better.
Maggie - If how a soul treats animals is th'measure of character, she's got us all beat.
Zephyr - Barter 'n trade. Who hikes mountains in boots like those?
Ian - Absent. Ash Trees & Peach Blossoms

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