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The Mien Study - Logan

A golden boy and a bright one


Lux Logan

May 10th, 2018

A somewhat disappointing meeting about Miens for Library/The Mien Study


MT07 at the Wayhouse

Lux is noticeable long before she is visible. Her Wyrd makes the very air pulse with power. Light pools around her feet in an expression of the Wyrd on her personal reality. It moves in waves and gentle currents, then drifts up like mist around her forming patterns in the air about her. Today, fractals upon fractals into infinity are displayed in ever increasing detail within the wispy strands of light that float about her.

She is sitting in a high back chair with a clipboard and several pieces of paper. Notes have already been taken on many of them, under the others. A row of tiny clay faces - trifles - sits neatly on a table beside her. A sign sits next to those that says: Mien Study - in neat meticulous handwriting.

The door opens, admitting another. Logan breezes in, carrying several Tupperwares' worth of things, a tune on his lips as he moves. While he lacks the sheer degree of power Lux possesses, it's hard to ignore that he, too, brings light with him -- and also shadow. A bright halo follows him into the room, shot through with dark shadow that pulsates, vibrates and moves here and there. However, he's really dressed quite normally in a white blazer worn over a blue and white striped v-neck shirt, blue jeans and white low-top Converse.

Passing through on his way to the kitchen, the Golden Boy pauses to take note of Lux, the trifles, and her sign. He offers her a brilliant, bedimpled sign. "Oh, hi there." A beat. "You must be Lux. I've heard about you, and your study."

Turning her head, Lux raises hard, proud green eyes to meet the new commer. "Then sir, you have me at a disadvantage." She says as she gestures across the chair toward its mate, with her palm up. "If you would like to participate, please sit. November will not mind if the food is a bit late, I believe." She settles her hand back into her lap, retrieving her pen and looking over Logan. "This is going in the Library, as you might have heard. It is important work for understanding our position in the universe, and there is a Triffle as payment for answering my questions."

Logan bumps the Tupperwares he's holding, smile firmly in place. His teeth are dazzling. "This is just standard Waykeeper stuff. Let me put it down and I'll join you." He moves into the kitchen, sets everything down on the table, and grabs a lemon LaCroix from the fridge. "Can I offer you anything?" That question is asked as he returns. "It's my duty as a Waykeeper to be Hospitable, of course." Yes, one can hear the capital H. His brilliant blue eyes take her in as he moves to sit. "Of course I've heard, Lux. I'm a Custodian as well, and I understand you're a recruit? I'm happy to help out."

The ruby lips of Lux tighten slightly, but she nods. "For now," She answers the question of her status within the Custodians. "No, I am quite satisfied, and need nothing else at the moment." She picks up her pen and begins to take a few notes. "Gold skin. Gem-like eyes. Fairest, Perhaps Gandharva. Shadows and Light - eclipse like." She pauses at that note, frowning, before continuing, talking to herself as she writes and studies him "Possible Entitlement affections." She writes in a long merticulous handwritting.

Looking up, she settles him with her gaze. "Please feel free to ignore any questions you do not wish to answer. What would you classify your Kiths as, if you know? Do you know or understand how you came to be this way from your time in Arcadia? Do you know the name of your Keeper or any of their Titles, and do you know or believe they had any hand in your current form? Are you a memeber of any Entitlement that would affect your mien, and can you describe the changes it has made to me?" The questions are said in a measured tone, though little time is left for answers until she puts her pen to paper and waits.

Logan cracks open the LaCroix, helping himself to a sip as he crosses his legs. His watchful blue eyes move to her pen, a curious smile gracing his face -- at least until the questions start. Then his gaze moves right back up to her face. He seems not at all ill-at-ease around her, despite her great power.

"I don't mind the questions, Lux. My Kiths, to my knowledge, are Bright One, Shadowsoul, and Gandharva. Good guess with that one." His grin shines out again. "I'm afraid I just don't know how I got to be this way, nor do I know the name or Titles of my Keeper. And I'm not the member of any Entitlement, as strange as that may seem." He continues to smile, and wait, and watch her write.

