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Is This What Dad's Do?

Jack Fry, Sylvana Lefevre, Ink

15 May, 2018

Jack visits Sylvana at her cabin and finally gets to meet Ink - who is also, apparently, Sylvana's boyfriend. That gives Jack a reason to tease.


The cabin was off to the right side set into a beautiful Glade. There were trees as well as plenty of open space to have things like Gardens and eventually even a little Stable! Yeah that was happening. It was a good size and it was very peaceful but at the same time full of activity from the natural wildlife that lived around the Glade its self. Sylvana was up to her usual routin of opening the house up to get plenty of fresh air, sweeping it out of any dust that had accumulated over night and making sure everything was in good shape. Greyson was off circling the sky watching his new home and making sure that all was safe and sound for the time being. Once her sweeping was done she moved out to a little patch of land that she had been working on getting ready to be a garden bed not far from a stone circle that was in the exact middle of the property. The only road that lead to the cabin was a little dirt road that might have been gravel at one time.

The big Off-road SUV with the Vermont Park Ranger logo comes rumbling up to the cabin, parking down away from the lawn area. Jack and Goblin hops out. The ranger wears civilian clothes and clearly isn't working - he gives a wave and a smile at Sylvana as he walks up to her, carrying a paper bag with some plants in it. "Hi, Syl. I got you some plants." They're just regular plants for a flowerbed or a big pot for outside - different ones. Bought at some store on the way.

Kevin Alexander as he was known before he was taken was out in the near hedge doing some investigation in the nearby area. Heading back to the cabin, Ink as he's now known moves easily through the wilderness from the hedge gate. He's dressed in a simple leather jacket, jeans and sneakers with a long spear held in one hand. To those that can see his mien he appears as a tall man with an athletic build that is made entirely of an inky black substance.

Slowing his steps as he hear the truck he looks out towards the property to watch as the ranger gets out of his truck to move out to speak to Syl. Large glowing eyes study the figure before moving to the house, stashing his spear and then making his way out to the group. A wave of the hand is given as he calls out, "Syl... Who's this then? A friend?" Ink's mask is that of a tall bearded man with dark hair and colorful tattoos covering most of his body. One hand is offered to Jack as he closes the distance, "Hey... I'm Kevin."

Sylvana looked up when she heard the truck coming and her eyes sparkled. She stood dusting her hands off on her work jeans and then wiping the back of her hand across her forhead leaving a little smudge of dirt in its wake. Greyson gives a cry of welcome from the air when he see's whos about and then flies off to land on the roof of the cabin and watch the proceedings. His feathers ruffle a bit when he see's Ink emirge from the tree's but it was a fluff of welcome more than anything else.

She reaches out to take the plants from Jack and then looked back with a big smile when she heard Ink and saw him making his way towards them. "Ink this is Jack my Dad. Dad this is Ink my boyfriend and protector..." Her cheeks turned a lovely shade of red as she introduced Ink as her boyfriend to her Dad. It was all really cute if you think about it. "Thank you for the plants Dad! They will be wonderful in the garden. Oh I met Aunt Red! I also met Gabe hes really nice! Hes going to come help me put together a good Greenhouse. But I need you or Ink to get a 12 pack of beer as well I told him I would pay him in food and beer."

If Ink's appearance didn't give him a clue as to who he is - those tattoos combined with the name he's been told is a good give-away - he's getting the knowledge from Sylvana as he accepts the hand, squinting at Ink scrutinizingly. He glances at Sylvana and smirks at her embarassment. His handshake is firm and friendly. "Nice to finally meet you, Kevin. Sylvana has told me /so/ much about you, but failed to say you're her boyfriend." He grins - he's teasing his daughter. "Red /and/ Gabe, huh? Beer as payment? I'll get him that, but I won't give it to you. I'm a law-man, remember?" He winks.

Ink's grip is firm, his hand calloused from work and weapons training. His knuckles are scarred and in his eyes there is that look, that hardness that comes from experience. Releasing the Ranger's hand he looks to Syl and that hardness seems to melt away to be replaced by warmth as he smiles at her blushing. "Nice to finally meet you as well. I'm sorry I had some things to get in order here. I'm originally from her. An Alexander... So I had to meet up with some of the family and see how things were going." There is a look back to the ranger at the mention of his family name, a quiet study looking for a reaction if any.

"Dad!" Sylvana's cheeks go even redder as he teases her and made a point to tell her that he would not give her the beer directly. "If I wanted to drink I would just make honey mead" She stuck her tongue out at him playfully and then shook her head and turned to go put the plants down in the shade on the porch until she could decide exactly where they would go. She let the boys talk for a moment. She knew neither of them would get into too much trouble for a few minutes of being further than an arms reach from her.

