Log:The Church in the Wild: New Limbs, Old Pains

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The Church in the Wild: New Limbs, Old Pains

Yes! Make you things. For running and punching and moving and stuff! Yes. Gotta see. What'd they look like? Still have them? No? Okay. Work work work ummm- Oh! Yes. No. Maybe? Hm. What about-


Widget, Velvet, Thompson Meadows, Ryan Dunnage and Saulot as ST

14 May, 2018

Widget and Velvet visit the Meadows' home to find out more of what happened, and start designs on prosthetics. Part of Plot:The Church in the Wild


The Meadows Home

After all he's gone through Thompson has returned to his home in southern Tammarack, and in turn drew whispers of what may have happened. The town is known for its supsicion of the Lost, and one returning with three missing limbs is even more troubling. From his last mention in the freehold Ryan Dunnage was taking care of Thompson, and apparently this included the real world as much as the Hedge. The idyllic, yellow home was quiet as a mouse, although several of the lights remained on.

With news that Thompson was returning home, Velvet's plan to go and speak with him were set into motion a little faster than expected before. She made her way to Widget first, tracking the girl down by her scent in order to invite her along with her. Ryan might be there, which will give her a chance to talk prostetics with him. And if he's not, she can atleast see what Thompson might need in the way of limbs. Dressed in her usual black silk and heels, Velvet lifts a hand to rap three times on the door. "It's Velvet," she offers through the door. "And friend."

Widget's happy to come along, because that might mean building things! For people who actually need it! The gremlin's standing next to Velvet, dressed in her usual filthy jumpsuit. Sure, it's older than her chronologically and a bit too big, but it's been with her for a long as she can remember. Smells like it, too. At least the backpack is new, even if it seems to be crammed with junk. She fidgets, looking around excitedly. "Widget! Widget is the friend. Who is me. I'm Widget. Yes. Hi!" To...the door.

"Lower you god damn voices," an older man shouts as he approaches the door. After a few clicks the door swings open to reveal Ryan Dunnage. An older Changeling whose bearing is as much verdant as it is ghastly. His emerald gaze flits between Widget and Velvet, and after a few seconds he waves them in. The house smells of chamomile and some form of burnt wood. From the front door the den looks to be empty save the presence of a relicner and a television while purple and green smoke wafts in from the kitchen.

"If you speak to either of us like that again, you and I are going to have a serious issue," Velvet warns with ice in her tone, eyes narrowing on Ryan as the door opens. As they're waved inside, she steps in before Widget, doing a quick sweep of the room before she bobs her head that it's safe for the other girl to enter. Though, knowing Widget, she's probably already inside before she reaches that point. "How is he?" she wonders, with genuine concern in her tone.

Widget actually does wait, having been cowed into submission by the older Lost. She deflates, slowly padding behind Velvet when she walks into the house. The gremlin looks around, sniffing at the air. Hm. Odd. Odd, but good. Keeping behind Velvet, she peeks out from behind her, giving her dress a discrete but urgent tug. She'd um, hadn't really had time to prepare. For things. By doing certain things. The gremlin peers up at her, hopping from foot to foot. Truly the most professional of crafters.

"You thought I murdered my great-grandson. We're always going to have a serious issue," he sneers before turning his gaze down to WIdget. The frown turns upside down at the wee crafter, and he bends a bit forward with a pop from his back and offers a hand to Widget. "You are the one I've heard of, yes? The one that can help Thompson?" Thompson can be found down the hallway and two rooms down where the sound of music can be heard in a cacophony of growling and guitar riffs.

"I'm also the one that saved your great-grandson. Your earlier comments were strikingly disturbing when I found him in the state that he was in. It is due diligence to make certain you were not a part of it. I would expect anyone with half an ounce of common sense to have done the same with me had the situation been reversed. I keep a keen edge on my suspicion, it is not on me that you've given up yours. Nearly at expense of a blood relative." Velvet doesn't sneer, but her expression is quite imperious. She glances towards Widget, nodding. "Why don't you two talk while I check on Thomspon?" she suggests to her.

Widget looks between the two, fighting down panic. Why didn't she go before they left now she's gonna look dumb and he's being really nice so just do the hand thing or try to okay. Widget's brain forced itself to slam to a halt as she awkwardly shook Thompson's hand, giving him a sharp but genuine smile. They knew her? For making things?! That...that meant that this was for real! She was so excited! So excited that she starts bouncing and fidgeting and she could just....just... um. Oh. Widget stops, meekly shuffling as she remembered her problem. "B-bathroom? Please?"

Ryan grouses at Velvet, and then points to the hallway. "Second door. Don't move him, and don't upset him. He just woke up a couple of hours ago. So don't cause him any stress since I ran out of slumberberries yesterday, and most mundane remedies are about as useful as a fish with tits." Then back to Widget he turns, and then motions in the same direction he pointed Velvet. "The first door."