Lux raises a brow. "Interesting," she says after a moment. "Is this a deliberate act to forget your Keeper and restrain from remembering it or is it natural?" She accepts him at his word, just curious if he did it on purpose or not "A Changeling of the strength of your connection to the Wyrd often has had memories by this time. That you don't indicates some form of trauma you still do not wish to confront, beyond the normal effects of PTSD and possibly Stockholm syndrom." She pauses, then writes a few more notes. "What can you tell me about how your Mien has changed as your connection to the Wyrd has deepened? Did you exit the hedge as you are now, or has it grown?"

Logan listens, his smile never wavering. "Oh, I remember some things, just not the specific questions you're asking, I'm afraid. I don't really think I've experienecd any great trauma. Certainly nothing along the lines of some of the Lost I've met." He bounces his beConversed foot a little. "It has grown some, yes. I've been out a number of years at this point. When I first emerged, my skin wasn't as golden, and the light and shadow weren't as pronounced. Their increase has been subtle, I'd say."

With a nod of her head, Lux makes a few more notes. "I see," she says before she continues writting a few more things on her pad. "Is there anything specific about your mien, or its abilities, or your experience with it that you would like to share?" She look sup again, the light smoke around her changing its patterns from ever complex fractals into spikey lines, like a heartmonitor, pulsing through its small breadths.

Logan's bright eyes follow those lines, briefly, before moving back to her face. "Well. I find the ability to create light when needed very handy -- as I'm sure you know." His grin broadens for a moment. His general demeanor is relaxed and confident, like they're sitting poolside chatting about the weather. "I find that the Bright One aspect is generally stronger than the Shadowsoul aspect -- which is interesting, isn't it? But there's always a bit of one in the other. Having a Gandharva aspect is interesting as well, due to my ability to understand languages. That's an incredibly useful skill, especially for a Waykeeper."

"Yes, I am certain most people agree light is a useful construct," she answers slightly, then considers her notes. Putting the pen down she moves another piece of paper to cover them and move the clipboard to the side. "These are Clayface Trifles," she says quietly, gesturing with her off hand. "One is offered as payment for services rendered for this study. You have answered the questions I have asked to the best of your ability, you may take one if you wish." She watches him for a moment before considering "Unless there is anything else you would like to bring up? As a Librarian I am certain you understand the value of all knowledge, and how much it can be hard to see what you need when you are in the middle."

"Hmm." Logan tilts his head, eyes narrowing slightly -- though he doesn't stop smiling. He's not grinning at the moment, but there's definitely still a smile on his face. "I feel like I've let you down, Lux. I don't want to take one of these without satisfying your thirst a little more." He gestures to the trifles. "Why don't you ask me another question or two, and I'll see what I can dig up? Maybe I'm just not used to answering questions. Maybe more questions would make things easier."

Lux's brow ticks up another notch, but she shrugs. "If you do not recall your Keeper, then there is not much else I can ask you. Unfortunately, much of this study is about how Arcadia and our Keepers shaped our Miens, and how much of that original impulse from the Others remains guiding the growth as our connection to the Wyrd increases. If you do not recall your Keeper or the Realm and what shaped you from there into what you are, then while interesting, your data is less useful than others. Much the same way most Mirrorskins data is less useful."

She gestures again to the Clayfaces. "These are Triffles. As the name suggests, they are a triffle to make for one such as myself. It is perfectly allright for you to take one. I do not offer payment in bad faith, regardless of the quality of the data that is gathered. It is not your fault in this instance that your memory does not have what I need, that is simply the manner of the world." There is an attempt to put a smile on her face. It is forced, but pretty much all of her smiles always are. "We are but products of what has happened to us. If I blame you for that, then none of my data is worth anything, from anyone."

"Gee, that /is/ too bad." For the first time, Logan's smile dims a touch, and he looks grave for a moment. "Maybe I need to work more on my recall. Do you know anyone who can assist with that? Surely this isn't the end of the line." He puts a hand over one of the trifles, the smile returning. "I think I'll donate this trifle to the Wayhouse, if you don't mind. I just don't feel right taking it for myself."