If Ink's last name meant something to those here she would not be one to know it. To her he was just Ink and would always be such. She knew nothing of the dynamics of the different families here and was not inclined to get into the middle of any of that mess. She was happy with having her Dad, having family and having her protector and love close once more.

Jack's reaction is just a nod in understanding. "I'm good friends with an Alexander. C.B. - he runs the CAT-22 cafe in Fort Brunsett," he instead says. The Frys never had any real enemies amongst the other families and most Frys tend to treat everyone fairly - no animosity towards any of the other old noticeable families in the area. "Welcome back. And I'm glad you're here." He shoots a pointed look at Sylvana, then raises an eyebrow at Ink. "We got some catching up to do, you and I. We'll go out for a beer sometime?" This doesn't seem to include Sylvana, oddly - maybe he wants to play 'dad' and 'interview' Ink. But the way he meets Ink's eyes, though Syl might not notice, suggests there's a deeper meaning behind this. "And try to keep her from getting drunk and disorderly."

There is a laugh and then Ink says, "Yeah. I met CB the other night. So you are the Jack he mentioned. Its a small world." There is a shake of his head and then he looks back towards Syl as Jack mentions they should go out for a beer. Looking back he looks into the other mans eyes and then simply nods. "Sure thing. I'll give you my number and let me know any time. Also if you need anything you can let me know." The talk of families seemed to satisfy the darkling as he looks back towards Syl to add, "You don't need to worry Jack. I've been keeping her safe since I met her and I won't slack on that now."

Sylvana smiled as she listened to the two talk, keeping her back to them so they have privacy for the moment but she could hear it all. Her mind wonders back to the day she met Ink and she shook her head for a moment as she let out a sigh. Once it seemed they had their guy talk settled she stood back up and brushed her hands off again before turning and starting back towwards them. " Dad is helping fix a few things up around here. Hes helping to make bed frames that fold up against the wall so that we have more room in our bedroooms. Even going to put a couple in the living room area so they can be used as Couches or beds when we have company come to visit."

"Great," Jack says, already digging out his cellphone to get Ink's number and share his - he's not going to wait for that, wanting to be able to contact Ink it seems. So, once they've shared info, he puts the phone away and notes dryly; "I'm mostly glad you're here, cause Syl is making me work way too hard. And frankly, I think you should just get a proper double bed for your bedroom. I wouldn't recommend having fun on a fold-down bed..." He can't stop teasing Sylvana. It's much too fun.

"Excellent." With their numbers exchanged, Ink looks back to Syl and then laughs as Jack teases them both about a bed. He doesn't respond though, the darkling keeping his mouth firmly closed. Leaning in he gives Syl a light kiss on the cheek as he whispers softly to her. Turning he gives Jack a wave. "It was a pleasure Jack. I'll let you guys have some father and daughter time. There is a few things I need to wrap up but if you need help building, cutting or whatever just let me know." There is a wave and he slips off back towards the house to move through it and out the back door to snatch up his sphere and head off.

Sylvana had a HORRIFIED look on her face at Jack's words. Was she even breathing?! oh yup yup that was deffently a breath. Her head goes into her hands and she just shook her head slightly as she muttered incoheriently into them. She stopped shaking her head at the kiss on the cheek and the whisper to her ear. She looked up as Ink started to move away and then looked back to Jack, her face so very red even her EARS were red. "Is this what Dad's do? Poke fun and embarass their children?" It was a serious question though a bit of a joke to it as well.

"Later, Kevin," Jack says, waving to the man as he walks off - he studies him thoughtfully for a moment, before he looks back at his daughter with amusement dancing in his eyes. "I don't know," he says honestly, "but I remember teasing Red about boyfriends. I'm just honoring a long standing tradition in the family. I was often teased by mom. About girls." He ruffles Sylvana's hair. "Sorry - I'm just glad to see you have someone that cares for you."

She laughed softly and gave him a smile seeming to relax some. She leaned into the ruffling of her hair and sighs. "Well if this is the worst of it then I can deal with that." She said conently. Sylvana looked around the place and smiled. She had managed to get weeds pulled and borrow an old fashioned push mower to cut some of the grass where she would be working. "So what do you think of the place so far?

"It already looks better than mine. It's a great place - I think I'll move right in. Keep an eye on you and Kevin so you behave," Jack says. When will he stop teasing? Well - he's got a lot of catching up on that part, so it might be awhile. Goblin, who has been exploring the area is now moving back from the nearby forest, begging scritches from Sylvana. "Kevin - he got a gun? You might want one in the house."