Velvet gives Ryan a brief nod of thanks for the directions before turning on her heels to start moving in that direction. Of course she makes sure she's not in Widget's way when it comes to a bee-line for the bathroom. When she reaches Thompson's door, there's a quiet rap of knuckles before she starts to open it, peeking her head inside. "Hey Thompson. Do you mind a little interuption?" she wonders, her voice quieter than before. Before she steps in, her appearance alters just a little, sodtening the curves of her face, rounding the eyes. A more relaxing, almost motherly appearance to her own features. Cheater.

There's the sound of frantic padding, a door slamming, nothing, a toilet flushing, and a sink. Widget can work fast with the proper motivation, and the footsteps don't slow until she's right by the door. Skidding to a halt, she takes the time trying and not look /totally/ overjoyed at the prospect of attaching things to an actual person. She'll probably fail, but she's at leat attempting it. She peeks in, eyes flickering softly with an electric fizzle while she waits for the go-ahead to come inside. He was hurt, right? Like, really badly? Maybe....maybe snacks would help? Everyone loves snacks, right? The gremlin fished a candy bar out of her jumpsuit, readying it as an offering.

Ryan moved out of the way to allow Widget and Velvet to pass by. The door closes shut behind the both of them, and he sets several of the locks in place. Deadbolt, chain, and keypad. It then takes him a while to catch up, and by the time he does Widge's already out of the bathroom.

Thompson shivers at the sight of Velvet, and his eye twitches for a few moments before he sees Ryan. "Is it important?" he asks with obvious trepidation and a narrowed gaze. As for Widget Ryan appears less patient, and gentle nudges the Wizened into the room while he remains outside.

It's a bit difficult at first to see what may or may not be wrong with Thompson aside from the scrapes and scars on his face and left arm along with the jagged shearing of his antlers. However, it doesn't take too long to notice the flat surfaces under the blanket where his right arm and legs should be.

"I would be happy to wear another face if it would make you more comfortable," Velvet offers when she sees the shiver. The last thing he probably wants is reminders of what happened, but she has a job to do, all the same. She doesn't make any attempts to come closer, settling herself against a wall and leaning on it away from him. "Widget here is an amazing crafter, she wants to help maybe get you some prostetics made," she informs. "I wanted to make sure you were holding up okay, and to see if you were up to talking about what happened. I normally wouldn't ever want to make you dwell on it, but there are more than the twins who are doing these things. They need to be stopped, and you may have information that will help stop them." Her voice is calm, and soft, with hints of apology lacing the tone. It's a voice of understanding.

Widget...uh...isn't as tactful. Once she gets to go-ahead, she's already at his bedside and trying to lift up the sheets. A candy bar is placed against his chest with her free hand, the gremlin giving it a small pat. Snacks helped. Yes. Her other hand, now freed by Widget's head being under the covers to look at whatever was left of him, rummaged about in her bag. "Yes! Make you things. For running and punching and moving and stuff! Yes. Gotta see. What'd they look like? Still have them? No? Okay. Work work work ummm- Oh! Yes. No. Maybe? Hm. What about-" The gremlin bombards the poor man with questions and ramblings. Her tone is excited and genuinely happy, but a smidge nervous. She was working with -meat-. That was new!

Thompson's chin dips and he tightens up. "Please?" he asks of Velvet. Ryan gives a nod to Thompson, and the Beast simply sighs. The candy bar is met with a curious stare, and before he cna get out a word Widget is already examining him. His torso's not in the best of shape, but most of the meat is still there. His right leg ends in a stump just below the knee. His left leg is missing further and closer to his pelvis. His left arm is gone all the way up the shoulder where knit flesh can be seen. "What kinda questions do you have?" he asks with another sigh.

"Widget," Velvet stares at the woman for a moment. "Try to remember that he's been through a lot. You need to be slow and gentle," she guides. As she speaks, her face begins to shimmer and change all over again. Shimmering golden hair spills from the top of her head as big, lavender eyes peek out. Those long elven ears shift to something more along the floppy, bunny variety, with patches of fur here and there, slightly longer from teeth and a wiggly nose. It's actually adorable, which isn't something that Velvet goes for often. She no longer looks anything like herself outside of the clothes she was wearing when she came in. Even the voice has changed. "We know that the twins weren't the only ones involved in this situation. Did you see or hear if there was anyone else that ever stopped by? Or did they talk about the others at all?"

Widget looks up, manic expression flickering off of her face and replaced by a much more guilty one. It's gone in a flash, replaced by an oddly serious one as she gives Velvet a firm nod. "Yes. Careful." She starts quietly and quickly sketching, mumbling to herself as her flick madly over Thompson's form. To observers, it's utter chaotic nonsense, to her, it's a wonderful design. This was going to work. She was going to /make/ it work.

"They said something about... Um..." He stops for a moment to look over the drawing gremlin, and then back to the newly made Velvet. "A cathedrla in the deeper, but I don't know what they mean deeper." He pauses, closes his eyes, and lets takes a deep breath. He lets it all out in a long tired sigh while bunching up the blanket in a fist. "Edward, Eugene, and Lee on the Eve of Neverwas. Fires for the chosen, suffering for the unworthy. The brand hides the thruth. Cain said so, and so they must. Cain's word is law."