Lux shrugs. "I am certain there are many Blackbirds about who could aid you in that manner. It is not an issue, however. Data is data, even if it the information is lacking in some manners. It will be another point - your mien is not as overbearing as some, not as changed as some with even less connection to the Wyrd than how strong yours feels. Why is this? What causes the fact that you look mostly human rather than mostly not - is it because all of your Kiths are those most often classified with the Fairest? Or is it because you have additional influences upon you. These are not things that can be answered at the moment, but the questions will help clarifiy other data points and other bits and pieces of what makes us ... us."

She glances at the Trifles, then nods her head "As you wish. I am certain November or you or any other of your faction will find a changeling in need of it. It is no difference to me what you do with it."

"It's all very interesting," Logan remarks, sipping his LaCroix. He places the little trifle to one side, for the moment. "I look forward to seeing what your data produces, Lux. I'm curious -- why did you choose this particular study?" While it's somewhat true that he looks human, he's really far too shiny and perfect to be human, and not in the way of the Pilgrims, either. Perhaps it is because of all those Fairest kiths. Who can say. And now, those overly bright eyes continue to take Lux in with interest.

Lux clips the pen into the clipboard, sets the bit aside with a blank page on top to hide anything she might have been writting. "Because the knowledge has not been codified yet to my satisfaction. The knowledge of our Miens is part of a transition as we dive further into the Wyrd - and its effects on us, as influenced by our Durance, our Life, our Entitlements, our Courts, and our dreams. Understanding more of how that transition works leads to a greater understanding of our powers and our fates."

She folds her hands on top of each other in her lap, crossing one leg over the other. "Because the Library was woefully un updated. There are dusty tomes certainly, but current knowledge and many points of interest have not been catalogued. Nothing about Keepers, or Realms, or their possible Titles before I started this project, though I have heard that there once -was- something it has been lost. Perhaps due to improper filing. Nothing about the various effects the Mien leaves on the members of the Freehold and the locals who are not members. All information is useful. At some point, all that information will be useful and it is better to have it and never need it than to not have it when you do."

"No, I quite agree. All information is useful." Logan nods, light scattering around as he does so. "The Library has been in disrepair for some time. I haven't had the time to aid in its betterment, but I hope to." His smile broadens. "Tell me, would you like some assitance in this project of yours? It might go faster if more than one Custodian were handling it. Entirely up to you, of course." He puts up both golden palms. "I'm not trying to step on any toes."

Lux tips her head again. "The questions I am asking and the general format are available where the project is being stored in the library itself. You are free to add to it - any Custodian is, I would assume. I believe Mr Aaron Fletcher is also conducting a similiar study on Courts and Mantle." She glances down at her mantleless form "A study I am of little help in I am afraid." There is a sparkle of amusement in her green eyes, but it is quickly gone. "However, by all means. Contribute. I have promised trifles, these Clayfaces for payment. If you need aid in creating your own I can give pointers. I have had..." she glances at the rows " Lots of practice of late."

Logan once again nods, his foot tapping in time. "Yes, I plan to help Aaron with his project as well. We're meeting soon." He, too, looks at the Clayfaces again. "And I'd love to learn how to make them. Really, I'm just trying to get more involved again." He has to laugh, a light and musical sound. "Spent too much time on the other coast, as of late. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a snowbird. But now that the weather's nice again, Fate's Harvest should be seeing more of me. Is there anything else I can help you with now, Lux?" His blue eyes study her face.

With a shake of her head, Lux begins to pack up her things. The sign is slipped into the clip on the board, the penn into her hair. The clayfaces are carefully moved to a bag from under the table, the board going in as well. "At this time, no. Thank you. As for the Clayfaces, focus your will and your glamour and your intent and use clay from the Hedge itself. That is all you need to make a Triffle. " All things gathered, she places the pack over her back. "Thank you for your time. I am certain we will see each other more in the near future. For now, however, I must be heading on to another apointment."

Logan goes to stand as well, bringing his can with him. "Sure, Lux, no sweat. Really nice to work with you." He offers out his well-manicured, golden hand for her to shake, if she's so inclined. If not, he'll head back to the kitchen, whistling as he goes.

All Lux does is nod to him, ignoring the offered hand. Then she is out the door and on to wherever.