Sylvana happily reaches down and gives Goblin scritches behind the ears and between them. She smiled and looked up to him shaking her head. "No neither of us are fond of guns. He does know how to use weapons like spears and blades though. It may not be as good as a gun but at least its something right?" She gave him a little shrug and a smile. "You know you are welcome to visit at any time Dad. Just remember that I do know where you live so...pay back visits can totally happen" She laughed.

"Fair enough." Jack seems to find spears to be a bit odd, but this whole town is weird. He scritches Goblin too, the dog very content getting attention from them both. At Sylvana's suggestion, it's his turn to look a bit abashed. Maybe he's not entirely celibate, either. "Yeah... Syl, you're always welcome." HE squints at her, then smiles warmly and just looks at her - sometimes he does that. As if he still can't believe she is his daughter, and has to make sure she is real.

Sylvana laughed some at the look and then shook her head. "Ok so...trying to give the impression that we will have seperate rooms....no longer seems to be nessisary." She laughed a bit nervously her cheeks turning a bit red once more. "So a good queen sized bed would be nice for one room. Having the folding bed in the other is still nice for guests though. OH! I made you some fried chicken and potato salad to take home with you so you had something to eat other then cold cuts. I have a potpie too that you just have to put in the oven when you want to warm it up."

"Yeah. As I said, a single bed doesn't work very well and a bed that folds down - the worst." Jack says this as if he speaks from experience. Standing up after giving Goblin some very hearty ruffles and pats, he looks thankfully at her. "You're spoiling me with food, but I won't say no. I got so much good food lately, those micro-wave dinners just don't do it for me."

Sylvana laughs and shook her head some. "I can not have you eating all that stuff frozen out of a box its not good for you. Besides soon enough I will have my own chickens and geese and the like here for fresh eggs. I was thinking about a couple ducks too but not sure yet. Do you know if there is a farmer's market around I can go and see what I can find? If the family has chickens and that I may see about purchasing some Chicks from them. I would rather buy from family then strangers."

"I honestly don't know if there is - there used to be one. Probably still is, this town's way too stuck in old traditions," Jack says, rubbing his jaw thoughtfully. "If nothing else, I can get you in touch with some locals who will be able to help you out. There'll be a whole zoo here in no time," he grins, looking around. "We can build a little hen house over there," he indicates, across from where the stable will be built eventually.

Sylvana's eyes light up and she bounced on the balls of her feet some. "Could you Dad? I dont need a LOT of things really but I enjoy having animals around. Ducks, Geese, Chickens, Maybe a nanny goat or two for milk and to help with the weeds. Of course I am going to get that horse we talked about. I do not know if I really need anything else but....I have Greyson so do not need a cat for mousing hes good at keeping them away. Perhaps a puppy sometime because every good little farm needs a puppy right?"

"Sure. I got some vacation coming up, in the beginning of summer. And Kevin can help us out, right? Between the three of us, it'll be no problem." So many projects - Jack is making sure he will be kept busy, but he can't say no to her. "Every farm needs a puppy," he agrees, looking at Goblin. "Maybe I should see about getting Goblin some puppies. There's a nice girl dog back at the Fry farm, a Golden Retriever."

Sylvana looked to Jack and then to Goblin and raised a brow "Well I am sure he would enjoy making puppies not sure if he will enjoy having puppies around. But I am sure you two can talk about that later if its what you decide to do. If you DO decided to do that I want one of those puppies" She smiled her eyes sparkling. "Yes Ink can help out and Gabe is helping with the green house which will be next to the cabin so I can check it frequently. I just do not want to put too much around the stone Circle. I like it as it is. Maybe some flowers though."

Goblin does seem excited about the prospect, dancing around the two. "Damn. I should've kept my mouth shut. Now he won't stop nagging about it - guess this is a done deal, now," Jack says with a mock-suffering sigh. "Come on, let's get me my food? Afraid I got to get going again," he says wistfully, gesturing at the cabin where presumably his food-stuffs are.

Sylvana nods and hurried inside grabbing the food and bringing it out to him in a box "Ok Dad here you go. If you have any questions call me....if I do not answer its because i'm still figuring out the phone likely. So...maybe better to call Ink" She laughed looking a bit bashfull. "Be safe and I will see you soon!

Jack gives her a tight hug. "Be careful. I love you." He kisses the top of her head and then he heads off, not waiting for a reply to that - it's the first time he's said the words, although he's certainly showed it in his actions.