Offering a supportive smile, Velvet murmurs a quiet, "Thank you," in Widget's direction. Despite the change in her looks, she still stays away from Thomspon, letting him keep his space his own. She pauses for a moment, letting the words sink into her mind as she memorizes it. "Atleast four others, then. Probably more. Cain." Her eyes narrow with the name, commiting it to memory as someone she wants to slowly rip limb from limb. "It might mean deeper in the Hedge. I'm not really going to know until I investigate further, but it gives me something to go off of." She scrubs the side of her face. "Can you think of anything they might have said? No matter how inconsiquential? Or... if you'll allow it, I can just look through your thoughts. You just have to think about it and I'll be able to see. If you don't want to say anything else."

Ryan watches warily at the threshold, but has remained quiet. Thompson opens his eyes, and meekly looking up to Ryan before turning back to Velvet. "Please no. Jus- just no. That's how they found Roberto. I just wanna be left alone with my thoughts." Ryan comes in after that, and lays a hand on Velvet's shoulder while shaking his head. "It's alright, boy." He smiles wide, and then departs the room as his smile quickly fades to his now typical somber visage. "They didn't talk much. Just laughing and stabbing and cutting and bleeding. They always made sure I was looking the mirror, and-" He shivers again, and his entire body tenses up. "Did you want something else?" he asks as his gaze turns to a window.

Lifting her hands, palms forward, Velvet nods. "I won't," she assures. "I won't do anything you don't give the okay for. I'm here for your help, not to try to make things worse for you." As Ryan touches her, she looks at the hand and then up to Ryan. "I won't," she promises again softly, while moving from the touch. "You've given me a lot to work with, thank you. I would like to know about Roberto, but I can talk to Ryan about that instead if you'd like to rest?"

Thompson is quick to nod as the name coming from another's mouth only seems to bring tears to his eyes. "Yes. Please. I want to be left alone for the rest of the night." The beast keeps his gaze locked on the window then, and remains so until Widget and Velvet leave. The smokes still travelling through the house as Ryan can be heard from the kitchen along with the faint klinking of metal.

"Of course. If you need anything, even if it's to wear one of their faces and let you kick the shit out of me... just let me know. Thank you for your help." Velvet helps guide Widget out of the room and sets her in a chair so that she can continue babbling to herself about things beyond Velvet's understanding. Once she's closed Thompson's door, the woman begins to melt back into the vision of herself, shaking off the bunny persona. The rage is clear in her eyes as she makes her way towards Ryan. "I'm going to make sure every one of them dies," she growls, settling her hands on her hips. "What happened to Roberto? I'm guessing he's another one that was taken, but didn't make it?"

Thompson remains silent until the door is closed. It's hard to hear under Widget's talking, but the faint sound of muffled sobbing can be heard in the background. Ryan can be found in the kitchen stirring together a gooey green substance in one pot while another simmers with translucent, purple liquid. "No, he didn't. He was Thompson's boyfriend, and has been missing since Thompson was taken. We don't know if he simply left to look for Thompson himself, or if Thompson is right and they took him."

Arms folding over her chest, Velvet leans a hip back against the countertop, eyes narrowing on the floor as she considers. "I'm going back to that area. I want to take another look at the twin's bodies if they're still there, see if they have a brand on them. I was planning on scouting that area anyway to see if there's movement I can follow that might lead me to where this group is staying." Her head lifts, eyes darting around. "Do you have anything that belonged to Roberto? With a strong scent marker?"

"I don't know." Ryan continues stirring without turning to Velvet as he speaks. "He lives in Twixt, and has a home out there. Like Thompson he's a mailman. Really sweet, but dumb as a fucking doorknob." He sighs, stopping his stirring to contemplate something in silence. "Thompson might have some of his clothes, but they're likely washed by now."

"Can you tell me which house is his, then? That would be the place I'd really catch his scent anyway. If there's a chance this kid is alive, I'd like to get to him fast enough to keep him that way. Maybe Thompson won't have to lose fucking everything." Velvet stares at Ryan's profile, her expression hard, that rage still flickering in glowing eyes. She needs to kill something.

Ryan goes back to stirring for a few more seconds. Eventually he notes the address as he moves the pot to another eye on the stove as he moves to the cupboard. As he searches around he adds, "If you find the boy send him back whole. If you don't find what you can, and send that back. When you do go back to that place I have on request. Bring me the bodies of the twins."

"I suppose not knowing is bound to be worse, even if he is dead. Whatever the outcome, I'll send him back." With a little nudge off of the counter, Velvet straightens, glancing towards working Widget and then back towards Ryan. "I don't know if the bodies are still there or not. I will have to take them apart more than I already did in order to carry them, though. So I hope you're alright with pieces."